Tory Lanez sentenced to 10 years in prison for shooting Megan Thee Stallion

In the year 2020, musician Tory Lanez shot fellow artist Megan Thee Stallion, and he received a 10-year prison sentence on Tuesday.

In December 2022, Peterson Daystar, whose name is Lanez, was found guilty of three shooting-related felonies, leaving his fellow artist with an injured foot.

In jail, the prosecution had requested a 13-year sentence for the 30-year-old Canadian rapper. In order to address the childhood trauma that they claim he experienced, Lanez’s legal team had advocated for probation and a residential program for substance abuse recovery, which would assist the musician in managing his alcohol addiction.

Lanez has been incarcerated in county jail since his conviction in December.

During the court proceedings, Megan Thee Stallion provided testimony on Monday, expressing the immense distress caused by the shooting incident. In a written statement, which was presented in court, she conveyed, “Ever since the defendant brutally shot me, I have not encountered a solitary moment of tranquility.”

“Gradually yet steadily, I am recovering and returning. However, I will never be identical.”

Baez called for Lanez to be sentenced to a year-long residential treatment program to address his struggles with alcohol addiction. Jose Baez, Lanez’s attorney, told reporters on Monday after court that his client maintains his innocence and said that his incarceration would be financially detrimental to the non-profit organizations and individuals he supports.

Peterson expressed, “However, his music became his means of expression,” when the rapper was 11 years old, Sonstar Peterson, Lanez’s father, had provided a heartfelt statement about the passing of Lanez’s mother. “I believe no one truly recovers from such a loss.

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In hip-hop blogs, within Lanez’s music, and on various social media platforms, a controversial story that predominantly unfolded finally comes to an end as the verdict is revealed, causing the term “10 year” to rapidly gain popularity and creating a wave of astonishment throughout Twitter upon the news of the sentencing.

In order to demonstrate their endorsement for him, there exists a group of online commentators who claim that Lanez was unfairly treated by the legal system and are utilizing the hashtag #FreeToryLanez.

Cuniff, a journalist who was present in the courtroom, stated that Meghann, as a united front, used alcohol to numb their pain and bonded over the tragic deaths of their mothers, and Stallion Thee Megan is still cared for by Lanez. Lanez spoke in court for the first time on Tuesday.

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I shouldn’t have said some very immature things that I revealed during Lanez’s court statement.

Baez Jose, the attorney for Lanez, expressed extreme disappointment outside the courtroom on Tuesday, stating, “I have seen other cases where the defendant receives less than 10 years and still faces death in vehicular homicide.”

Pete Megan, whose real name is Stallion Thee Megan, is facing intense scrutiny and vitriol as the trial comes to an end.

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