USA vs Mexico score, highlights, as USMNT get late goal in 1-1 draw, extend unbeaten run vs El Tri

In a high-profile friendly match at Stadium Farm State in Glendale, Arizona, the U.S. Men’s national team salvaged a 1-1 draw against Mexico on Wednesday night. The team’s late goal, led by a rare and spectacular counterattack, proved to be crucial.

Mexico nearly doubled their lead in the 81st minute when Carlos Rodriguez, with a curler, hit the woodwork and the ball went down to the field, surprising the Americans.

On the left flank, Jordan Morris found Alan Sonora, who made a dazzling dribbling run, beating several Mexican players, before dumping the ball to top scorer of MLS, Jesus Ferreira. Ferreira applied a one-time finish with his eighth international goal, courtesy of a beautiful outside-the-boot cross whipped in by Sergino Dest, the current left-back for the U.S.

After a relatively uneventful first half, Mexico’s El Tri found the opening goal just 10 minutes into the second half, as Aaron Long, the central defender for the United States, was stripped of the ball by Mexico’s Uriel Antuna and Mexico took control of the game.

The Americans are currently undefeated in their last five games against Mexico. They went up 2-0 after conceding the equalizer at 1-1. Tri El came close to doubling their lead with a long-distance shot from midfielder Erick Sanchez, which was preceded by Rodriguez hitting the woodwork.

DeAndre Yedlin, the veteran U.S. Defender, stated that they have a lot of upcoming competitions against Mexico and it’s something that will stay in the back of their minds for the semifinal of the CONCACAF Nations League in June.

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The score of the final match between USA and Mexico was 1-1.

Goals: MEX — Uriel Antuna — 55th minute. USA — Jesus Ferreira (Jordan Morris) — 82nd minute.


1. Johnson (Goalkeeper) — 22. Yedlin, 3. Zimmerman, 5. Long (4. Miazga 70′), 2. Dest — 6. Sands, 23. Acosta — 13. J. Morris, 9. Ferreira, 14. Cowell (10. Sonora 64′) — 19. Vazquez (11-A. Morris 64′): United States of America (4-2-3-1)

Acevedo (Goalkeeper) — J. Araujo, Reyes, N. Araujo, Guzman, Gallardo — E. Sanchez, Chavez — Antuna, De La Rosa (Herrera 86′), Vega (C. Rodriguez 75′): Mexico (5-2-3).

Mexico claim that they were the superior team

There was no question that Tri El was desperate to taste victory once more against the USA, as they were ultimately stunned by a team that just doesn’t give up no matter how adverse the circumstances. Based on the balance of performance, it could be argued that the USA deserved it more.

Cocca Diego, the boss of Mexico, is not letting the final result take away what he thought was a strong performance from him. He was reportedly already under pressure after the previous outing against Jamaica, where they drew 2-2 at home, but this was only his second game in charge.

“I enjoyed the team’s character, and we excelled overall. We had opportunities to secure the victory and our performance was commendable. We demonstrated our unique qualities. However, despite facing a foul, the U.S. Team struggled to convert their attacking opportunities, which Cocca, the coach, expressed his disappointment about after the game. From my perspective, I choose to see the positive aspects, as there were many good occurrences.”

We were superior today, Cocca repeated. We hit the bar against Jamaica once today and twice. We can’t control that. If we continue like this, we will see results. We’re on the right track.

Mexico arrangement takes USA off guard

U.S. Temporary coach Anthony Hudson admitted that the defensive setup with five players that Mexico employed on Wednesday was not something he expected.

The lack of pressure was a big reason why the U.S. Players pointed out how the set-up tactical by Mexico made it hard for the American players to get pressure on the ball and cause turnovers. As a result, the USA eventually moved the five-man backline to counteract the effects and had the upper hand for most of the match against Tri El.

