Marshals Nab NJ Kindergarten Teacher Slay Suspect in Florida, 2nd Man Wanted

According to an official, Luz, the ex-boyfriend of Hernandez, was arrested in Miami, Florida by the regional forces of the task fugitive Marshals from the Florida/Caribbean and New York/New Jersey area.

According to law enforcement sources who informed News 4, it is believed that Santana is accountable for her homicide. At this stage, an official stated that he is currently being detained solely on a charge of defiling human remains. The individual, known as Cesar Santana, 36, is regarded as a person of interest in the murder of Hernandez.

NBC informed Hernandez’s family that she broke up with Santana, the father of their young children, two months ago. However, they still lived together in Jersey City.

In Florida, they apprehended him. However, when they reached a motel in Hazelton, Pennsylvania on Thursday, Santana was no longer present. Nevertheless, two law enforcement sources stated that investigators made an attempt to apprehend Santana.

No additional information was accessible. Extradition particulars were not immediately known. Attorney details were also unclear.

Officials have stated that law enforcement is still searching for 26-year-old Leiner Miranda Lopez, as reported by the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office. Additionally, another individual is being charged with the act of disrespecting human remains. Lopez and Santana were engaged in a traffic stop in Kearny on Feb. 5 near Central Avenue, close to the location where Hernandez’s body was eventually found.

A friend of Hernandez’s said that he didn’t know Santana very well, and believed that he had seen Lopez around town before.

The investigation into a murder had evolved into a legal matter, as prosecutors stated on Thursday that the well-liked educator was killed due to severe injuries to the neck caused by blunt force and pressure. It was concluded that the declaration of the arrest was made several hours after the prosecutor’s office disclosed the findings of the post-mortem examination for Hernandez, who had been reported as missing earlier in the week.

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According to a law enforcement official who is familiar with the coroner’s findings, Hernandez was struck in the head with a weighty item and subsequently choked using a form of cord.

Her family, who were already frantic after not hearing from her over the weekend, contacted the police, resulting in Hernandez’s absence from work that day. A report for a missing person was filed when the investigation began on Monday. The identity of Hernandez, which had been uncertain until the coroner’s confirmation, was also verified through the autopsy.

However, prosecutors stated that it was not clear what officers from the Jersey City Police Department found when they conducted a welfare check at Horne Van Hernandez’s home on Tuesday. They stated that there was enough evidence to lead the police officers to contact their office for assistance.

During the course of the homicide investigation, detectives discovered what appeared to be a shallow grave near the remote area of Third Street and Central Avenue, close to Kearny. It was later determined that the body belonged to Hernandez, and a short period of time was recovered.

The mother of three was declared deceased at the location. Hernandez’s family was deeply saddened by the information.

Jenny Taveras, the sister, also mentioned that she desires justice. We cannot live without her; I promise to never fill this void.

Cousin Yajaira Germosen expressed, “It’s incredible, I am unable to articulate. We will deeply feel her absence. She was a stunning individual. She was compassionate, oh my goodness. She was an exceptional mother.”

Her children last saw her on Saturday when she and her kids visited a relative named Hernandez, after spending Sunday with their father.

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“He went to the church with kids, like nothing happened,” Germosen said, as the family wondered why they hadn’t heard from Hernandez.

Saddened to learn that the school where Hernandez taught was closed on Wednesday. A memorial was growing on the steps of the popular teacher’s home, with posters, balloons, and candles flooding the area. As a 6-year-old student of Hernandez, she left a card that read “I love you” and cried.

Authorities urge anyone with information to contact the Office of the Hudson County Prosecutor at 201-915-1345 or submit a tip online here.

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