Worlds Largest Grizzly Bear

Recently, I received an email from my wife regarding a supposed grizzly bear attack in Alaska, where a ranger shot and killed a grizzly bear that was about 14 feet tall. The email came with three photographs, one showing a graphic portrayal of a hiker, another displaying the size of a paw, and the third displaying the overall size of the hunter and the grizzly bear together.

Please excuse my dark thoughts on this matter, but can someone confirm the authenticity of this story, which I have copied below:

The bear, which will be mounted and displayed at Anchorage Airport, was not allowed to be kept as a trophy by the Alaska Fish and Wildlife Commission. Of course, it is the largest recorded grizzly bear in the world. It stood at a staggering height of 6’12” at the shoulder, with its head reaching the top at 14′. The bear weighed over 600,000 pounds, making it several times bigger than the average bear. The hunter, who was out deer hunting last week, managed to shoot and reload his semi-automatic 7mm Mag rifle multiple times before the bear finally dropped a few feet away from him. The bear charged at him from about 50 yards, but the guy unloaded his rifle into the large grizzly bear, which was still alive. These are the first two pictures of his trophy bear, taken by the guy who works for the US Forest Service in Alaska.

The 38-caliber pistol of the hiker was unloaded, discovered by the US Forest Service, retracing their steps from where the bear had come from. The unfortunate nature enthusiast in the third photo below was the bear’s final feast. The bear had fatally attacked at least two individuals within the previous 72 hours, as determined by the Fish and Wildlife Commission using the bear’s stomach contents.

The grizzly bear fatally attacked the hiker approximately two days before the bear itself was shot and killed by a Forest Service worker. The whereabouts of the other victim are still unknown. Despite the hiker discharging six rounds and successfully striking the grizzly with four shots (as evidenced by the discovery of four 38 caliber slugs and twelve 7mm slugs inside the deceased bear), it merely injured the animal – potentially provoking its aggression. In close proximity to the handgun, the hiker’s remains were found.

When the bear moved on its four legs, it would make eye contact with you; When it stood erect, you would be at the same height as the bear’s belly button if you are an average-sized man! Take into account that this specific bear, standing on its hind legs, could approach an average single-story house and peer over the roof, or approach a two-story house and peer into the bedroom windows to provide further perspective.

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Quite some time for been its as twisted quite been has story the but you for info the up dig I’ll fitter.

MamaEagle I remember that one too. I think there was some truth and some fiction in that tale.

Here are some info and photos but as I mentioned take it for what its worth. Worlds Largest Grizzly Bear Worlds Largest Grizzly Bear

The accompanying narrative revolves around a different hunter and another bear. The initial two pictures showcase genuine visuals of a massive grizzly being taken down by a hunter in Alaska.

The bear, although not a record, was 10 1/2 feet in length and weighed over half a ton. The initial two photographs above were captured by Urban and were shared on various hunting forums and among hunting enthusiasts. The first bullet from Winnen’s 338 Winchester rifle penetrated the brain, but it required five more shots to the chest to bring the bear down. Concealed by their camouflage hunting attire, the duo had ample time to take aim when he and his hunting companion, Staff Sgt. James Urban, spotted the bear. On October 14, 2001, U.S. Air Force Airman Theodore Winnen was engaged in deer hunting on Hinchinbrook Island, located in Prince William Sound.

Casiano Sigfredo hiked in Alaska for six months, encountering a large bear. He had a similar experience with another large bear while hiking in Alaska for six months. Casiano claims he found himself about 10 feet away from the animal when it started moving towards him. To ensure his safety, Casiano probably fired several more shots before successfully bringing down the bear. In this case, the bear was not a grizzly, but rather a brown bear between nine and eight feet tall.

The picture of Winnen became linked with the story of Casiano due to the temporal proximity of these two narratives, leading to the confusion between the two stories. National Forest Service officials mistakenly identified the photos as part of Casiano’s account, further adding to the frustration and perplexity.

There is no evidence that humans ever attacked bears. After nearly a year, the most popular version of this circulating story began, in which there was no evidence or knowledge of any encounters with either bears or Winnen’s. While the origins of the story remain unknown, some bad joker along the line decided to embellish the complete photographic evidence with a gruesome prologue, if we weren’t that bad.

