What Is The Story Of The Lebron Triple Logoman?

The frenzy for Panini 2020-21 Flawless Basketball boxes resulted in a scramble, leading to madness. Eventually, LeBron James’ triple logoman card, being featured as the king of collectibles, became the most hyped card in the history of the hobby.

The card was sold for $2.4 million when it had an estimated value of over $6 million. However, the price it fetched was significantly lower than the estimated value. Finally, the card was sold on Saturday, June 25, 2022.

The LeBron James triple logoman card was showcased in the reality series King of Collectibles: The Goldin Touch on Netflix, reigniting fascination with the card in April 2023.

We have the complete narrative on why the triple Logoman Lebron James card sold at a low price.

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These products are game-worn jerseys featuring the famous NBA logo silhouette of Jerry West shooting. The logoman cards, which are 1/1 cards, are some of the most sought-after in the hobby.

Impeccable basketball editions and Noir also feature in them. Nevertheless, they are intimately linked with two luxurious Panini editions: National Treasures and Flawless. These cards have been present in some shape or form ever since Upper Deck Exquisite showcased them in 2003.

Enthusiasts of the Cleveland Cavaliers, Miami Heat, and Los Angeles Lakers treasure the card. Hence, the card possesses worth and is intended to be the most significant card of its type. It features a single NBA emblem patch from each of LeBron’s teams. The Triple Logoman generated excitement right from the start.

Browse for Triple Logoman cards on eBay.

The Logoman cards are breathtaking. Search for Lamelo Ball Logoman cards on eBay.

The Three Logoman Cards in the 2020-21 Panini Flawless Basketball Collection

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Alternatively, you can examine the prices on StockX.

The LeBron James card was one of five triple Logoman cards in the 2020-21 Panini Flawless Basketball set.

  • LeBron James – played for the Cleveland Cavaliers, Los Angeles Lakers, and the Miami Heat.
  • Anthony Edwards, LaMelo Ball, and Tyrese Haliburton play for the Minnesota Timberwolves, Charlotte Hornets, and Sacramento Kings respectively.
  • Giannis Antetokounmpo/Kevin Durant/Stephen Curry – the Milwaukee Bucks/Brooklyn Nets/Golden State Warriors.
  • Jayson Tatum/Luka Doncic/Zion Williamson – the Boston Celtics/Dallas Mavericks/New Orleans Pelicans.
  • Draymond Green, Klay Thompson, and Stephen Curry are all part of the Golden State Warriors.
  • In the meantime, the Warriors card will reap the benefits of the remarkable Golden State 2021-22 championship season. If Haliburton, Edwards, and Ball all rise to superstardom, the Triple of Haliburton, Edwards, and Ball could gain even more prominence. Nevertheless, among the five cards mentioned, LeBron was hailed as the most notable and is likely to retain that status.

    What Made the Triple Logoman LeBron James Card So Popular?

    The Goldin website describes a completely unique collectible “card” that showcases a trio of game-worn/used NBA Logoman patches, each originating from a different franchise worn by James during his time with the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Miami Heat, and the Los Angeles Lakers.

    Bill Russell and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, ahead of Michael Jordan and directly behind James, the second-greatest player, according to The Athletic, which published the most comprehensive rankings I am familiar with. Undoubtedly, he is one of the all-time greatest basketball players. It is not surprising. His rookie cards are iconic and remain a lucrative investment, as previously stated. LeBron plays a significant role in the hobby.

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    This particular card quickly became a highly sought-after item in the gold market due to its significant value. These cards hold great significance for collectors of all ages. We have witnessed LeBron James dominate the basketball court with unmatched skill and brilliance, making him a legendary figure. Unlike any other basketball player, LeBron’s immediate presence is truly immortal for collectors of all ages.

    Browse for Triple Logoman cards on eBay.

    The search for the Triple Logoman LeBron James Card

    It appeared that every big name in the hobby of collecting basketball cards was captivated by the flawless breaks. The presence of the flawless Panini basketball card already created a perfect storm, making it popular.

    However, the elusive triple remained undiscovered. The two diligently searched through a minimum of 16 cases of 2020-21 Panini Flawless Basketball. In Toronto, Drake played host to Ken Goldin, the individual who ultimately sold the elusive triple Logoman after it was revealed. It is worth noting that one of the most notable breaks during this event featured the globally renowned Canadian rapper, Drake.

    Within the suitcases, taking into account the substantial amount of money he spent (I estimated $224,000), Drake discovered a handful of valuable cards, notably two Ja Morant ones and a rookie card featuring LaMelo Ball.

    The unfortunate “Greatest Opportunity Ever Missed”

    Layton Sports Cards and Blez Sports Cards were the two enterprises accountable. The MINT Collective occasion was inaugurated in Las Vegas, Nevada by two renowned establishments on March 24, 2022.

