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On July 19th, the former star of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, shared an Instagram reel of her dancing around on the set of a shoot, showcasing all the new lip products she wants.

Rinna grooved to the track ’80s in a black latex outfit, leaving plenty of kind messages that complimented her moves. A few harsh opinions were voiced by their fans, but not many.

“Not keen on her,” one remarked.

Another person commented, “Conceited girl.”

Despite the harsh remarks, the soap opera celebrity chose not to allow the internet bullies quash her determination.

Rinna wore a black and red bodysuit, complemented by coordinating red gloves. The next day, she shared an Instagram reel where she showcased herself in yet another form-fitting latex ensemble.

“I’m not Apologetic,” she simply wrote in the caption and tagged her beauty label.

Madonna snapped pictures in the clip while “Human Nature” played softly in the background. The song includes lyrics such as “Express yourself, don’t suppress yourself” and “I have no regrets.”

Fans showed their support for Rinna in the comments.

Many praised her courageous appearance and statement. “And you shouldn’t be either,” one replied to the caption.

Others praised her beauty, commenting, “I must admit, Lisa has ALWAYS been stunning.”

“Absolutely breathtaking,” another exclaimed.

On July 23, Rinna fully embraced the concept of self-care.

She posted an exposing self-portrait in front of a mirror on her Instagram story, utilizing a brown heart emoji to conceal specific parts of her body.

“In the character eccentric and hilarious O’Hara’s Catherine quoting snap, she captioned it ‘Moira’ to celebrate and suggests that you should still take many pictures of yourself naked, says Rose Moira.”

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Rinna also included a “Joyful Sunday” label to the post.

The reality television star has been turning heads with her daring looks since she announced her departure from “RHOBH” after eight seasons.

“I am thrilled for what lies ahead!” She expressed in a statement to TODAY.Com in January. “It has been an enjoyable eight-year journey and I am appreciative of everyone at Bravo and all those engaged in the series,” she included. “This is the most enduring position I have maintained in my 35 year profession.”

TODAY.Com confirmed that her contract was mutually decided upon not to return to Bravo, as the 12th Season, which finished airing in October 2022, came to an end.

After departing from the franchise, she showcased her talent on the runway during Copenhagen Fashion Week in February.

She strutted down the runway, catching attention with her signature cropped Mohawk hairstyle and dark eyebrows that were shaped into a bleached-blonde color. She was wearing a tiny leopard-print coat and a bodysuit.

Rinna posted a photo on Instagram of herself wearing the outfit behind the scenes.

In March, she once again captured attention, changing her appearance for Paris Fashion Week.

She made an appearance at the Vivienne Westwood fall-winter 2023-2024 fashion show sporting a bowl cut and gently angled bangs.

In the comments, enthusiasts discussed which imaginary persona or A-list celebrity she resembled, proposing Dora the Explorer and vocalist-songwriter Toni Tennille.

Regarding Rinna, her main priority was to fully embrace the fashion show. In the caption, she expressed her disbelief, stating, “I can’t fathom that this is actually occurring!”

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This article was initially published on TODAY.Com.

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