Who is David DePape? What we know about the suspect who attacked Paul Pelosi

Here’s the information we currently have about DePape.

DePape, 42, hails from Berkeley, California.

According to CNN, he was raised in Powell River, British Columbia, Canada.

David Depape is shown in Berkeley, Calif.,on Friday, Dec. 13, 2013. An intruder attacked and severely beat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi

DePape held ‘firm beliefs’ that diverged from those of family members

Around 20 years ago, DePape had departed from the region for California, as shared by Teresa DePape, who is the spouse of the suspect’s stepfather residing in Powell River, British Columbia, according to USA TODAY.

“I wasn’t aware that David had a tendency for violence,” she stated. “However, he was a forceful speaker.”

David said that a couple of years ago, Teresa DePape, his stepfather’s contact, did not visit and follow up. However, the family had not been in regular contact with the suspect.

Mark DePape, a relative, mentioned that he had lost contact with DePape many years ago.

I haven’t seen David in over 25 years. I don’t know David anymore. He doesn’t keep in touch with family. I’m sorry to hear about this tragedy.

Teresa DePape also mentioned that David had “firm beliefs” that were different from the perspectives of certain relatives, including his stepfather.

Teresa DePape expressed, “David was a well-behaved child; he simply held his own viewpoints.” Assembling at the Nevada desert, a yearly alternative arts festival, DePape was convinced that DePape was a supporter of the Burning Man.

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She chose not to provide further details on those opinions.

After receiving phone calls from reporters, she contacted law enforcement authorities in San Francisco and confirmed that DePape Teresa was in custody.

“I wish for you to discover the truth,” she expressed.

DePape’s social media allegedly inundated with right-wing conspiracy beliefs.

CNN stated that, as per DePape’s Facebook post, the trial of Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, who was convicted for the murder of George Floyd, was described as a “contemporary form of lynching.”

According to CNN, the titles of the YouTube videos he shared were “Democrat FARCE Commission to Investigate January 6th Capitol Riot COLLAPSES in Congress!!!” And “Global Elites Plan To Take Control Of YOUR Money! (Revealed).” In addition, he also posted transphobic images, along with links to websites asserting the lethality of COVID-19 vaccines.

DePape’s Facebook profile has since been removed.

The self-identified blogger “daviddepape” on WordPress lamented about censorship purported by private industry giants in the tech sector, suggesting that the Founding Fathers could have never imagined a day when individuals could single-handedly silence people.

“According to the blogger ‘daviddepape,’ the first amendment exists to protect individuals from censorship. The ruling elites or class themselves never practice censorship.”

The blog has since been taken down from WordPress. USA TODAY could not confirm whether the account belongs to the suspect.

The username “daviddepape” on another blog, which has also been removed, is associated with several posts hinting at anti-Semitism, transphobia, and right-wing conspiracy theories.

DePape was a advocate for nude rights in California

DePape, as reported by the Associated Press, gained recognition in Berkeley for being an advocate of nudity. He protested against regulations in California that mandated individuals to wear clothes in public by engaging in naked picketing.

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In 2013, DePape, a San Francisco Chronicle identified activist, lived with Taub’s three children as a “father figure” and creator of hemp jewelry. DePape also lived with another nude activist, Taub Gypsy.

According to the Chronicle, the group that DePape resided with also endorsed the theory that 9/11 was “an inside job,” which encompassed various conspiracy theories during that period.

With what charges was DePape accused?

DePape has been charged with the crimes of trying to kill someone and causing harm to a wireless device, physically hurting someone with a battery, mistreating an elderly person, persuading a witness to not report a crime, intimidating a family member of a government representative, attacking someone with a dangerous weapon, and breaking into a building. At 1:27 p.M. PT, he was taken into custody and placed in a nearby detention center.

No bail has been established for any of the accusations.

Reason is still being examined

San Francisco Police, FBI and the U.S. Capitol Police, according to a joint statement, is still under investigation for the attack motive.

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