6 Best Nude Beaches in Europe

In any time of the year, you have the opportunity to explore this lively location. Due to the wide range of activities available, Europe is renowned as a top choice for individuals who enjoy spending time by the seaside. During the summer months, individuals are inclined to extend their beach outings.

We were surprised when we first got to Venice and found out that our kids were at the beach in Lido in 2014. I was even more surprised when we traveled back and it happened again. You may recall the time when we accidentally went to a topless beach in Barcelona. I have noticed that there are a lot of people using my site to look for nude beaches in Europe, so I decided to write about them. I guess you are a bit surprised by that now.

We have listed below a few beaches where you can enjoy the peak of summer season. In Europe, there are many nude beaches where you can visit topless without worrying about any regulations or rules. Although I have noticed that some of the best beaches in Europe are apparently optional nude, I prefer to go to a non-nude beach when we are here.

Tahiti Beach


It is a beach loved by people who appreciate and enjoy. At this beach, you can find many international celebrities, surrounded by gentle and soothing waves. If you want to walk hand in hand with your partner while fully nude or go topless on this beach, it doesn’t bother anyone. This unofficial nude beach in France is where you can enjoy the summer heat in the most beautiful tourist spots in the country. Tahiti de Plage on the famous Pampelonne beach in St. Tropez is one of the most well-known beaches.

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Elia Beach

This is also a gay-friendly hotspot. It is just as beautiful as a beach paradise because it is worth it. You will need to rent a car, ride the bus, or take a taxi to get here. It is not located close to the town of Mykonos. This is the longest beach on the island.

Bellevue Shore

You will find arrangements for many activities such as sports, adventure, and volleyball with white sand nets here. Reports reveal that it is one of the most loved destinations for those who love to go topless on the beach. This beach is located on the most popular coastal road in the country. You can reach this beach within 10 minutes from downtown Copenhagen.

Guvano Shore

In order to reach this hidden beach, you may need to go through a short downhill hike. However, you will be more excited to enjoy the feeling of getting there; this little exercise will not hurt you more. Guvano beach is known for serving millions of visitors every year in Italy’s Cinque Terre, and it is loved by open-minded and cosmopolitan people in the community.

Patara Beach

Patara, the city chosen by the god Apollo and founded by Patarus, is essentially a mythical city that is also named after the son of Apollo. It has a historical connection to ancient history. Additionally, it is an underrated beach with soft sand and warm, shallow water that is often overlooked in Turkey.

Crimson Shore

The name given to this beach is basically “Beauty awesome.” The beach is known for its coarse red, rusty sand. You can reach this rocky beach by taking a boat from Matala Harbor. This intimate and secluded beach in Crete has walkable pathways. You will love spending time in this crystal-clear water, whether you choose to take a primitive concession stand or rent umbrellas to relax around in the evenings.

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You are guaranteed to have an unforgettable experience, no matter where you choose to go, with your loved ones. We have only mentioned a few here, but there are countless stunning beaches in Europe waiting to be explored.

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