What do the police do when a missing person is found

The individuals are secure and in good health, it is necessary for an officer to physically encounter the missing individual in order to confirm this. Typically, this will ensure that they are not exposed to any additional danger, that they have not been subjected to any criminal activity, and that the police take the necessary steps to guarantee their safety once a missing person has been located.

After the individuals return and their condition is assessed, the police have the option to share details regarding the missing individual. If other organizations require involvement, the police can also disclose information about the missing person and their condition. Officers are expected to take into account protective measures that may need to be implemented immediately, or considered by other agencies such as healthcare, education, or social services, when conducting these assessments. They will utilize this information to complete various reports in order to conclude the case. The police will inquire about the factors that led to the person’s disappearance, their activities during their absence, and any other pertinent details. These visits, where an officer converses with the individual who has returned, are referred to as “Prevention Interviews” or “Safe and Well Checks”.

Comprehending the individual’s motives

In the future, if they go missing, they might be able to gather information that can help in their search. These conversations can also help gather information to assist in locating missing individuals. Hopefully, these conversations can help prevent individuals from going missing again in the future and provide support to those who may need it in the long term. It is really important to understand the reasons why someone went missing, as it can give a chance to identify any harm or risks they may be facing and to provide them with the necessary help.

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In certain situations, it could be more suitable. Nonetheless, we believe it is crucial for the authorities to verify the well-being of individuals upon their return. This approach is not universally regarded as commendable since law enforcement personnel may perceive it as permissible to handle these matters solely through phone communication with the individual who was reported missing or by consulting the initial reporter of the incident when the level of risk to the missing person has been evaluated as low or moderate.

When a lost child comes back

If a child protection officer or an investigating officer from the specialist units reports that a child is missing, they will also have a duty to inform social care officers when they return and to inform them that the missing person is a child.

Not all regions are capable of adhering to this timeframe, although these interviews ought to be conducted within 72 hours of the child’s return. They are a crucial opportunity to pinpoint risk and harm in a more comprehensive, supportive manner than the initial police checks. They provide the child with an opportunity to discuss anything that led to their disappearance, any experiences they had while they were away, and any assistance they may require moving forward. These interviews should be organized by your local governing body and administered by a trained, impartial professional. Children should also always be offered a “Return Interview”: this is a more detailed, supportive intervention that should be coordinated by your local governing body and delivered by a trained, impartial professional. However, children will undergo a “Prevention Interview” or “Safe and Well Check” as this is mandatory for every missing individual.

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