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Be cautious when a repair shop informs you that your antique record player cannot be repaired! Please refer to the note below.

Update for 2023: I have returned to the internet and accepting repairs!

If you want to know what truly meaningful and remarkable life looks like, pay tribute to her outside and check it out. Due to the death of my beloved wife Adele, I had to take a break at the beginning of 2022.

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Please take a look at them – there are numerous recordings of her songs on the aforementioned website. In addition to her various other skills, she was an exceptional songwriter.

Please be grateful for the impact she has had on the world, if you value my service. Without her support and encouragement, Doc Turntable would have never existed as a business.

I am at a new spot in Chapel Hill. Please do not go to the previous location in Durham.

Three crucial points:

Can you still contact me for help and advice on how to improve? If there is someone near you who can help, I suggest reaching out to them and creating an account on the AudioKarma forum for turntables. However, if you live too far away, I understand if you cannot drive here. Currently, I am not accepting any turntables for repair. My repair business is located in Chapel Hill, NC, USA.

I will strive to reply promptly. Kindly reach out to me at turntabledoc@gmail.Com to arrange a service appointment. It is crucial to note that my repair shop operates exclusively on a scheduled basis and is located in my residence.

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Currently, it is not feasible. I have a strong passion for repairing turntables, but unfortunately, it takes longer than I would prefer for certain repairs. I do not rely on repairing turntables for my regular income, so I can charge very reasonable rates. In addition to my full-time job, I enjoy playing in a local 1970s dance band. However, repairing turntables is not my main gig.

In the past, they were constructed with durable materials. Nearly all of them can be repaired, but unfortunately, there are individuals spreading misinformation that their vintage player is unfixable. It annoys me to know that many professional repair technicians refuse to work on many of the devices I have successfully repaired. From top-of-the-line linear trackers to vintage mono tube suitcase players, I have fixed hundreds of turntables of various kinds. After my usual turntable repair specialist, Joel Thorner, passed away, I wholeheartedly committed to learning turntable repairs. This is my journey.

The all-plastic budget models, which are much more affordable than these turntables, are currently being sold. All of these turntables can regain their complete functionality without spending a fortune. Due to the resurgence of vinyl, many of them were stored away for years and are now being retrieved and cleaned. Even the reasonably priced ones were excellently designed, and a majority of them were sold in large quantities. They were manufactured from the late 1960s to the early 1980s, focusing on consumer-grade component turntables from Japan and Europe.

Note regarding alternative audio restoration shops:

I am hearing horror stories from customers who supposedly went to reputable audio shops to repair their vintage turntables and beyond. In my opinion, these people essentially lied. The recent case of the Technics Mk1 SP10 is a prime example. The customer brought it to the audio shop claiming that it had a bad motor. The truth is, they were either too lazy or incompetent to fix the issue. It’s either a blatant lie or a way to cover up their incompetence. When I replaced the electrolytic capacitors and fuse, the turntable started working again. If it wasn’t for this, I would have ditched this shop, as they recommended the customer to purchase new turntables instead. This is the equivalent of audio malpractice. Even if it means recommending a different technician, I will always shoot straight with customers about the effectiveness, cost, and feasibility of a repair. It’s a shame that some other shops can’t or won’t be straight with their customers. End of rant.

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I take pride in getting the best possible performance from your player. “I hear from all my customers all the time,” it has ever sounded. It doesn’t sound quite right if you just have a working turntable. I can make it sing again.

I’m trying to keep it under four, as I’ve been getting a lot more requests for repairs, which has increased the turnaround time for more involved repairs. If you have a simple issue like a bad stylus, missing belt, or need a cartridge, I can probably fix it while you wait. I keep a supply of common parts like styli, cartridges, and belts handy for this purpose.

You can expect a significantly more advantageous offer from me. I am aware of the prices that other stores demand for fixing DJ turntables such as the Technics SL-1200s, and I possess knowledge about them.

If you have a console player (such as a phonograph) in a piece of furniture, I may be able to help, but please see my page for more information. These are special cases.

You only have to pay for the necessary components. As long as it is not misused or stored incorrectly, I will assist in maintaining the functionality of your turntable when I provide servicing. I provide a complete warranty for the labor involved in the tasks I perform.

I typically have several reconditioned record players available for purchase, along with my complimentary lifetime service guarantee.

My objective is to assist you in relishing your records without going bankrupt.

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