I remember a photo that was circulated on a website claiming to be the result of a dog, and I wonder what it is worth.

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Hello again, piedipers.

I must admit, there might be a hint of truth in that thought, even though I initially thought it was right in another area. I appreciate your honest reply and thank you for this.

I explored the animal assaults archives on this website and discovered the account of the Alaskan Hiker who tragically encountered a bear and succumbed to the attack.

On a day hike in a rural area of Alaska, a man was killed by a bear, Troopers from the Alaska State Police reported on Wednesday.

Kenneth Cates, 53, was discovered on Wednesday morning riding a horse trail in the heavily wooded area near his hometown of Soldotna, close to the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge.

Considering the fact that a ‘hiker’ was reported to have been killed, I thought to myself, “Here we go, this is something.”

What is the size of the actual grizzly bear in the two authentic photos, and what is the record for the largest grizzly bear? Just out of curiosity, I’m wondering.

The largest grizzly bear ever recorded in the world stood at a height of 6’6″ from its shoulder to the top of its head. It weighed over 1,400 pounds. The bear, mentioned in the picture, is supposedly the largest grizzly bear.

I had received some emails wondering when I should go to the EagleMama site to check out the attached pictures and the story that I found.

The pictures of the hunt are real and the results are true, but there are a few different facts from the original eRumor. The truth about these pictures has been found, thanks to our readers.

According to Jim Urban, the bear that was shot on Hitchenbrook Island was not a specific target for the hunters. He mentions that the bear showed no aggression, did not charge, and did not stand up. According to him, the bear weighed between 1,000 and 1,200 pounds and was actually ten feet tall. The pictures that were posted by a hunter with the nickname Dalliwacker, where the bear is seen, lacked the original labels linking them to the reside pictures.

The version of the eRumor that claims the bear was a killer and was shot by a forest service employee are false.

Fitter Heres an update on the Worlds Largest Bear for all who continue to follow and seek the truth behind this story.

Here are some transcripts from the show that show the exact format. Yes, the famed bear shot on the wall was mounted in the interview. The hunter himself appeared on the show and offered some insight from his home. Recently, I watched a special on National Geographic that was dedicated to this very same bear and the actual hunter.

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Have you ever seen a bear as big as the super bear? This bear stood 12 1/2 feet tall on its hind legs and claimed to be the biggest bear on Hinchinbrook Island, according to websites and blogs. The photos of the bear along with the stories soon appeared and became an internet sensation. He emailed photos of himself posing with the bear to his friends. In October 2001, a hunter legally shot a bear on Hinchinbrook Island off the southern coast of Alaska.

According to reports on the web, while you are showering on the upper level of your house, a bear could stand up. If the bear’s nose were tilted upwards and its hindquarters were flat on the floor, its head would be about a foot or two above a regular ceiling. Additionally, the bear would be sitting in the same room as you. This information was shared by Ray Massey, the Forest Service Spokesman for the Alaska Region.

However, not of such significant size. It was indeed sizable. The hunter remains unaware of how the bear he took down managed to become the largest bear in the virtual realm. Particularly astonishing to internet users worldwide is this tale of a colossal bear with a taste for human flesh. As per online sources, the bear’s most recent victim was devoured on Hinchinbrook Island, where it was also shot. A picture depicting partially consumed human remains was also discovered. And the story continues. The narrator states:

He fell just 2 inches and uh 2/16ths of an inch short of the world record, placing him at the 145th position among the 347 largest bears ever hunted in relation to the Actual Hunter. You know, I need to clarify that. He may not hold the world record, but he does hold a record nonetheless.

Narrator: But what about that other picture suggesting to display the final feast of the Hinchinbrook bears?

Another picture associated with my bear, which is known as Hunter Actual, has nothing to do with me getting mauled or killed, you know.

The experts took a closer look at the photo of the man who was discovered dead in Alaska, near a place that probably wasn’t anywhere near where he died.

It seemed like the Indian sub-continent had been targeted by a tiger assault. However, this place is definitely not from Alaska, and if you observe the plant life there, it’s not exactly tropical. Dr. Tom Smith – Wildlife Biologist conducting research at the USGS Alaska Science Center.

Narrator: The gigantic Hinchinbrook bear is a legend from the digital realm.

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