What is 2.4 as a fraction?

For the step-by-step guidance on how to calculate and show the exact decimal number as a fractional form, are you able to convert any decimal number to a fraction?

Considering this, without the need for swift comparison between two fractions, the decimal representation of a fraction simplifies the process considerably. The primary motive behind your teacher’s instruction is the most prevalent reason for converting a decimal into a fraction, although there are numerous other reasons as well.

Before we begin here, let’s quickly recap fractions. If you’ve done much work with fractions already, you probably already know that the number below the fraction line is the denominator, and the number above the fraction line is the numerator. But never forget to double check!

Let’s have a look: this is the bottom part, represented as 1, which you can use if you want to express any number as a fraction. This is the first thing you need to show here, so, alright.

We want to get rid of the decimal places completely, so the numerator in our fraction is the whole number after counting the numbers in decimal point case 4.

The concept is to understand that if the numbers are three, then the numbers two are 10,000, and the numbers two are 1,000. Additionally, if there are numbers after the decimal point, then there is one number after the decimal point. To obtain a whole fraction, we need to multiply both the numerator and the denominator by 10.

In our situation, the number 4 consists of only 1 digit, therefore we must multiply both the numerator and denominator by 10.

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Now we simply need to perform that multiplication to obtain our complete fraction.

We need to find the GCF, which is also known as the greatest common factor. The next step is to simplify this fraction.

  • Greatest Common Divisor (GCD)..
  • Greatest Common Divisor (GCD).
  • Highest Common Factor (HCF).
  • The GCF can be a bit complicated to figure out, but you can use it handy by working it out by hand.

    We can simplify the fraction by dividing both the numerator and denominator by their greatest common divisor, which is 2. This means that we can divide both 10 and 24 by 2 in the case of the fraction.

    Here is the full solution for your pleasure. We have determined the fraction form of 2.4 in only a few simple steps. And voila!

    2 2/5.

    Note: since 24 is larger than 10, we have further simplified this fraction to a mixed fraction.

    You can now convert fractions to decimals and vice versa as much as your desires. Hopefully, this tutorial has aided you in understanding how to convert a decimal number into a fraction.

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