After the game, Hudson mentioned, “I believe it benefited us to apply pressure on the ball, which consequently enabled us to possess the ball more. I must acknowledge Mexico for their impressive performance tonight. We were aware that the match would be disorderly and intense, but I felt that the alteration in formation towards the end was met with a positive response from the players representing the United States.”

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Is Jesus Ferreira a playmaker or a striker?

Towards the conclusion of a vexing evening, Ferreira possesses the ability to become imperceptible for extended periods of the game while maintaining the precision necessary to execute a pivotal move. This is indicative of an extraordinary athlete.

Following Vazquez’s substitution, the FC Dallas forward took on the role of the primary striker and began the game playing in a position just behind the center forward, Brandon Vazquez.

While they acknowledge his intelligence in the game, Hudson confessed that the USMNT is still determining which position suits Ferreira most effectively with the USMNT.

“He possesses a distinct profile as a forward and offensive player,” expressed Hudson when discussing Ferreira’s preferred position. “He excels at connecting the team’s play and making timely runs into the penalty area… An astute player. One of his greatest strengths lies in his high level of intelligence on the field. To be truthful, we are still in the process of finding the answer, and I must admit, I am uncertain.”

8 – Jesús Ferreira has scored 8 goals in his first 18 @USMNT appearances. Only three players have reached eight goals in fewer appearances in program history: 8 – Peter Millar 8 – Eddie Johnson 14 – Willy Roy Natural.

Live Updates and Highlights from the Friendly Match between USA and Mexico

Final Score: USA 1-1 Mexico

México empata 1-1 con Estados Unidos. El ‘Tri’ ya suma 5 juegos sin vencer a los norteamericanos. 3-2 final de Nations League 1-0 final de Copa Oro 2-0 eliminatoria Qatar 2022 0-0 eliminatoria Qatar 2022 1-1 amistoso 2023

Herrera from Mexico went down easily in the U.S. Box after a challenge from James Sands, but the referee isn’t going to show replays for it. Ozziel Herrera, the substitute, receives a penalty in the 92nd minute.

Penal clarísimo sobre Ozziel Herrera, le dio frío márcalo al nazareno.

On the United States goal, he accomplished what Mexico was unable to achieve. It’s a seasoned maneuver and a commendable yellow card for the captain of the United States. He commits a foul close to the center of the field in order to halt a Mexico offensive. In the 89th minute, a YELLOW card is given to Walker Zimmerman of the United States.

In the 82nd minute, Jesus Ferreira picks out Jordan Morris with a sensational pass for the U.S. Team. Alan Sonora then feeds the ball to Sergino Dest, who goes on a fantastic dribbling run and scores a goal for USA. The ball hits the woodwork before going into the net, resulting in a sensational goal against Mexico.

Jesus Ferreira levels the match for the #USMNT! 📺: @Telemundo & @Peacock for Spanish Coverage.

In the 79th minute, Mexico had an opportunity. Presently, Erick Sanchez, the Mexican midfielder, is attempting a shot and nearly achieving an astonishing goal.

😱 ¡SI ENTRA ESA NOS VAMOS TODOS! 🫣 Erick Sánchez se animó de fuera del área y estuvo a nada de un GOLAZO. ⚽️ Estados Unidos 🇺🇸 0-1 México 🇲🇽 🔴 EN VIVO por @Telemundo y @peacock ➡️ #FutbolUSA #USMNT #USAvMEX

Mexico has another chance here to secure the victory. Sean Johnson makes a great save and Roberto de la Rosa takes a shot from beyond the penalty area. This opportunity arises for Mexico in the 74th minute.

😎 ¡DE LA ROSA SE ANIMÓ! 😱 Roberto disparo de fuera del área y atajó bien Johnson. ⚽️ Estados Unidos 🇺🇸 0-1 México 🇲🇽 🔴 EN VIVO por @Telemundo y @peacock ➡️ #FutbolUSA #USMNT #USAvMEX

Alan Sonora from the United States was shown a YELLOW card in the 69th minute. Uriel Antuna’s face was only slightly touched by an errant arm from Jesus Ferreira, who couldn’t manage the ball after the American substitute almost passed it through.

