What is Brooklyn Style Crust at Domino’s?

Discover what makes Domino’s Brooklyn Style Crust unique! Learn about the characteristics, ingredients, and toppings that make this crust style stand out.

Are you a pizza lover who enjoys trying different styles of crust? If so, you may have heard of Domino’s Brooklyn Style crust. This unique crust style has become increasingly popular over the years, but what exactly is it?

Brooklyn Style Crust is a type of pizza crust that is thin and crispy, similar to the traditional New York-style pizza. This crust style is specifically designed to mimic the taste and texture of the pizzas found in Brooklyn, New York. Domino’s introduced this crust style in 2006, and it has since become a fan favourite.

This article will explore the characteristics of Brooklyn Style Crust and what makes it stand out from other crust styles. We’ll also dive into the ingredients used in this crust style and compare it to other popular crust styles. Let’s get started!

Characteristics of Brooklyn Style Crust

The first thing you’ll notice about Brooklyn Style Crust is its thin and crispy texture. This crust style is made with a thinner layer of dough than other crust styles, which gives it a crispy crunch when you take a bite. The crust is also larger than other crust styles, with slices that are wider and longer.

The crust’s texture is one of the reasons why people love Brooklyn Style pizza. The crispy texture adds a satisfying crunch to each bite, while the thinness of the crust allows the ingredients to shine. Whether you’re a fan of traditional toppings like pepperoni and mushrooms or you prefer something more unique, the crust won’t overpower the flavours.

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Ingredients used in Brooklyn Style Crust

The ingredients used in Brooklyn Style Crust are simple, but they come together to create a delicious, flavourful crust. The crust is made with flour, water, yeast, and olive oil. The flour used is high-gluten flour, which gives the crust its chewy texture. The yeast is added to help the dough rise, while the olive oil adds flavour and helps to keep the crust crispy.

One thing that sets Brooklyn Style Crust apart from other crust styles is the use of high-gluten flour. This type of flour has a higher protein content than all-purpose flour, which gives the crust a chewy texture that’s unique to this crust style.

Comparison with Other Crust Styles

So how does Brooklyn Style Crust compare to other popular crust styles? Let’s take a closer look:

  • Hand Tossed: Hand Tossed crust is thicker than Brooklyn Style Crust and has a chewier texture. It’s also more doughy, with a slightly softer interior. While Hand Tossed crust can be delicious, it’s not as crispy as Brooklyn Style Crust and doesn’t have the same thinness.

  • Pan Pizza: Pan Pizza crust is thicker than both Brooklyn Style and Hand Tossed crust. It’s also cooked in a deep dish, which gives it a crispy exterior and a soft, doughy interior. While Pan Pizza can be delicious, it’s not as thin or crispy as Brooklyn Style Crust.

  • Thin Crust: Thin crust pizza is similar to Brooklyn Style Crust in terms of thinness, but it’s not as crispy. Thin crust pizza is also often cooked in a wood-fired oven, which gives it a unique flavour that’s different from Brooklyn Style Crust.

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Overall, Brooklyn Style Crust is a unique crust style that stands out from other popular crust styles. Its thinness and crispy texture make it a favourite among pizza lovers who enjoy a classic New York-style pizza.

Popular toppings for Brooklyn Style Crust

One of the best things about pizza is the endless topping options. Whether you prefer classic toppings or something more adventurous, Brooklyn Style Crust can accommodate any flavour preferences. Here are some popular toppings to try on your next Brooklyn Style pizza:

  • Pepperoni: A classic topping that is popular for a reason. The salty and slightly spicy flavour pairs perfectly with the crispy crust.
  • Mushrooms: For vegetarians or mushroom lovers, this topping is a must-try. The earthy flavour of mushrooms complements the crispy crust and adds a meaty texture to the pizza.
  • Sausage: Another classic topping that is a fan favourite. The savoury flavour of sausage pairs perfectly with the thin crust and adds a satisfying protein to the pizza.
  • Onions: If you’re a fan of caramelized onions, you’ll love this topping. The sweet and savoury flavour pairs perfectly with the crispy crust and adds a unique texture to the pizza.


In conclusion, Brooklyn Style Crust at Domino’s is a unique pizza crust style that offers a thin and crispy texture that is reminiscent of New York-style pizza. The crust is larger than other crust styles, allowing for wider and longer slices. The ingredients used in the crust are simple, including flour, water, yeast, and olive oil. Domino’s Brooklyn Style Crust has become a fan favourite due to its satisfying texture and ability to showcase any topping flavour. Whether you’re a pepperoni lover or prefer something more unique, Brooklyn Style Crust is worth trying.

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