    The event was marketed as one of the utmost important occurrences in the pastime’s history, occurring on March 24, 2022, in Los Vegas, Nevada. Undoubtedly, it was an immense rupture in quantity and worth. They cracked open 10 instances of First Off The Line and at least 5 instances of 2020-21 Panini Flawless Basketball Hobby.

    Chad Bleznick, a vocal sports enthusiast, aimed to break the renowned LeBron triple by putting a bounty of a million dollars on it. He exclaimed, “Cash in hand, the backer truly yours, and the Logoman triple!”

    Females had been sexualized, numerous enthusiasts believed that the occasion showcased two sparsely dressed models. It ultimately turned out to be rather troublesome, though regrettably, the breakers did not achieve the triple. Spoiler warning.

    Browse for Triple Logoman cards on eBay.

    The Lebron James Card with Triple Logoman is finally revealed

    Earlier this year, allegedly, The Backyard Breaks guys did not provide Lawrence Trevor with a paying customer who had won gold in the Kaboom! Card. However, they have enjoyed a lot of exposure this year, both negative and positive. Backyard Breaks pulled the card on a stream called Whatnot in May.

    It’s amusing because you should watch the clip of the card drawing. They understandably get excited. However, make sure to turn down the volume in order to properly enjoy it.

    Naturally, Ken Goldin promptly extended his congratulations to the boys from Backyard Breaks for their good luck.

    Browse for Triple Logoman cards on eBay.

    The auction where the Lebron James Card with Triple Logoman was sold at a discounted price.

    The card was sold through Goldin Memorabilia Auctions, one of the most prominent participants in the hobby.

    Bidding commenced on June 8th. On the 25th of Saturday, it only increased to $500,000 and settled at $1,900,000 on the concluding day. Nevertheless, the anticipated final rush of offers was considerably less fervent than anticipated. However, the offers had surpassed the three-digit threshold in just over an hour, with a modest $550,000.

    Browse for Triple Logoman cards on eBay.

    Despite its age, the renowned 2003-04 Upper Deck Exquisite Rookie Patch Autograph Parallel was sold for $2.1, a price that was remarkably close to that of the triple Logoman. This LeBron card was not the only valuable item auctioned by Goldin in that collection, as there were other items included.

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    What is the worth of the Triple Logoman Lebron James Card?

    Based on the auction listing, Goldin definitely appears to have anticipated that. Certain forecasts projected that the card would surpass previous sales records.

    The Logoman Triple card in the Flawless Panini set is considered the “Golden Ticket” of the hobby, standing head and shoulders above its contemporaries in terms of exclusivity and prestige. It is the first release to feature a single-player, and it has caused quite a stir in the hobby community. With sales reaching $4.8 million for Luka Doncic’s Logoman Autograph Patch Rookie Treasures National and $5.2 million for LeBron James’ RPA Collection Exquisite Deck Upper own, this card has set a new record in the basketball card market. Conservative estimates place its price well above any other basketball card, solidifying its status as a must-have for collectors.

    “Collectors hold a sincere conviction that the auction price could exceed the existing record of $6.6 million.” One particular website asserted that indeed, certain observers were of the opinion that it would surpass all previous records.

    Browse for Triple Logoman cards on eBay.

    What was the reason behind the low selling price of the Triple Logoman Lebron James Card?

    The appeal of a rookie card is unparalleled. However, the card itself is truly stunning, as it represents a triple. Nevertheless, the individual who possesses it is now a seasoned 37-year-old veteran. It remains uncertain whether he will be considered the greatest player of all time, as is the case with LeBron. One reason why this is not a rookie card is due to this fact. Of course, the card itself did not bring anything extraordinary, such as Logoman Luka or RPA LeBron.

    Another reason, however, is that the high-end cards have been limited to mostly base cards in 2021. The market for card has been weak in recent months, and it is no secret that some very high-end cards saw their value halved by mid-2022. However, the high-end cards also began to lose altitude after that. It may be that we are in the midst of a recession, and getting a worse lot of high-end cards could be in the offing now.

    The peak of COVID-19 has inspired a boom. If you look at the most expensive cards ever bought, they tend to have been in sales in 2021 and 2020. So, if you look at the final price for the Lebron James triple Logoman Basketball Flawless 2020-2021, it may indicate a broader trend of disappointment.

    Browse for Triple Logoman cards on eBay.

    The economic outlook appeared to be somewhat more positive when comparing 2021 to 2020. However, it is significantly lower than the highest prices paid in both years. Nonetheless, the sale of Kobe Bryant’s precious metal universe, Metal Bryant Kobe A Green, in February 2022 for $2,000,000 is still a remarkable deal. So far, it has tripled in value, surpassing even LeBron’s highest sale.

    Search for Luka Doncic Rookie Patch Autographs on eBay.