Jesus Ferreira is transitioning to the center forward position. Center forward Brandon Vazquez and winger Cade Cowell are now out of the game. The USA team is making much-needed substitutions with the introduction of Alan Sonora and Aidan Morris. In the 64th minute, the USA makes substitutions.

In a one-on-one situation, Sean Johnson, the goalkeeper for the U.S., Skillfully placed the ball past the Mexico goalkeeper. The speedy Mexico player, Uriel Antuna, was left behind as Aaron Long, from the U.S., Stripped the ball from him in the center of the field. Goal for Mexico in the 55th minute.

Acknowledge Antuna, who successfully intercepted the errant pass from Kellyn Acosta to Long and displayed unwavering determination to regain control of the ball.

🚨 ¡GOL DE MÉXICO! ¡GOL DE MÉXICO! ¡GOL DE MÉXICO! 🔥 @AntunaUriel define solo contra el arquero y marca el primero del partido. ⚽️ Estados Unidos 🇺🇸 0-1 México 🇲🇽 🔴 EN VIVO por @Telemundo y @peacock ➡️ #FutbolUSA #USMNT #USAvMEX

The second half has not yet begun, but both teams are playing with the same urgency and entering rhythm. This match is screaming for some new energy. Each team has six substitutes, so they can make some changes. In the 53rd minute:

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At the 47th minute opportunity for USA, the ball veers off course and Jordan Morris is unable to position himself for a subsequent volley, however, a Cade Cowell shot deflects inside the penalty area.

46th minute: Back in action. No modifications.

Halfway Point: USA 0-0 Mexico

At halftime, Araujo Julian, the right wingback for Mexico, made attacking runs and Luis Chavez, the midfielder, took a couple of shots from outside the box. The USA didn’t really trouble Mexico’s attacks much. However, as the game went on, El Tri slowly gained control. But Mexico’s start was frazzled as the USA press started to strong.

Following the initial 10 minutes, winger Cade Cowell seems to have disappeared, while USMNT’s attacking midfielder Jesus Ferreira has remained unnoticed. Despite the potential of Mexico’s Alexis Vega to do so, it is difficult to identify any forwards who can step up and dominate this match. Overall, it has not been a particularly impressive half from either team.

TBS informed Anthony Hudson, the manager of the United States, “We must certainly address a couple of issues.” Anthony Hudson informed TBS, “I believe there are a few aspects of our formation that we need to rectify. The initial half was not particularly impressive.”

Here is everything you need to know about the initial half.

🇺🇸 U.S. had one touch in the attacking penalty area in the first half. 🇲🇽 Mexico had two.

The ball is sent out of play, but Israel Reyes from Mexico almost manages to get to it on a bending, prepared delivery from Luis Chavez into the penalty area, giving Mexico a chance in the 43rd minute.

Sergino Dest, playing defensively, sees that there is a lot more danger if he could have intercepted the ball in that box and passed it into Mexico’s Uriel Antuna’s way.

Apart from the one Luis Chavez shot that missed the target, U.S. Goalie Sean Johnson has not faced any difficulties. However, Mexico has had a few half chances that haven’t troubled Sean Johnson. The match has been evenly balanced at the half-hour mark, and credit goes to the USA for their strong defensive efforts. At the half-hour mark, the match has been fairly even.

On each side, everything has been quite foreseeable up until now. Both teams could benefit from some additional ingenuity, partnerships, and dribbling moves from their forwards.

Sands has been active and involved in this game, but he is struggling to pick up the pace. In the 23rd minute, Julian Araujo of Mexico’s midfield gets a talking to from the referee after he aggressively tackles James Sands from behind.

