Baggage services will be provided in Red Lot 1 near Hilton Santa Clara on a first-come, first-served basis. The location of the baggage services will be in that area.

Bags that adhere to the Clear Bag Policy of Levi’s Stadium® will be permitted inside the stadium.

Levi’s® Stadium prohibits the entry of all bags, backpacks, and other containers into the stadium, with the following exceptions:

  • Clear backpacks are among the approved clear bags, which should not exceed the dimensions of 12″ x 6″ x 12″.
  • Transparent Waist Bags.
  • Clear Bags.
  • Clear Purses.
  • One gallon transparent plastic zip lock bags.
  • Compact Handbag (approximately the size of a grown-up palm) (4.5″ x 6.5″).

    Every person and their possessions are liable to be inspected. The subsequent details are liable to be modified without prior notification.

    Wristband a have, it has been inspected and a sticker or wristband has been placed on it to show that it has been inspected.

    The following items are allowed in the stadium during Levi’s® Stadium events:

  • Bags that adhere to the Bag Policy (refer to Bag Policy above).
  • Binoculars less than 6 inches in length (case not allowed).
  • Blankets.
  • Baby bags accompanying a child.
  • Reusable see-through water containers (non-alcoholic, under 24 fluid ounces).
  • Sunblock (only lotion, no aerosol containers) and hand-operated sprayers.
  • Face masks for protection.
  • The following items are prohibited in the stadium.

  • No aerosol containers or cans, such as sunscreen, pepper spray, bug spray, or spray paint cans.
  • No alcoholic drinks allowed.
  • No animals.
  • No bags that infringe upon the Clear Bag Policy (refer to Bag Policy mentioned above).
  • No external power banks except for phone chargers.
  • Bicycles, scooters, skateboards, skates, segways, or any other unauthorized forms of transportation are not permitted.
  • Recording audio or video will be allowed, except for personal cell phones. Tripods are not permitted. Devices such as GoPros, video cameras, lenses, or detachable extendable cameras, including any commercial or professional photography equipment, are also not allowed.
  • Please refrain from bringing cans, glass bottles, metal containers, or alcoholic beverages.
  • No chains, chained wallets, studded accessories, or spurs.
  • No confetti.
  • Please refrain from wearing any clothing, outfits, or personal belongings that might obstruct the sight of others around or behind you.
  • No narcotics & drug accessories, cannabis & cannabis products.
  • No coolers (including soft-sided coolers), thermoses, metal water bottles or ice chests are allowed.
  • No combustible or projectile-like items, pyrotechnics, signal flares, emergency flares, explosives, or other fire-starting devices.
  • No luminous sticks, illuminated costumes, illuminated signs.
  • No restraints or other forms of confinement.
  • No hoods, masks, or face coverings that hide one’s identity or objects to cover one’s face (medical & religious articles are permitted).
  • No illicit substances.
  • There are no signs of intoxication or impairment associated with alcohol or drugs.
  • No reckless drinking or conduct.
  • Kindly avoid utilizing klaxons, megaphones, air horns, chimes, thunder sticks, radio buzzers, musical instruments, whistles, or any other apparatus that generate noise.
  • No laptops and laptop bags, tablets, iPads, or e-readers.
  • No laser pointers of any kind.
  • No lamps or power sources except for units used for charging phones.
  • Please refrain from wearing any offensive attire.
  • No objects thrown (footballs, Frisbees, balloons, etc.).
  • No unauthorized advertising, political or business materials, including leaflets, samples, giveaways, etc.
  • No two-way communication devices or walkie talkies.
  • Please refrain from using selfie sticks.
  • No indications or flags bigger than 11″ x 17″, sticks, bats, clubs or poles.
  • No drones and UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles).
  • No umbrellas (no blocking of other spectators’ sight).
  • All participants, including law enforcement officers who are off duty and individuals with concealed carry permits, are obligated to comply with the restriction on possessing any type of weapons (such as silverware firearms, ammunition, blades, stun guns, pepper spray/mace, etc.).
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    Anyone found in possession of PROHIBITED items will be asked to either dispose of them in the garbage cans provided at the gate or return them to their cars.

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