Walton-Penner ownership group detail structure, vision for managing Broncos

However, the reason why they heavily lean towards those who are already inside the Broncos’ building, like General Manager George Paton, is because they intend to build on what’s already there. The Denver Broncos officially bought the team on Tuesday for a record $4.65 billion, which is a new milestone for the Walton-Penner Family Ownership Group.

“Listening and learning is a process for us, so it’s new. But we’ll obviously draw on that business experience,” Penner said Wednesday.

It is unclear what that position entails. Penner, who will serve as the CEO of the franchise, said that he will be involved with the day-to-day operations of hiring a president for the Broncos.

Is there someone they trust to run operations alongside Paton in football? Is there someone who is business-savvy in the world of sports? Is there someone who can bridge the gap between business and football?

Penner stated, “In my opinion, having a background in sports is highly significant.” “However, it would increase the level of difficulty in identifying the suitable individual, so I would lean towards saying no, but is it completely necessary?”

Joe Ellis, who served as the team’s president under late owner Pat Bowlen, will continue in that role. The six stakeholders, acting as an informal board, will provide some level of service, although there won’t be a formal board of directors, according to Penner. Walton-Penner, Hobson, Rice, and Hamilton will seek input from them as needed, with Walton being the primary owner and Penner serving as the CEO. The hierarchy is well-defined, but there are still unanswered questions regarding certain matters.

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“Clearly, among the six of us, it is necessary for someone to assume the leading role, and I am willing to take on that responsibility,” Penner stated. “Therefore, you can expect to hear the most from me in this regard. … Additionally, Rob and Carrie will likely be present here frequently, assisting with any significant matters, inquiries, or strategic choices that we encounter. Above all, we are genuinely excited about enjoying ourselves collectively,” Penner expressed. “Every individual will be actively participating.”

Our objective is to have a great time as a family and with this team while pursuing our goal, but it’s important to remember that this is a sports organization. Undoubtedly, this is a commercial venture, but our primary aim is to emerge victorious.

Penner intends to let Paton do his job with little interference, as she knows there are more qualified people in the organization to handle the six stakeholders of Rice College Football Playoff Committee, having previously served as a coach alongside her dad and being the most knowledgeable when it comes to O’s and X’s.

However, it will be Paton’s and coach Nathaniel Hackett’s performance on the field.

Penner said, “We are big believers in empowering people.” “We are not going to be drafting players. We’re not going to empower this team led by Hackett Nathaniel and Paton George, but obviously, understanding and learning are a fun part of this. We’re not going to make football decisions, but they’re going to make football decisions.”

Manning or John Elway, the former GM and executive vice president of football operations, have no intention of adding any additional stakeholders at this time, according to Penner. On Wednesday, Penner mentioned that Peyton Manning, who was rumored to be interested in becoming a stakeholder, is a name that many Broncos fans would be thrilled to have as president.

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Penner stated about Manning and Elway, “We find ourselves in an excellent situation with two exceptional Broncos.” “John Elway is the epitome of a Bronco. He achieved success as both a player and a leader. I am eager to absorb as much knowledge from him as I can and have had the opportunity to converse with him.”

We are just going through the process of getting to know him well, as we think it is really going to be a good relationship. We have had a chance to learn from both of them. Obviously, Peyton is one of the greatest NFL players of all time, having won a championship here.

The person who was hired said that hierarchy shakes out how and hires Penner do not matter. Although the group intends to leave their own stamp on the franchise ownership and Penner, there is a possibility of starting with a new stadium and when asked about the possibility of building a new stadium, Penner has been coy. However, there are still 10 years left on the lease for Empower Field at Mile High, so the state will continue.

Going forward, Paton and his utmost concern is bound to be that. There was no news regarding the contract situation, but Penner was questioned about Wilson’s upcoming days on Wednesday. They aim to secure the standout quarterback to a lengthy agreement in the near future, as they deliberate Russell Wilson’s prospects with the organization within the confines of the room. Penner will undoubtedly be present in the room as well.

In the 2015-16 season, the Denver Broncos, who haven’t made it to the playoffs in the past six seasons, appear to be on their way to a better transition period. Since winning the Super Bowl, they have gained the highest interest from fans, making this year relevant again. The group, Walton-Penner, has a lot to learn and do in the upcoming months.

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It was not just for Walton-Penner, who have had numerous chances to acquire sports franchises in the past, but also the perfect moment and the perfect group.

Penner stated, “If any team were to make a purchase, it would be us. The Broncos hold great significance in this area and have achieved remarkable success. The NFL provides an extraordinary platform and we are based and operate in Colorado. This was the opportunity we had been waiting for, and if we were going to take action, we considered the possibility of acquiring other sports franchises. “We did consider the option of acquiring other sports franchises, but if we were going to make a move, this was the perfect opportunity,” Penner explained. “There have been other teams, and we initially began contemplating this idea approximately 10 years ago.”

Well, at present it belongs to them. And their perspective, both on and off the playing field, is widely known.

“The grand vision,” Penner stated, “is that we aspire to triumph in football championships.”

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