El Tri has the ability to establish the tempo for Chavez and exhibits a strong attacking style. It spreads out wide, but he unleashes a trademark left-footed shot after a quick exchange of passes, regaining possession of the ball at the edge of the penalty area. Luis Chavez advances towards the opponent’s half and creates a scoring opportunity for Mexico in the 19th minute.

😱 ¡CHÁVEEEEEEZ! 🫣 Muy cerca el jugador de Pachuca de hacer un GOLAZO, ¡Pasa cerca! 😮‍💨 ⚽️ Estados Unidos 🇺🇸 0-0 México 🇲🇽 🔴 EN VIVO por @Telemundo y @peacock ➡️ #FutbolUSA #USMNT #USAvMEX

Mexico has sought to counter with rapidity, while the USA emerged with a high-pressing approach. The beginning of this match has been tumultuous, with only 12 minutes played.

The most significant confrontation of the evening that has the potential to alter the outcome of the game is between Sergino Dest and El Tri’s search for right wingback Julian Araujo, which has occurred twice before.

In the 4th minute, Jordan Morris of the USA seizes the opportunity as he runs down the heart of Mexico’s defense, after the ball caroms off the car and the Mexican goalkeeper misses the challenge.

😮‍💨 ¡UUUUY, CERCA EL GOL! 😳 Morris estuvo a centímetros de marcar el primero, Acevedo tapó. ⚽️ Estados Unidos 🇺🇸 0-0 México 🇲🇽 🔴 EN VIVO por @Telemundo y @peacock ➡️ #FutbolUSA #USMNT #USAvMEX

Julian Araujo, ex-LA Galaxy player, and forward Brandon Vazquez from FC Cincinnati clash heads in the opening 30 seconds of the game.

Guatemala’s referee will be Bryan Lopez. Kickoff is just around the corner. The anthems are out of the way. Two minutes from kickoff.

Carlos Acevedo (Mexico) and Walker Zimmerman (USA) on the pitch: there is a communication from the two skippers prior to the national anthems. However, the teams are currently on the field, just 7 minutes away from the start of the match.

During goal kicks, Zimmerman’s remarks were evidently aimed at the supporters who have participated in the homophobic chant, stating, “Promoting inclusivity and respect both on and off the pitch.” We invite you to join us and demonstrate the true essence of soccer, we kindly request. We firmly oppose any kind of discrimination.

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16 minutes before the start: Here’s the view from State Farm Stadium.

¡CHU-LA-DA! 🤩 🏟️ La panorámica del State Farm a minutos de arrancar el #ChoqueDeGigantes por @MiCanal5 🇺🇸🔥🇲🇽 📹: @TonoQuiroga

The USA and Mexico have announced their collaboration in submitting a bid for the hosting rights of the 2027 FIFA Women’s World Cup on a day filled with rivalry, only 24 minutes before the kickoff.

As per the Mexican federation, the venue is anticipated to be revealed in May 2024.

Together for 2027. 🇺🇸🇲🇽 The United States and Mexico will bid to host @FIFAWWC 2027 🏆

Commemorating his birthday today is Carlos Acevedo, the starting goalkeeper for Mexico, just 29 minutes away from the start of the game. Let’s find out if the USA fulfill his 27th birthday wish.

We have a matchday birthday! 🥳⚽️🙌🏼 Have an amazing day on and off the 🥅, @AcevedoCarlos9. 😉🎉🎂#LaSelecciónEsDeTodos

This evening, Diego Cocca is coaching with his job on the line. The Mexican national team recently appointed him. This is indicative of the current situation of the team, as a reliable source is raising doubts, just 38 minutes before the start of the game.

¡México ya está en el State Farm Stadium para enfrentar a Estados Unidos! 🏟 ¿El futuro de Diego Cocca está en juego? 🧐

Roberto de la Rosa takes the lead for the Mexican start-up, while Brandon Vazquez represents the USA. There are no unexpected choices from either team as the lineups are announced, with just 60 minutes remaining until kickoff.

