Tiger Woods’ ex-girlfriend Erica Herman drops $30M lawsuit against his estate

According to court documents obtained after New York, the former girlfriend of Tiger Woods, the 15-time major champion, has dropped a $30 million lawsuit against his estate.

Erica Herman’s lawsuit, which was filed on June 29th and is currently pending appeal, requires her to abide by the agreement she supposedly signed in 2017, which is a nondisclosure agreement related to the woods.

As per the New York Post, “the document stated, ‘Erica Herman, the Plaintiff, through her appointed legal representative, hereby withdraws her Complaint, filed on October 26, 2022, without any limitations, until the appeal in Herman v. Woods is resolved and a decision is made on whether her allegations are eligible for arbitration.'”

Woods wrongly claimed that she was using it against her, stating that she was citing a federal law that prevents instances of sexual harassment and assault in the enforcement of NDAs.

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  • Elizabeth Metzger, a Circuit Judge, rejected Herman May’s allegations, stating that they were “vague and unsubstantiated.” Herman did not provide any specific factual details regarding her claims of harassment or sexual assault.

    The attorneys stated that they have appealed Herman’s ruling on the dropped lawsuit, and Woods, who denied Herman’s sexual harassment accusations, has not commented.

    Due to a foot injury, Woods, 47, has not participated in a PGA Tour tournament since pulling out from the Masters in April and will not be competing in this week’s Open Championship at Royal Liverpool.

    She alleges that she was tricked into going on a short vacation and when she arrived at the airport, the agents told her that she would not be allowed to return to her “residence” and that she had been locked out. Herman allegedly promised the golfer that she would not have to pay the cost of renting a property like Woods’ beachfront mansion in Palm Beach for six years, and she is basing her $30 million claim in her unlawful eviction lawsuit against the trust.

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    Herman and Woods also disagree on the start of their romantic relationship and living together.

    Herman stated that the relationship commenced in 2015, and by late 2016, she relocated to Woods’ opulent mansion spanning almost 30,000 square feet in the affluent Hobe Sound community. Woods verbally assured her that she could reside there for a minimum of 11 additional years in 2017. Furthermore, he exerted pressure on her in 2020 to resign from her job, enabling her to dedicate more time to attending to his and his children’s needs.

    Woods said that he created an entity, the Irrevocable Homestead Trust, and put the mansion into it on Jupiter Island, which has only him and his children as beneficiaries. He also mentioned that she moved in with him around August, when the disputed NDA was signed, and their relationship started in March 2017.

    In her lawsuit, Herman requested that Metzger either invalidate the NDA or provide her with guidance on what she can publicly disclose regarding her relationship with Woods. According to Herman, if she did not sign the 2017 NDA, Woods threatened to terminate her employment. She also alleged that Woods had managed his Palm Beach County restaurant while they were in a relationship.

    Data from The Associated Press was utilized in this report.

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