Hẻm El Callejon del Beso (Mexico) – địa điểm lãng mạn nhất hành tinh

The El Callejon del Beso alley consists of many houses with balconies that are almost touching each other, making it look like they are about to exchange romantic kisses. This most romantic alley on the planet always attracts tourists with its beauty and meaning. It is also known as the “alley of kisses”. When talking about famous alleys in the world, one cannot fail to mention

Being together brings happiness and enhances the relationships between people. The Beso del Callejon El in the lips is like telling many stories. The passionate kisses are given to exchange the most beautiful homes under the three-tiered steps of the couple. Remembering the locked lips, capturing those moments with photos, waiting for the ring in the narrow alley, the couple is overwhelmed by the overflowing love here, on special occasions, in a special place.

Vĩnh cửu, hạnh phúc yêu tình một về hy vọng và niệm kỷ giữ lưu để mạn lãng hôn ảnh bức những lại ghi này, nơi thăm ghé được lần một muốn cũng nào nhân tình đôi khiến hẻm con sau chuyện câu bởi chính. Mỹ Châu ở Ban Tây ấn dấu mạng đậm mang trúc kiến lối là đây. Bên hai ở điểm tô rực, nổi sắc màu tường bức những và cùng kỹ cũ thang bậc những theo dốc và hẹp

Ana and Carlos are the protagonists of a love story filled with pain and longing. Like “Juliet” and “Romeo” of the famous love story, they also think of each other as star-crossed lovers, despite the obstacles that lie in their path.

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Ana, the offspring of an esteemed heritage, and Carlos, an impoverished laborer, shared a splendid tale of affection. Each evening following his toil, Carlos would stroll by El Callejon del Beso – Ana’s residence – merely to bask in the presence of his cherished one within his reveries. Unfortunately, societal disputes and class disparities shattered their romance. Ana’s father opted to wed her to an aristocratic lineage, compelling their eternal separation.

Chung nói rằng Mexico và Guanajuato là hai điểm đến du lịch nổi tiếng ở đất nước Mexico. Chàng trai của tôi đã hẹn gặp Ana tại một con hẻm nhỏ, nơi anh ta đã “check-in” và chụp những bức ảnh đáng yêu với khách du lịch.

Each day, the alley is consistently filled with a large number of visitors, so in order to capture the desired photographs, tourists must wait in line for their turn. There is a “jinx” that if couples kiss in this revered alley, their love will endure for 15 years, and afterwards they must return to offer prayers for the subsequent 15 years. If you ever have the chance to explore Mexico, it is highly recommended that couples do not overlook this captivating and significant location.

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