What’s 5 divided by 3 – Is it even possible?

5 divided by 3 equals 1 with a remainder of 2.

In simpler terms, the quotient of 5 divided by 3 is approximately equal to 1.6666666666666667.

If you want to express the result as a decimal, you can write 1.6666666666666667. If you want to express the result as a mixed number, you can write 1 2/3.

The more detailed response.

5 divided by 3Division is a math operation that lets us find out how many times one number, called the dividend, can be divided by another number, called the divisor. For example, if you have 5 pieces of candy and you want to know how many times you can divide those 5 pieces among 3 of your friends, you can use division to find the answer.

How many sets of 3 can we create using 5 pieces? To clarify, we are attempting to determine the number of times 3 can be accommodated within 5. The divisor in this case is 3, while the dividend is 5. Now, let’s examine the equation 5 divided by 3 more closely.

The equation 3 ÷ 5 represents the division of 3 by 5. So, the symbol ÷, which is called the division symbol, is used in this equation to solve it.

Now, let’s utilize a few illustrations to aid in comprehending this equation more effectively.


Let’s say we have 5 toy cars and we want to divide them among 3 friends using the equation ÷. How many times can we set up this equation to divide the toy cars?

By utilizing 5 toy vehicles, we can form a single set of 3 toy cars and retain 2 toy cars as surplus. In the event that we distribute the 5 toy cars among the 3 companions, each friend would receive 1 toy car. In order to resolve this mathematical expression, it is necessary to ascertain the number of sets of 3 toy cars that can be formed using 5 toy cars.

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After dividing the toy cars among the three friends, we are left with a remainder. The remainder is 2 when we divide 3 by 5. Therefore, the answer to the equation is 1.


Let’s divide the 10 cookies we have among the 3 friends and see how many times we can do it. Let’s try another example. We can set up the equation like this.

We can make 3 groups of cookies using 10 cookies, meaning that we would not have any cookies left over. If we divide the 10 cookies among 3 friends, each friend would get 3 cookies. We need to solve this equation to find out.

After dividing the 10 cookies among 3 friends, there are no cookies left because the equation 3 ÷ 10 gives an answer of 0 with a remainder of 3.

What is a Remainder in Division?

There will be 2 cookies left over, and each person will get 1 cookie. This means that if you have 5 cookies and you want to divide them equally among 3 people, you cannot divide them evenly because you will have a remainder of 2. For example, if there is one more cookie left when dividing by another number, the remainder is the amount that is left over.

Here’s another example:Output: Here’s one more instance:

Each person will get 3 cookies and there will be 4 cookies left over. In this case, you will be able to divide the cookies evenly because 12 can be divided by 4. If you want to divide them equally among 4 people and you have 12 cookies.

The remainder, in general, refers to the quantity that remains when division cannot be evenly done. In the case of dividing cookies among individuals, the remainder represents the number of cookies left over.

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We hope this helps! Division can be a little tricky at first, but with a bit of practice and a little bit of humor, you’ll soon be able to find out how many times one number can be divided by another number. Just remember that division is all about finding out how many times one number can be divided by another.

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