2 more teens arrested in Baltimore block party mass shooting

On Thursday afternoon, officials revealed that two additional adolescents have been apprehended in a large-scale shooting incident that resulted in the deaths of two individuals and the injury of 28 others at a block party in Baltimore earlier this summer.

Officials stated that law enforcement apprehended Aaron Brown, 18, and a 14-year-old individual, both confronted with various accusations, such as attempted homicide and collaboration to perpetrate murder. In addition to Brown, another individual, who allegedly discharged a weapon into a gathering, had already been taken into custody by the police and charged with possessing a firearm during the incident.

On Wednesday, City leaders released a lengthy report detailing the likely shortcomings in the police response to the deadliest shooting in Baltimore’s history.

The majority of gunshot victims were teenagers and individuals in their early twenties. The report revealed that the annual summer celebration in south Baltimore’s Brooklyn neighborhood turned into a scene of terror and violence, with some individuals who seemed armed and unruly, including almost 1,000 people who joined the crowd. However, officers and supervisors continuously disregarded their presence.

Mayor Brandon Scott stated at a press conference on Thursday afternoon, “Today, our purpose is to discuss the responsibility of those individuals who act recklessly by acquiring a firearm and initiating acts of shooting.” He further added, “Yesterday, it was appropriate for us to concentrate on holding the city government accountable, as well as anyone who displayed apathy towards their obligations in relation to this occurrence.”

According to the charging documents released on Thursday, Brown allegedly discharged a firearm towards a trio of individuals who were engaging in gunfire towards him. As per Brown’s statement to the police, it remains unspecified in the legal documents whether any person sustained injuries as a result of the bullets discharged from his weapon.

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The records indicate that, during their escape, Jackson seized the firearm from the wounded Brown and discharged additional rounds. As per law enforcement, Jackson subsequently fled alongside another individual, Tristan Jackson, who was apprehended earlier in this month. Brown, facing charges on 68 counts, claimed to have sustained a gunshot wound to his hand while discharging his own firearm.

Brown, who was already imprisoned on charges unrelated to a shooting case, is linked to the documents that were discovered during a search of his house in Brooklyn. The search yielded a gun with shell casings that were consistent, which connects him to the court scene from a previous month.

Jackson did not list attorney records online. The prior case for an attorney list entry and Brown’s new charges are not yet listed in the online court records.

According to officials, he was apprehended at an educational institution. Specifics regarding the accusations made against him are currently unavailable, and the identity of the individual, who is underage, has not yet been disclosed.

According to authorities, the identical group departed in a silver vehicle shortly after the gunfire incident; they arrived at the public housing complex known as Brooklyn Homes accompanied by Brown, Jackson, and an additional individual, as per detectives. Additionally, he was one of the individuals injured during the shooting that evening and has not been charged with any violent offense. Last month, law enforcement apprehended a fourth underage suspect who stands accused of being in possession of a weapon during the incident.

None of the teenagers apprehended thus far have been accused of homicide.

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He said that detectives are using ballistic evidence to track down the shooters. Officers are trying to identify more than 10 other possible shooters, and the investigation, said Acting Baltimore Police Commissioner Richard Worley, is ongoing.

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