When is it OK to wear an item from another culture, and when is it appropriation? How to tell

I can’t help but wonder if these things can be amusingly seen as disposable accessories, ditched and then donned. In the East, I have seen American tourists wearing embroidered caftans with turbans, posting selfies while Caucasian blond women wearing traditional African caftans (dashikis) with cornrows or hand henna tattoos.

Disparaging. It’s an outfit that, when worn, can give the impression of adopting another group’s cultural symbols completely. However, I don’t think those individuals who borrow the cultural emblems of a different Culture. have any malicious intentions or a general desire to cause harm.

It is highly likely that wearing one with cornrows or dreadlocks in your hair; being white and wearing a dashiki could potentially be seen as problematic.

The moment you arrived, history began unfolding as if it were acting, revealing itself in the form of the Washington Post’s explanation of Yates Clinton’s arrival. It is as if you arrived and immediately started claiming Columbus’s legacy as your own, renaming it and taking ownership of it as a marginalized group within the Black community.

She was greatly angered when Kim Kardashian sported cornrows or Fulani braids, hairstyles that have significant origins within the Black community, yet referred to them as “Bo Derek braids” (a nod to the fair-haired and blue-eyed actress who popularized them in the 1979 film 10). “No, these are cornrows or boxer braids! This is part of our upbringing! These are the hairstyles we have as children!”, Expressed the Black individuals I am acquainted with.

Commenter on Instagram remarked, “I appreciate the fact that this is a representation of Indian Culture., yet it receives no recognition whatsoever.” During a recent church service on Sunday, Kardashian wore traditional Indian bridal jewelry on her forehead.

When you want to look cool or boost your confidence, you can slip on a piece of jewelry that is not characterized by blackness, but rather by the absence of darkness. Without being burdened by the reality of blackness, Cyrus can play with blackness in a way that is unique to him. As Dodai Stewart wrote for Jezebel, Cyrus’s transformation from Hannah Montana to the hitmaker of Bangerz was marked by his thrusting-tongue, bandana-wearing, signal-throwing hand, grill-flashing, and twerking.

If you don’t understand cultural appropriation, imagine working on a project and getting an F and then somebody copies you and gets an A and credit for your work.

Homage has been very well intended by them. It is not meant to offend with their jewelry or hairstyles, like Miley Cyrus or Kim K. The erasure and privilege are at the heart of any discussion about appropriation.

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Sometimes, I wish I could wear those cornrow braids that Derek, Bo, and some other celebrities wear, just because I like the way they look on me. However, I understand that not everyone can wear hairstyles associated with another Culture. without facing some backlash or criticism. This is especially true for non-Black individuals who may not have the same cultural background.

Miley lacks sophistication and thinks she can wear these hairstyles to school or kick them out. She also thinks she can use drugs without any consequences. Kim Kardashian can wear this hairstyle to any business meeting or office on any day of the week. I don’t have the license to wear this particular hairstyle, but maybe I can fit into the rapper and weed smoking scene. It signals that I’m not likely to be educated or from the ghetto, but it’s what wearing them denotes.

I read a quote on Instagram posted by Sweet F. Tenisha, a hairstylist from New York City, saying that if you don’t understand cultural appropriation, imagine working on a project and someone else gets credit for your work and copies it.

In the US, a woman from a Middle Eastern, Indian, or other minority background who chooses to wear a turban may have concerns about being perceived as a terrorist or being associated with stereotypical roles like a palm reader. However, in Sex and the City 2, Sarah Jessica Parker confidently wears a turban in Abu Dhabi as a Fashion. statement.

Wear they because simply they shoot them more frequently at turbans.

Should I show a bit more of my hair or wear more makeup, maybe? These thoughts are the second ones people have when they consider trying to display their own Culture.. I know a young woman from the Middle East who wears a head covering for religious reasons, and she goes out twice to consider these thoughts.

Privilege isn’t about what you’ve gone through; it’s about what you haven’t had to go through.

The privilege is a touchy subject because it has the power to elicit explosive reactions from people. Those who have been marginalized in some way certainly feel defensive when it comes to the word “privilege”. They have also experienced trauma and heartache, just like others. Janaya Khan, an activist known as “Future”, powerfully explained this in a viral video.

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Nevertheless, according to Khan’s explanation, “Privilege is not determined by the experiences you have encountered; it is determined by the experiences you have been fortunate enough to evade.”

We must be able to say “This is my truth” without giving the impression that multiple truths cannot coexist, and without shouting a hundred clamoring voices. In her book “Bad Feminist,” Roxane Gay writes that we need to understand and acknowledge the hurt of others, to see another’s perspective, to hear another’s voice, and to work through these issues together. I know this much: in order to work through these issues, we need to see another’s humanity, to hear another’s voice, and to have an understanding at every level.

Do we, as individuals, have to adhere to the notion that we should only wear the styles native to our ancestors at Gap, where everyone should shop, in order to avoid discouraging anyone who is inspired by other Culture.s and loves the diversity in Fashion.?

It comes down to the spirit in which you wear a garment — and whether that spirit communicates respect versus condescension.

Costume, not Culture., is once again being spread in an incendiary and appropriative manner famously by white editors at Vogue. Instead of styling my hair in a shimada or wearing wooden clogs, I chose to pair it with minimal accessories and black suede over-the-knee boots. When I gave a lecture at the Newark Museum, I wore a kimono that I had made myself, showcasing how the garment has evolved over millennia and the strict rules on how it should be folded and tied in Japan, even to this day. Personally, I am fascinated by the history of kimonos and love wearing them. There are super-simple ways to be style-sensitive without sacrificing your own personal style.

It’s not always clear where the differentiating line is. When a mixed-race high school student wore a cheongsam to her senior prom, the reaction was subdued and tasteful. It’s important to note her accessories, makeup, and hair, which were all subdued and tasteful. “Your prom dress is not goddamn cultural appropriation,” tweeted one angry observer. Popular opinion in China, according to some press reports, celebrates the stylish choice made by the teenage girl.

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If you are not Chinese, there is no law against wearing a cheongsam, but it is important to consider the spirit of respect versus condescension that is communicated when you choose to wear this garment.

When it comes down to whether you give credit where it is due, borrowing, renaming, or honoring another group’s cultural history, it is important to be aware of whether you are aware of the dominant group and their practices, customs, ideas, or practices. Appropriation occurs when the line between celebration and inappropriate or unacknowledged adoption of customs or practices is crossed.

So feel free to borrow — just be mindful about it.

If you ever consider wearing attire from a different Culture., here are some suggestions on how to approach it:

When you wear traditional clothing from head to toe, it may give the impression that you are dressed in a Halloween costume. Additionally, include other components as well.

Expand your knowledge

Before conducting any research, make sure to wear the kimono or boxer braids. Instead of reading a book, try searching for information on Google. Be careful not to unintentionally disrespect or rename anything while exploring historical styles. It is important to put in the necessary effort and remain diligent when delving into the meaning behind these styles.

Show respect

I would be careful not to dishonor the symbol. Personally, I wouldn’t wear a bindi with a bikini or a bar, or a hijab. My friends might say boo to me, but we are all free to do as we wish, of course. If you are wearing a spiritually significant item from a Culture. other than your own, it is important not to behave in a way that is antithetical to that Culture.’s customs and values.

Reflect on your advantages

It is worth contemplating if your Fashion. statement holds value, if the response gives you hesitation, reconsider whether someone else would face prejudice if they donned the Fashion. you are contemplating. Could they endure consequences for it, if a representative of the Culture. that initiated the trend were to embrace it? Reflect upon this.

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