¿Qué es y cómo funciona la Kings League? El torneo de fútbol impulsado por Gerard Piqué e Ibai Llanos

Former football players and online content creators participating in a football tournament organized by Gerard Pique and Ibai Llanos can confirm that it is indeed a football tournament organized by Gerard Pique and Ibai Llanos. However, what is the purpose of this tournament? At the start of the year, the boundaries between the virtual and real world blurred as the Kings League was established, a football league that has been grabbing attention in Spain and many other parts of the globe.

In The Sporting News, we review everything you need to know.

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The idea of shortening the duration of matches, for example, by changing some rules of the king sport, sparked a conversation between both Ibai Llanos and Gerard Piqué. La Liga Kings is a soccer tournament in which a total of 12 teams participate.

Anyone can watch matches freely on Twitch, in addition to being a completely open event to the public. After a playoff stage with everyone against everyone and a regular phase, there will be 11 matchdays during the week, with all matches taking place in Barcelona on weekends.

Two athletes were invited by each of the presidents, in addition to having 10 players on each team. The top 120 footballers were selected to form the 12 squads after some physical and skill tests, and a draft was held where countless aspirants presented themselves before the start of the competition.

¿Cuáles son los equipos que participan en la Kings League? Los equipos y sus presidentes.

¡Os presentamos al roster de equipos de la #KingsLeague! ⚽️¿Cuál es tu favorito? 🤔Sigue la transmisión en vivo: https://t.co/bk3qyx5EaV pic.twitter.com/e9XmGiHLW5

Setting up the templates for the draft in which well-known names, such as former players or personalities from the streaming world, act as presidents and are in charge of choosing the name, the uniform, and reaching an agreement in the Kings League, in which a total of 12 teams compete, as previously mentioned.

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Ellos son:.

  • Ibai Llanos (Porcine FC).
  • Iker Casillas (1K)
  • Sergio “Kun” Agüero (Kunisports)
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  • Gerard Romero (Jijantes FC).
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  • JuanSGuarnizo (Aniquiladores).
  • Rivers (Pio).
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  • Adri Contreras (The Neighborhood).
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  • Rules of the Kings League: cards, VAR, and secret cards

    💥 POTENCIA + 🎯 PRECISIÓN = ⚽ GOLAZO#KingsLeagueJ2 #InfoJobs pic.twitter.com/0ILcT8vwMX

    The game is divided into two times of 20 minutes each, with a tie defining the winner if it culminates in a penalty. The game starts with the ball stopped in the center of the field. Players start running towards him from their baseline and do not start from the middle of the field. Shall I begin starting from the middle?

    There are also cards, like professional soccer. The player who is expelled is given 2 minutes with a yellow, while a direct expulsion is a red and the team is left with one less man for 5 minutes.

    What is this about? Actions such as having a penalty in favor, where goals are worth double or even triple for a period of time, among others. During each matchday, each team’s manager can request a VAR review and the right to use a secret card.

    /OFICIAL/A partir de la jornada 2 habrá una nueva carta.El penalti desde el centro del campo.Este será el porcentaje de probabilidad de elección de carta en cada partido a partir de la jornada 2.#KingsLeague pic.twitter.com/NSeMeq1w3W

    Without stopping the clock and being unlimited, the substitutions are made with the foot for throw-ins and the offside is penalized, for example, as rules were submitted to a vote through Twitter.

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    The 12th player in the Kings League

    👑 Los jugadores 1⃣2⃣ que coronarán las plantillas esta semana 👑#KingsLeague #Infojobs pic.twitter.com/0YnoCkB5FQ

    For example, Ronaldinho appeared among them. Figures will rotate and be discussed because it is an even more attractive feature, which undoubtedly applies to each of the regular phase matchdays. Each president can hire a player 12. The thing is, each tournament rule is different.

    The Kings League and The Spanish League

    El Saiyans – Porcinos ha sido visto por más de 600.000 personas. El Getafe – Mallorca tuvo una audiencia de 66.000 espectadores.

    The incipient controversy in the La Liga, involving President Tebas Javier himself, is uncertain, regardless of any opinion, but it is clear that professional football in Spain is a paid sport. For example, the 7-a-side football tournament is open to various arguments and readings without any unfair sense. When comparing the spectators of a match from the Kings League to another one, the opinion of journalist Jorge Calabrés served as a triggering factor.

    What is the Kings League and why do you ask me about it? The professional football championship of Spain is not comparable to Pasapalabra, but I like it as a circus. The “boss of the Spanish professional football championship referred to the tournament of Piqué and Ibai: The Kings League?

    Javier Tebas, haciendo amigos en un acto de LaLiga:”¿La @KingsLeague? Es como decir que Pasapalabra va a ser competencia de @LaLiga. Dentro de seis meses me preguntáis y ya veremos qué es la Kings League. Como circo me gusta, pero no es comparable” pic.twitter.com/C9bxVxhHWI

    “The bomb that is coming next Sunday is crazy”, Piqué left a message on his Twitter profile in clear allusion to Tebas. “Welcome to the circus of the Kings League. But as if that wasn’t enough.

    Bienvenidos al circo de la @KingsLeague! 🎭 La bomba que se viene el próximo domingo es una cosa de locos. Tic tac, tic tac. 💣

    And this is just the beginning…

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