Why this celebrity chef banned vegans from his restaurant: ‘They can f–k off’

A top chef has “banned” vegans from his restaurant amid an ugly dispute over a meal that’s spilt over to the internet.

Chef John from Mountain took to social media to declare that Fyre restaurant in Connolly, North Perth won’t cater to those who don’t eat meat and other animal products.

“Unfortunately, all individuals who adhere to a vegan way of life are presently unable to attend Fyre (because of concerns regarding mental health),” he shared on various social media platforms.

“We appreciate your comprehension. Xx.”

The ban reportedly sparked a fight between the restaurant and a vegan customer over the limited vegan options at Mountain Point, leaving plant-based diners frustrated.

Mountain expressed frustration with vegans, stating that they are not aligned with their personal desires and wishing to distance themselves from that lifestyle.

The young woman started an argument when she reached out to ask about vegan options before visiting the restaurant, said Pierre Marco White, the celebrated chef who has worked with Chef Marco.

Chef John Mountain
Chef John Mountain banned all Vegans from dining at Fyre Restaurant.

“I mentioned that we had gnocchi, vegetables… And that was the end of it,” he informed The West Australian… I stated that I would make arrangements for her… It was my sole deficiency.

On that evening, Mountain mentioned that he had a “exclusive gathering” to attend to, regrettably neglecting the young lady’s inquiry when her reservation came.

The young woman subsequently conveyed her discontent to the sous chef and to Mountain the next day about the restricted options available for individuals following a vegan diet.

She sent me a complaint via direct message, stating that she was shocked to see a charge of $32. Although she was not satisfied with the filling, she mentioned that the vegetable dish was the only available option.

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A FYRE Facebook post saying all Vegans are banned from the restaurant.
The Facebook post where Fyre announced they’ve banned all Vegans from the restaurant.

As a culinary expert, your limitations indicate that you are unable to prepare genuine plant-based dishes, and it is exceedingly crucial in the present times for eateries to cater to all individuals, in my opinion.

I hope to see some improvements in your menu as I have lived in Connolly for some time and have seen many restaurants come and go, but none of them have been the last building.

“If you don’t adapt to the current trends, I don’t have confidence that your restaurant will be the one that succeeds.”

Mountain retaliated against the woman directly before making his dispute public.

He said in the message, “Please feel free to share your sh-ty experience again, and I will not look forward to seeing you. Thanks for your negative review.”

You and your vegan friends can enjoy and try out different dishes in another restaurant. It’s amazing how childish you all can be. Unfortunately, you are now banned.

A picture of barstools at Fyre.
Fyre chef John Mountain said his restaurant has been flooded with one star reviews after coming out against Vegans.

The chef acknowledged that some of her complaint was valid, but the woman went too far with her reaction.

Listen, I stated that I would organize accommodations for her, and I failed to do so … Yet she interpreted the criticism as a personal affront.

After making the conflict known to the public, Fyre has been inundated with negative reviews, which Mountain stated “significantly damages the business”.

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