Today’s Dylan Dreyer’s heartwarming insight into family life with husband and three children

Dylan discussed how her children, who are incredibly charming in the video provided, have influenced her artistic process and whether she plans to expand her family in the future while promoting her book Misty the Cloud: Friends Through Rain or Shine.

WATCH: Dylan Dreyer captures the most adorable bond between her kids within her household.

I think I’ve really maxed out now, because kids love everything. She said with a chuckle that I wish I had started admitting before kids started.

I also found more patience after becoming a mom, and I love fostering their ideas. Being a mom is the best. I never thought I would love it as much as I do.

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Currently, we feel just right with three of us. I grew up with my husband and two brothers. We have always wanted three children, and we decided to have them when we could. She explained that the number three also holds a special place in both our hearts and Dylan’s.

Dylan claims that she has reached her limit when it comes to having any more children.

Brian and Dylan certainly have their hands full with parenting, as they have six children – Calvin, Oliver, and Rusty.

“We now have everything and he feels complete and satisfied. Both of us had a twinge of wanting a third child. I thought I would never feel something complete for us again, but after Oliver, I added, we did.”

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However, she confesses that it wasn’t always part of the plan for her and Brian. Just one glance at Dylan’s Instagram profile and you would be persuaded that she was destined to be a mother.

Dylan and Brian recently commemorated a decade of being married.

“It kind of dawned on both of us, and then all of a sudden we were like ‘let’s start a family’. The two of us clearly adore it,” she expressed regarding herself and her spouse of a decade. “We resided in New York City, exploring whenever we desired, pursuing whatever we pleased. We never considered wanting children.”

Ironically, Dylan’s books for children were created before she had even become a parent.

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Dylan admitted, “I never really considered a book for kids either. However, it originated from one of those moments when my spouse and I create whimsical tales. We were aboard an airplane when we envisioned our luggage embarking on a journey side by side.”

Dylan’s latest publication was released in the previous year.

The weather and the way you feel are parallel in a strange way. Emotions and clouds work together, creating a sort of weirdness. As a meteorologist, this was the perfect situation for me. “What are you making it about, the clouds?” My husband then asked.

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“He and I began brainstorming ideas for narratives about a realm made of clouds and it simply evolved from that point.”

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Dylan adores their creation and desires that others experience the same sentiment.

Dylan claims that becoming a mother has increased her level of patience.

“I believe it’s an adorable tale about finding middle ground and camaraderie, and one cannot always have things go according to their desires,” expressed the adored television celebrity. “In my opinion, this surpasses the initial one.”

“When you get a rainbow, it brightens your day and brings along beautiful little things for you to enjoy.”

“I love bringing the science into the story and letting kids learn about the weather. Hopefully everyone who reads it enjoys it.”.

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