Todas las canciones del Mundial Qatar 2022 (Actualizamos)

The World Cup is one of the most important sporting events in the world, where representatives from 32 different countries participate as teams. It has been a tradition for many years to have a select number of songs serving as the soundtrack for this football event. The FIFA Men’s World Cup, which started in November 2022 in Qatar, is one of the most significant sporting events in the world.

1998 saw the arrival of Martin’s “Copa de la Vida” on the 100 Hot Billboard chart, while in July 2010, “Waka Waka” reached No. 38 on the same chart, thanks to its popularity as the anthem for the World Cup in Africa and its appeal to football fans. “Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)” by Shakira and “Vida Copa La” by Ricky Martin, the official theme of the event in France, have become known as the “Cup Songs.”

Varias canciones han sido lanzadas hasta el momento, todas merecen ser mencionadas, pero algunas forman parte de la lista oficial de la FIFA y están vinculadas a la Copa Mundial de este año.

The FIFA introduced the initial single, titled “Hayya Hayya (Better Together),” from the official soundtrack in April. The positive theme, featuring Trinidad Cardona, Davido, and Aisha, incorporates elements of R&B and reggae. After four months, the football federation unveiled a second track, “Arhbo,” with the participation of Puerto Rican sensation Ozuna and the French Congolese rapper Gims. “Arhbo” is a term derived from the local slang in Qatar, meaning “welcome,” originating from the Arabic word “Marhaba.” For the very first time, the tournament’s soundtrack will showcase a compilation of songs by international artists, exemplifying a wide range of musical genres from across the globe and setting the stage for a truly global celebration, as stated by FIFA.

1. “Hayya “Arhbo” Hayya (Stronger United)”

“As part of FIFA’s renewed musical strategy, the soundtrack composed of multiple songs will bring passionate fans closer to the spirit of the FIFA World Cup like never before,” said FIFA’s Chief Commercial Officer, Kay Madati. “By bringing together voices from the Americas, Africa, and the Middle East, this song symbolizes how music and soccer can unite the world.” The upbeat theme, featuring Trinidad Cardona, Davido, and Aisha, combines R&B and reggae. In April, FIFA released the first single from the official soundtrack, “Hayya Hayya (Better Together)”.

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2 “Arhbo”

“Welcome home!” We say, “welcome, and to all those who sincerely want to come, to all those who come, right? To all those who come, and all those who sincerely want to come, ‘home is where the heart is’, They say ‘home is where the heart is’, and for that moment they are at home. They say ‘welcome, welcome home, it says it all”, affirmed the Puerto Rican star in a statement. “Whatever journey everyone was on, it brought them here, to this moment, Arhbo is a local slang word that means ‘welcome’ in Qatar and comes from the Arabic word ‘Marhaba’. “I think ‘welcome, welcome home, it says it all”, by Ozuna and Gims, which made its debut during the summer. Arhbo is a local slang word that means ‘welcome’ in Qatar and comes from the Arabic word ‘Marhaba’. The second single from the official soundtrack that was released was ‘Arhbo’, which made its debut during the summer.

3 “Ulayeh”

In the world of doubt, even when everything seems to be given about, both artists sing about this motivational theme at the right time for the World Cup, and they turned to the Moroccan artist Nouamane Belaiachi for an Arab-Hispanic collaboration called “Ulayeh”, alongside Sebastián Yatra.

My heart is already beating for my selection, let the party of football begin and the ball rolls. On social networks, they wrote about the emotions that arrive at the field in every match, where we put our whole love with the rhythm of our emotions for the 2022 Qatar World Cup with this song. “Qatar Let’s Go” is an incredible and enormous emotion that we present to all nations as part of this party. This enthusiastic theme gives encouragement to their song, with Mexico being one of the participating countries in the event. “Qatar Let’s Go” is the official song of the World Cup, released by the Mexican supergroup Los Bukis, who reunited after separating in 1996.

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5 “Airport”

Camilo, the Colombian artist, expressed his gratitude for the millions of people who appreciate his music. He shared that as a soccer fan since childhood, it was truly enjoyable and meaningful for him to modify the lyrics of ‘Aeropuerto’ to capture the exhilaration and fervor experienced by all when witnessing their teams’ wholehearted efforts. This revised version has now become the official anthem for the network’s coverage of the World Cup. Additionally, the song is included in Camilo’s latest album, ‘De Adentro Pa’ Afuera’. In collaboration with Telemundo Deportes, Camilo successfully transformed his song to align with the sporting event.

6 “Illuminate the Sky”

FIFA’s entertainment executive and music producer RedOne affirms, “This is an inspiring melody rooted in the Middle East. It is also suitable for the inaugural female referees in a FIFA World Cup to be involved in this release that will resonate with football and music enthusiasts of all generations.” “Illuminate the Sky” is the most recent collaboration with Emirati vocalist Balqees, Moroccan-Canadian sensation Nora Fatehi, Iraqi superstar Rahma Riad, and award-winning Moroccan singer-songwriter Manal. This tune is the newest addition to the official FIFA soundtrack. “‘Illuminate the Sky’ instructs us to ‘shout if you’re with me’ and encapsulates the essence of communal celebration of the FIFA World Cup. A stimulating message at the threshold of an innovative tournament filled with unprecedented accomplishments,” RedOne declares.

7 “Tukoh Taka”

At the inauguration of the FIFA Fan Festival in Doha, the Colombian artist Maluma and Fares Myriam performed live for the first time, singing the FIFA World Cup’s official song “Taka Tukoh” in Arabic and Spanish lyrics. This catchy and new song, produced by Gordo Massari and Skillz-N-Play, captures the exciting rhythm and restless excitement leading up to the start of the 2022 Qatar World Cup. Nicki Minaj also joined Fares Myriam and Maluma in launching this contagious and captivating song.

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8 “Where I Was Born”

The 2022 World Cup has adopted “born where,” an emotional anthem launched by Vera Johann, an Ecuadorian pop singer, to support his country’s national football team. “Since I started my career, I have always had a strong connection to my flag and my country,” said Vera to Billboard. “I wanted to give a gift to my country, and working on ‘born where’ on my own was a way to bring joy and positivity to my country through this song, which will be present in the World Cup.”

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