Zach Wilson is officially a problem after giving Jets no chance

It would be a convenient week to ponder a more significant question than what happens now if White Mike let offense the spark to try and take the ball from Zach Wilson (77 yards, 9-for-22) for Robert Saleh.

Did Joe Douglas, the GM of the New York Jets, make a big decision when they passed on Justin Fields with the No. 2 overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft?

Wilson is struggling with a second-year leap, as he rushed for a touchdown and passed for 153 yards, going 14-for-21, in a 27-24 loss to the Falcons. However, he was carted back to the locker room after appearing to injure his shoulder, leaving Bears fans restless about how he will perform when he returns on Sunday at MetLife Stadium.

Marcus Jones refused to take it, the blow to the solar plexus, and returned the punt for an 84-yard touchdown. The Patriots were practically begging Wilson and the Jets to take the game, but Belichick refused.

Zach Wilson
The Jets officially have a quarterback problem.
Charles Wenzelberg/New York Post

The Jets, who gave Wilson the chance to avoid falling into last place in the AFC East and the chance to climb into first place, ended up losing their 14th consecutive game to Belichick’s Patriots on a windy afternoon, 10-3.

All talk, no offense.

All talk, no leader.

Wilson had a difficult time in the latter part, successfully connecting on just 4 out of 11 throws for a mere 12 yards and experiencing 4 sacks.

Here was Saleh on the Jets’ offense — two overall yards — in the second half: “It was abysmal.”

This was unacceptable and inexcusable, especially for a rookie quarterback. However, there was no ground attack (23-for-59, 20-for-33 excluding Wilson), and indeed, there was a 17 mph east wind. Additionally, there was Darth Belichick present.

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And this was also interesting.

When Wilson was questioned if he believed he let down the valiant Jets defense (six sacks), he replied: “No. No.”.

He would have been better off breaking the deadly silence in the visitors’ changing room with “Yes. Yes.”.

Recognizing real teammates is crucial. Accountability is often referred to as fault. Sometimes, it’s not your fault even when there is a loss — taking responsibility is like taking a bullet for the franchise quarterback, and it comes with major responsibilities.

Zach Wilson takes a sack during the Jets
Zach Wilson takes a sack during the Jets’ loss to the Patriots.
Charles Wenzelberg/New York Post

The nearest Wilson got to examining his reflection:

“I feel like I had some opportunities that slipped through my fingers.”

He easily missed most of the throws that others had a chance to sail on that elementary day when he had been accurate and several.

Another attempt:.

I have found a way to make it really easy for the guys on the sideline to get outside and run, and let me down on execution.

It ultimately boils down to the quarterback’s performance in the National Football League.

Garrett Wilson, expressing his frustration, stated, “If we want to be where we want to be, we need to improve our passing game.” The results showed that even though the offense didn’t score, they still lost the game. “The most frustrating part is that we know we can do better,” Garrett Wilson added, while expressing his frustration.

Following just three instances of being targeted, offensive coordinator Mike LaFleur faced criticism from Garrett Wilson and Denzel Mims, as their frustration with Wilson and Garrett Wilson’s reached a boiling point.

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Garrett Wilson expressed, “It commences during the week of practice, my friend, it must improve.” “We need to start addressing the things we observe but fail to address. However, that alone is insufficient; nobody desires to experience this. Action must be taken. Hopefully, this serves as a wake-up call for certain individuals within the establishment, particularly those who prioritize attention to detail.”

If your quarterback is preventing you from winning in December and November, you won’t win. Although he didn’t throw any on Sunday, one sailed over Tyler Conklin’s head that was dropped by his tormentor, Devin McCourty. In his previous two games against Belichick, Zach Wilson entered with seven interceptions. The Good Ship Saleh has now entered stormy seas.

Zach Wilson walks off the field following the Jets
Zach Wilson walks off the field following the Jets’ loss to the Patriots.
Charles Wenzelberg / New York Post

The company is planning to launch a new product next month.Output: The business is preparing to introduce a fresh product in the upcoming month.

Saleh stated, “That’s the furthest thing from my mind, No.” “I’ve already told you guys, before we focus on our quarterback Zach, we need to find ways to help him.”

Saleh cannot afford to be obstinate in this situation.

He needs to warm up Mike White in the bullpen.

The restless natives are increasingly hopeful for better security measures, but on Sunday, Saleh and his team inspected it closely and were not confident in its ability to be fixed.

Zach Wilson stated, “They are doing a good job of making it hard for us to get easy ones in the game.”

Without a 34-yard sideline lob to Mims, you can easily calculate the outcome.

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The Jets arrived here seeking revenge and admiration.

They departed stunned and in disbelief with a Quarterback Dilemma.

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