The @Allstate Continental Clásico Starting XI. 🇺🇸

Así salen 🇺🇸 y 🇲🇽…@FOXSportsMX

Wynder, along with 17-year-old defender Joshua, was included in the roster for the game. Anthony Hudson, who provided the latest updates on the U.S. Team, announced this during the pregame press conference two hours before kickoff.

MORE: Full USA lineup for exhibition match against Mexico.

Lineups for the US Men’s National Team vs Mexico

Paxton Pomykal is the only player who has been called upon to step in, as Cristian Roldan and Paul Arriola were initially selected but had to pull out due to injuries. Sergino Dest, who is comfortable using both feet, will be playing in an unfamiliar left back position, as there is only one natural left back in the squad, 18-year-old Caleb Wiley.

Johnson (Goalkeeper) — Yedlin (Right Back), Zimmerman (Center Back), Long (Center Back), Dest (Left Back) — Sands (Defensive Midfielder), Acosta (Defensive Midfielder) — Morris (Right Winger), Ferreira (Attacking Midfielder), Cowell (Left Winger) — Vazquez (Striker): The USA’s starting lineup (4-2-3-1).

12. Roman Celentano (Goalkeeper), 20. Drake Callender (Goalkeeper), 4. Matt Miazga, 7. Paxton Pomykal, 8. Jackson Yueill, 10. Alan Sonora, 11. Aidan Morris, 15. Caleb Wiley, 16. Julian Gressel, 18. Shaq Moore, 21. Josh Wynder: Substitutes (11) for the USA.

Diego Cocca, the manager of La De Rosa, decided not to give the starting position to Javier Hernandez “Chicharito” and instead chose to start both Roberto and Ivan Lopez, the 23-year-old forwards from Toluca, on the bench. Julian Araujo, who was born in California and plays as a right-back for Barcelona FC, will be starting in the back position for Pachuca.

In the starting lineup for Mexico (5-2-3), Alexis Vega is number 10, Roberto De La Rosa is number 9, Uriel Antuna is number 7, and Luis Chavez is number 24. Erick Sanchez is number 6, Jesus Gallardo is number 23, Victor Guzman is number 14, Nestor Araujo is number 2, Israel Reyes is number 3, and Julian Araujo is the goalkeeper, wearing the number 1 jersey.

Mexico has a total of 12 substitutes, including Rodriguez Antonio Jose as the goalkeeper wearing jersey number 12, Malagon Angel Luis as the goalkeeper wearing jersey number 13, Sepulveda Gilberto wearing jersey number 4, Campos Omar wearing jersey number 19, Alvarez Kevin wearing jersey number 5, Cervantes Alan wearing jersey number 15, Beltran Fernando ‘Nene’ wearing jersey number 16, Rocha Aldo wearing jersey number 26, Rodriguez Carlos ‘Charly’ wearing jersey number 8, Herrera Ozziel wearing jersey number 11, Alvarez Efrain wearing jersey number 20, and Lopez Ivan Edgar wearing jersey number 25.

MORE: US Men’s National Team updates their schedule for 2023.

Live streaming of USA vs Mexico, television network

  • Date: Wednesday, April 19th.
  • Time: 10 p.M. Eastern Time (kickoff at 10:22 p.M. Eastern Time).
  • Television channels: TBS, Telemundo, Universo.
  • Streaming: Fubo, HBO Max, Peacock, Telemundo Deportes en Vivo, Watch TBS, Universo NOW.
  • The game will be broadcasted in the United States on TBS in English and both Telemundo and Universo in Spanish.

    All three channels can be streamed on Fubo, which offers a free trial for new users.

    Authenticated users (those with cable, satellite, or telco packages) can access TBS, Telemundo Deportes en Vivo, Peacock, and Universo Now.

    Additionally, HBO Max subscribers can enjoy an English-language stream, while Peacock subscribers have access to a Spanish-language stream.

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