U.S. recovered non-human ‘biologics’ from UFO crash sites, former intel official says

On Wednesday, during the much-awaited congressional hearing on unidentified flying objects (UFOs), three veterans from the military gave their testimonies. Among them was a former intelligence officer from the Air Force, who asserted that the U.S. Government has been engaging in a covert program for several decades, aimed at reverse engineering the recovered spacecraft. Additionally, he disclosed that the U.S. Has obtained non-human “biologics” from sites where alleged crashes have occurred.

The discussion centered on improving the processes for reporting unidentified aerial phenomena (UAPs), which refers to anomalous sightings in both water and air, rather than the term “UFOs” used by the military. The topic of little green men also came up.

There are also calls to investigate government programs and ensure oversight to remove the stigma for aviators who investigate UAP sightings and ensure oversight of government programs.

Maj. David Grusch, a former whistleblower who transitioned from being involved in the Pentagon’s UAP Task Force to testifying before the House Oversight Committee’s national security subcommittee, revealed that he was denied entry to certain government UFO initiatives. However, he confidently claims to possess knowledge of the precise whereabouts of UAPs in U.S. Possession.

You can view the proceedings here:.

Many sightings of birds and airborne debris, drones, and weather balloons have been reported by pedestrians, but there is a significant amount of unexplained information about encounters with aircraft. This trove of information has been shared by military and federal agencies under political pressure and in response to public interest.

On Wednesday, Susan Gough, a spokesperson for the Department of Defense, issued a statement saying that the Pentagon’s inquiries have not yielded any verifiable information to substantiate claims regarding the existence or past existence of programs involving the reverse-engineering or possession of extraterrestrial materials.

“According to individuals who have firsthand information about the [UAP] initiative that I conversed with and who are presently involved in the initiative, that was their evaluation,” additionally, Grusch claimed that the United States has obtained biological material of “otherworldly” origin from the pilots of the vehicles.

Although he abstained from revealing any additional information during the public hearing, Grusch proposed to divulge the specifics in a private setting.

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Within his position within the UAP task force, Grusch stated that his viewpoints are founded upon the testimonies of more than 40 individuals he conducted interviews with during a span of four years, and he has not personally encountered any extraterrestrial crafts or extraterrestrial beings.

Grusch stated, “There has been a deliberate effort to conceal the trove of evidence from Congress, which includes classified oral testimony, official documentation, and compelling photographic evidence. Many individuals who have provided this information have a longstanding record of service and legitimacy, which forms the basis of my testimony.”

During the hearing, Grusch evaded lawmakers’ questions several times by deflecting and only providing elaborate answers in a sensitive compartmented information facility (SCIF). If he was asked whether anyone had been murdered to cover up information about “extraterrestrial technology” and if the government had any contact with aliens, he included instances related to those.

As he stepped forward, there have been moments when he felt concerned about his safety and has experienced acts of “administrative terrorism,” alongside a number of his coworkers, as recounted by the ex-intelligence agent to the committee.

He said, “It personally and professionally hurts me that they used some of those tactics. It is a very unfortunate and very brutal situation. Currently, there is an open investigation into the matter,” he added.

UFO sightings are not uncommon or isolated

The subcommittee also heard testimony from retired Cmdr. David Fravor, an ex-Navy fighter pilot, about their alleged encounters with unexplained aircraft origins. Ryan Graves, another former Navy pilot, also provided his account.

Grave asserted that despite the strong winds of a hurricane, the unidentified aerial phenomenon (UAP) was able to stay in one place. He described the aircraft as unique, estimating its size to be between five and 15 feet in diameter. Grave specifically mentioned that the aircraft had a distinct appearance, resembling a “dark gray or black cube enclosed within a transparent sphere.” He shared an account of encountering such an aircraft while piloting an F-18 in 2014 near Virginia Beach.

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He informed lawmakers that he did not receive an official acknowledgment of the incident, but he did submit a safety report to his squadron at that time. According to the former pilot, encounters with unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP) were not isolated or rare in that region.

“Are executing maneuvers that are inexplicable given our present comprehension of our technology and our capacities as a nation.” He expressed that the entities that are allegedly being observed by military and commercial pilots, Graves has subsequently established Americans for Safe Aerospace, an organization that backs aviators who have documented UAPs.

He said, “If all individuals were given the chance to witness the sensor and video data that I personally witnessed, the conversation within our country would experience a significant change.”

“Amazing technology” unlike anything we possess

In the year 2020, the Pentagon made the video available to the general public. A former Navy commander, David Fravor, presented his own unsettling recollection of a UAP sighting that was recorded on video in 2004 to the committee.

Fravor described being flabbergasted when he saw a white “Tic Tac”-shaped flying object emerge over the coast of San Diego, California, while serving with three other members.

“He mentioned that the UAP did not have any rotors, rotor wash, or visible flight control surfaces such as wings.”

“Without causing any noticeable disturbance, the unidentified object swiftly gained speed and vanished directly in front of our airplane,” while he and the other aviators attempted to approach the enigmatic vessel.

Fravor expressed, “The technology was extraordinary. We don’t have anything comparable to it. However, the technology we encountered, as witnessed by four individuals, was significantly more advanced than anything we possessed.”

“Nothing was accomplished,” he stated, and even so, numerous years prior to any authorities investigating the remarkable occurrences of that day, Fravor expressed it.

Audible astonishments emanating from the crowded area

The eagerly awaited hearing was accessible to the general public; individuals waited for hours to secure a position for the hearing.

The 22-year-old from New York City, who requested anonymity due to the lingering societal stigma, revealed to NPR that he had intended to participate in the event, fully aware of its potential historical significance.

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Fravor and Graves, who have had long military careers, watched as other spectators, around 100 in number, observed in awe from an overflowing room.

Out of context, he said, their stories “sound fantastical” but given the credentials of all three witnesses, he said he’s a believer.

And he was not the sole individual.

The man stated that when Grusch later discussed the personal revenge he experienced, there was a comparable reaction. “While Grusch was addressing non-human biologics,” he remarked, “there was certainly an audible gasp, and everyone was undeniably taken aback.”

Why at this moment?

Asserting that they are a question of national security, the hearing represents the most recent effort by Congress to compel intelligence agencies to be more forthcoming regarding Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAPs).

Democratic Representative Robert Garcia of California expressed, “The greater our comprehension, the safer we will become. Instead of discouraging it, we should promote further coverage on UAPs. It is crucial to acknowledge that UAPs could potentially endanger our military and civilian aircraft, regardless of their nature.”

Fravor, Graves, and Grusch echoed similar sentiments, saying that they would like to see a centralized reporting system that is “transparent and safe,” encouraging others to step forward and eliminate the stigma towards public discourse, with the hope that more men will join.

Graves, the former Navy pilot, approximates that merely approximately 5% of UAP observations are officially reported to the All-Domain Anomaly Resolution Office and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.

Graves expressed, “It is well past the expected time. The citizens of America are entitled to be informed about the events occurring in our atmosphere. Unidentified objects are a matter of worry regarding the safety of flights in any scenario. If it pertains to something different, it becomes a matter for scientific investigation. In the case of UAP being foreign drones, it becomes an immediate concern for national security. I strongly encourage us to set aside any negative associations and tackle the security and safety concern that this subject embodies.”

Since its establishment in the previous summer, the All-Domain Anomaly Resolution Office has received 366 reports of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAPs).

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