5 films for families that feature squirrels, including ‘Nut Job 2′

In the recent release of Nutty: The Job of Nature, there are five squirrel-starring films to consider for families. In this celebration, some characters are just good judges of others, while others are obsessed with the point of madness. Some are addicted to cookies and collectors of nuts, but they are more than mere nut collectors in the film. They may look like adorable creatures with long, bushy tails, like squirrels.

Now showing in cinemas: “The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature”.

Josh Terry of the Deseret News awarded the film a rating of one and a half stars out of four. The movie has a PG rating due to its action sequences and some crude humor. The role of Mr. Feng, the leader of a group of mice skilled in martial arts, is voiced by Jackie Chan. Katherine Heigl provides the voice for Andie, the kind-hearted character. This animated film showcases the vocal talents of Katherine Heigl as Andie and Jackie Chan as Mr. Feng. The wicked mayor of Oakton desires to replace Liberty Park with an amusement park, prompting Purple Surly Squirrel and his fellow rodents to unite with other park animals in order to safeguard their home. Purple Surly Squirrel and his companions, the rodents, have returned.

Amazon Video: “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”.

According to the BBC News, the film, which is based on Roald Dahl’s children’s book, portrays colorful kids, one of whom disobeys and shoves squirrels down the garbage chute. The film is recommended for older viewers aged 8 and up, and has been awarded four out of five stars by Common Sense Media, a website that focuses on media for children. The film’s predecessor is much darker in tone and includes intense scenes.

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ITunes: “Frozen Era”.

Rescue to together band reluctantly mammoth woolly a and saber-toothed tiger-toothed a and sloth a baby human a. The adventure prehistoric, awarded the Dove Foundation Dove’s “Family-Approved” seal for “great story of friendship” that fun to watch and immediately draw you in. Scrat, an acorn-obsessed squirrel, spends most of the film trying to catch a nut, putting his life in peril. The film is recommended for older viewers and was awarded four out of five stars by Common Sense Media.

ITunes: “Beyond the Hedge”.

The movie was awarded a 75% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The website The Movie Guide gave the film three out of four stars. The film is often entertaining and very funny, with hilarious and exciting moments that soar. Hammy, the lovable, hyperactive, cookie-loving squirrel, is duped by a rascally raccoon into scavenging for food, as voiced by Steve Carell.

Amazon Video: “The Sword in the Stone”.

This animated film from 1963 is about a young Arthur, who was the king of Camelot before he turns into Merlin and teaches squirrels about the great forces of love and gravity. The film has been recommended for older viewers and has received a five out of four stars rating from Media Sense Common. Previews Parent has pointed out that the importance of teaching moments alone can stand in scenes in this film, showcasing the creative wits of the viewers.

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