Twister that devastated Houston suburbs rated at least EF-3

A tornado, rated at least EF-3, ripped through the suburbs of Deer Park and Pasadena in southeast Houston, according to officials.

The National Weather Service office in Houston issued an extremely dangerous tornado warning around 2:30 p.M. The officials described it as a “large” tornado, and radar showed debris being thrown into the air after the twister was first detected, which prompted the emergency tornado alert.


The path of devastation, stretching around 18 miles, was created by a tornado boasting winds reaching a maximum speed of 144 mph. According to officials, the severity of the tornado was upgraded to an EF-3 after conducting further surveys on Wednesday afternoon. Earlier on Wednesday morning, the NWS stated that the tornado had been classified as at least an EF-2 on the Enhanced Fujita Scale, based on assessments made by surveying teams.

A spokesman for the Pasadena Police Department stated that there has been significant destruction to structures on the southeastern part of the town. Among the areas most affected was Pasadena. No injuries have been reported, however, numerous calls to 911 have been made and authorities are commencing their search for damaged buildings.

Around 70 additional animals were relocated to another facility in order to provide them with shelter. Authorities reported that a few canines at the shelter sustained injuries and are currently receiving medical attention. The animal shelter in the city suffered considerable harm.

During a live news conference broadcasted by FOX 26 Houston, Pasadena Police Chief Josh Bruegger characterized the damage in the city as “catastrophic.”

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“In my 25 years here, this is perhaps the most severe destruction I’ve witnessed,” Bruegger stated.

Observe the destruction caused by storms in the Houston region.

Several natural gas leaks have also been reported, and two locomotives were reportedly derailed. A storm spotter has reported lots of damage to vehicles, buildings, power lines, and trees in the area. The town of Deer Park, located just northeast of Pasadena, has also sustained damage. It also appears that the town of Deer has sustained damage from the tornado.

When the tornado struck, employees at a childcare center in Deer Park informed FOX 26 Houston that they had to relocate the children to a secure location.

Worker one said, “They were frightened.” “We quickly caused a panic and everyone tried to get to safety. They were a little scared, but we spoke to them and calmed them down. After that, everyone was pretty much okay.”

During their survey, NWS officials noted that high-tension electrical towers, which were flattened by the leading EF-3 twister, were found.


The EF Scale, which is currently employed, rates tornado damage before the Fujita Scale. Harris County has experienced a total of eight F-3 tornadoes since 1950. Harris County, situated in Houston, is the location of the first recorded EF-3 tornado. In 2015, the Houston area witnessed an EF-2 tornado, making it the most powerful tornado.

The NWS verified two more tornadoes in the Houston region on Tuesday. The town of Needville marked the starting point of one tornado, which then moved towards Thompsons, located just outside Houston. The EF-3 tornado, generated by the same storm, also gave rise to the other tornado, which originated in Pearland, a suburb of Houston. Both of these extra tornadoes were classified as EF-0.

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As per the NWS, a horse sustained injuries caused by debris. In Liberty County, near the Jefferson County line, a residence suffered damage to its roof and windows due to an EF-2 tornado, which has also been verified.

Severe thunderstorms emerged throughout the Southern region due to the tornado-inducing weather brought about by a potent winter storm, resulting in a wide area of the United States being covered in snow.

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