    The Lebron James Triple Logoman Card Reigns Supreme in the World of Collectibles

    In Runnemede, New Jersey, Goldin Auctions has established itself as one of the leading platforms for sales and auctions in the hobby of collecting. The CEO of Goldin Collectibles, Ken Goldin, has become an icon in the hobby and his adventures are followed in the reality TV show called “The Touch of Goldin.” The show was launched on Netflix in 2023.

    Goldin had made it his mission to obtain the card before selling any other house auctions. The first episode of the show, released on April 28th, includes a discussion of LeBron James’ Logoman triple (among others) along with six other episodes.

    The actual features of the Brooklyn Dodgers jersey worn by Jackie Robinson throughout the 1951 season are also highlighted. Many believe that this move signaled a curse that haunted the Red Sox for over 80 years until they finally won the World Series in 2004. For example, the finalized trade between Babe Ruth of the Yankees and the Red Sox in January 1920 is considered one of the most important episodes in American sports history, featuring some of the most collectible items.

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    “Ken exclaimed, ‘I have never witnessed LeBron Triple Logoman mania like this in my entire life in this industry.’ The episode briefly chronicles how Goldin got his hands on the card. Finally, in the middle of the episode, they managed to acquire the card covering LeBron James’ Triple Logoman.”

    Browse for Triple Logoman cards on eBay.

    The search for the LeBron James Triple Logoman on King Of Collectibles

    Ken, while describing it to the viewers, refers to the hobby form of gambling as a box break. In this episode, the viewers are given an inside look into Goldin’s journey to Toronto, where they break boxes of Flawless alongside Drake.

    He didn’t know that the land, worth $50,000, had a sweet logo of Anfernee Hardaway on it, and we didn’t know that LeBron James didn’t get the Logoman Triple. There is no guarantee of a return, and the cost of an Opening box can go up to $20,000.

    “Thank heavens,” exclaims Ken, following Drake’s acquisition of a Jordan valued at approximately $350,000. The Canadian musician was generously rewarded by Goldin, who presented him with a case of 1986 Fleer that includes the adored rookie card of Michael Jordan.

    I still need to find that LeBron James Triple Logoman. However, now we have a new ambassador who is into cards. After Michael Jordan pulled my heart rate down, Drake beats went 30.

    In the third episode of the show, the card-breaking team known as Breaks Backyard once again came to HQ Goldin and revealed a display of ripping open boxes to continue their quest.

    “I am determined to acquire this particular card. That concludes the narrative,” Ken emphatically declared as he successfully obtained the coveted James Lebron Logoman Triple Card, causing the ecstatic crew from Backyard Mocking to cheer in high-pitched excitement. The scene showcased Ken’s triumph as the reigning king of Collectibles, leaving the staff at Goldin Collectibles in awe.

    Browse for Triple Logoman cards on eBay.

    The sale of LeBron James Triple Logoman on the King of Collectibles

    The three proprietors concurred. Consequently, he promptly proposed to transport them to New Jersey to “negotiate an agreement.” He informed them, “This card is currently highly infamous, and we must release it in the market promptly while basketball is still ongoing.” Subsequently, Ken obtained the contact information of the three fortunate individuals who invested in that opportunity at the perfect moment.

    Goldin built up anticipation by emphasizing his reputation and the significance of the card before revealing his asking price. Ken doesn’t give off the impression of being the most skilled negotiator. In the following scene at Goldin HQ, Jason, Zach, and Kevin make an appearance.

    In the moment, Ken promptly presented the proprietors with a million dollars in cash as an initial payment. “You absolutely cannot depart from this place today without us reaching an agreement,” Goldin eagerly replied. The three proprietors appeared to be more perceptive and mentioned that they were also discussing with other auction houses in the meantime.

    Ken showed enthusiasm as he raised his fist to congratulate everyone on a job well done. However, they must have been quite disappointed. Conversely, the staff acted overjoyed when they received over 2 million bids. Thus, the initial appraisal of 1.5 million was shown differently. Unfortunately, the initial estimates for the James Lebron Logoman Triple card valued it at over 6 million dollars, which we now know was quite misleading. Additionally, the auction itself covers four episodes.

    Browse for Triple Logoman cards on eBay.

    Summary of the Triple Logo LeBron James

    Considering the massive hype, the final price of $2,400,000 for the Logoman triple LeBron James Basketball Flawless 2020-2021 card was somewhat disappointing. I can remember that it was the most hyped new card.

    The combination of these two reasons may have caused people to be misled or mistaken. The hype over influencers and their eagerness for the hobby probably overestimated the significance of a rookie card. There are two reasons for this.

    In all places, these are unsettled periods. Take into account the economic conditions before making any substantial purchases or investments, regardless. It might indicate the exorbitant prices of the prosperous period or this pattern could be a temporary decline. The misconception that luxury cards are secure has been revealed as deceptive, also. The entire card industry is currently experiencing a decline.

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