UFO spotted in Las Vegas or just a meteor?

The family from Las Vegas claimed that they spotted non-human creatures in their backyard after a mysterious crash, followed by a green flash of light in the sky on April 30th. They called 911 soon after and the rushed cops are being investigated to identify the green flash of light.

The news reported by Fox is actually not a joke, I swear. They are not human, I can guarantee you 100%. The caller told the 911 dispatcher in an audio recording that there were large creatures in his backyard who are definitely not human.

The person making the call included that the entity is observing us and possesses large eyes, while another one is located internally. Furthermore, we observe the presence of a tall individual standing next to it, approximately eight feet in height. Additionally, we are equipped with substantial equipment. Suddenly, we hear numerous footsteps in close proximity, and we experience a sensation of energy. As it descends, there is a significant forceful impact accompanied by illuminating lights. In our peripheral vision, we catch sight of an object descending from the sky.

The man specifically informed the 911 operator that “It possesses large eyes and it is observing us.”

The police officers, particularly those who went to the scene, noted that they saw the same thing as others who had met and stated it on online shared footage.

Officer, Lindley Johnson from NASA’s Planetary Defense, stated in an interview with Vice’s media outlet Motherboard that the observed green fireball was most likely a meteor of smaller size, measuring less than a meter, and not a UFO.

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However, NASA did not mention the incident at all.

Johnson explains that the reason for that is because the Database (CNEOS) for Near Earth Object Studies Center of NASA only includes records of objects that are one meter in size or larger. He adds that these objects are considered asteroids rather than meteors due to their significant size.


Sometimes, they can even be seen during the day. Meteoroids are objects in space that range in size from small asteroids to grains of dust, and occasionally, they enter the Earth’s atmosphere at a very high speed, resulting in a large release of light called a “shooting star” or “fireballs”.

In April, one such meteor actually collided with the Earth and detonated in Israel, with a luminous fireball observable during daylight.

Have extraterrestrial beings visited the planet Earth?

What raised the question was the incident that happened on April 30th in the backyard of the Vegas family, where the NASA official Johnson claimed that the flash of light was simply a meteor.

The police in Las Vegas found the credible testimonies of the witnesses and stated that it was unlikely to be a hoax.

Did a unidentified flying object land? Were extraterrestrial beings now walking through Las Vegas?

The Las Vegas police said that they did not find any aliens in a manhunt after the UFO crash report, but they hope to do so in the future, as Area 51 is located near the city.

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