The Roosevelt Inn Hotel Hell Update – Still Open in 2023?

The Roosevelt Inn was a hotel in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho that was showcased on Season 1 of Hotel Hell.

The Roosevelt Inn Hotel Hell episode aired in September 2012, but the filming and visit by Gordon Ramsay actually occurred much earlier in 2012.

It was Episode 6 of Season 1 of Hotel Hell.

The Roosevelt Inn Bed and Breakfast is situated in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

Positioned above the image is a sight – the inn is situated within a former educational edifice and possesses a remarkable vintage appearance.

John Hough, along with his wife Tina and daughter Lorien, is the proprietor.

John Hough The Roosevelt Inn owner

In a fascinating turn of events, John was actually one of the students at the Roosevelt Inn in the past.

John also serves as the cook at the eatery within the lodge.

Gordon dislikes the outside of the Roosevelt Inn and describes it as resembling a funeral home.

There is a unpleasant odor inside the structure emanating from the canines.

There are vintage photographs on the wall depicting the time when the inn used to be a schoolhouse.

Despite the room appearing outdated and old, Gordon is subsequently presented with a ballroom that underwent a costly renovation four years prior.

John, the proprietor, informs Gordon that they have only reached 20% occupancy.

Most of the time, the hotel isn’t crowded, so Gordon begins to understand why his room, which is both expensive and very pink, costs over $300 per night.

John warns Gordon that he has the potential to become aggressive if a visitor angers him and departs with resentment towards Gordon.

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Upon discovering a layer of dust covering every corner of the room, Gordon meets up with John and Tina.

Tina Hough The Roosevelt Inn owner

Tina informs Gordon that her spouse acquired the hotel without her approval.

After purchasing the inn for $700,000, they now owe a sum of over one million dollars.

Due to financial hardships, the family is currently residing in the attic of the inn.

John is too nonchalant about their problems, and the pair has begun seeking the help of a therapist.

The hotel holds a murder mystery event, and Gordon comes down to observe it.

The hotel organizes these kinds of homicide enigma occasions every month.

The hotel only earned $200 for the evening, and all the individuals who arrived were not lodging at the inn.

The Roosevelt Inn mystery event

Gordon advises John to prioritize and focus on making room reservations rather than performing.

I concur – even securing just one suite reservation would already generate more revenue than hosting the entire event.

The following day, Gordon dines at the restaurant.

There are other customers in the restaurant, and everyone dines from the same set menu.

There are numerous grievances regarding the meal. The prawn appetizer is excessively diluted, and the salmon is returned.

John prepares a poorly cooked egg for Gordon.

Gordon invites the proprietors to his room and informs them that he had to sleep on the sofa instead of the bed.

Additional visitors are in Gordon’s chamber and express their grievances to the proprietors.

They criticize the cuisine and express their refusal to ever stay at The Roosevelt Inn again.

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At the inn, things were this bad and John says he and Tina had no idea he is opening up his mind.

Every individual is provided with goggles, and a UV light is switched on, revealing bodily fluids on the beddings.

Tina starts weeping due to the severity of the situation.

The Roosevelt Inn dirty

Tina informs Gordon that they have a wedding planner, but the room is only used for two months, so he goes down to the ballroom.

Gordon meets with the wedding coordinator, and she mentions that the room’s decoration makes it difficult to market.

John and Tina engage in a profound discussion, and John confesses that he must make alterations.

Gordon is preparing a new menu that will feature homemade meals.

As a component of the renovations at The Roosevelt Inn, glassware was supplied for the dining section with a price tag surpassing $50,000.

Gordon finally reserved a wedding that evening as their reopening celebration.

The wedding was a triumph, with every room in the lodging reserved.

When Gordon departs, he embraces the Houghs and it appears that things are improving for the hotel.

Gordon Ramsay leaves The Roosevelt Inn

So, was the episode of Hotel Hell at Roosevelt Inn a success?

Continue reading our update to discover what occurred subsequently and whether the hotel remains operational in 2023 and beyond.

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