There’s a Special Significance to Thor’s Weird Shirt in ‘Thor: Love & Thunder’

It is surprising how significant and impactful the design of Thor’s shirt is. It gives us the clearest look at the new abstract design on the tank top, which is layered over a leather vest and paired with jeans. Thor has fully embraced this new look, resembling the god of thunder himself. However, before the release of Thunder and Love on July 8th, Thor acquired some new clothes for himself.

image: Marvel

In this specific picture, if you tally up the circles, you’ll discover that there are nine of them, with one concealed by the vest. The upper portion with the red circle resembles the canopy of a tree, while the black section resembles the trunk of a tree with stylized roots. The shirt, set against a black and red backdrop, exhibits multiple white circles.

A tree adorned with nine symbols? That can only be Yggdrasil, the majestic World Tree, encompassing the Nine Realms!

Although there are some sources that claim it, Yggdrasil is commonly thought of as an ash tree. Yggdrasil, the name of the tree, means “Odin’s horse.” In common interpretations of Yggdrasil, Odin hangs himself from the tree in order to receive the wisdom of the runes. The branches and roots of Yggdrasil are arrayed around other worlds. There are six other worlds, including the land of the dead (Niflheim), the land of the giants (Jotunheim), and the realm of the gods (Asgard), extending from one of its roots. Yggdrasil is the home to nine worlds in Norse cosmology. According to the Eddas, Yggdrasil is a giant tree that holds the universe. The realms nine and the world tree are also a huge deal in Norse mythology. In the original Thor movie, Yggdrasil is mentioned.

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Do you see that you can learn some Marvel movie trivia by immersing yourself in highbrow cinema?

We have to thank Rubeo C. Mayes for incorporating Thor’s costume into it, although it’s unclear who exactly produced this exact design for Thor: Love and Thunder. The costume designer also incorporated the shape of Stormbreaker and the pattern of the Bifrost leaves on the ground into Thor’s shirt, along with a couple of other fun things.

What are the implications of this top tank in Thor: Love and Thunder? One thing is clear from the start: evidently, somebody in the MCU is offering excellent merchandise related to Asgard, which I can imagine. Could it be that they sell these shirts in a gift shop in New Asgard? It appears that the tourism industry is thriving for them, After all.

Now you have the opportunity to resemble him in appearance, despite not being able to witness Thor brandishing Stormbreaker until July 8. Numerous vendors on Etsy are providing these items as well, and Hot Topic is retailing a particular edition. I bring you fantastic tidings if you happen to reside outside the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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