The Rock With Hair: Will Dwayne Johnson Ever Get His Hair Back?

Everybody knows that Dwayne Johnson got his superpowers when he entered the particle accelerator in Switzerland, but it was the negative side effect of hair loss that he didn’t keep from being named People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive in 2016. He absolutely rocked it!

For a laugh, continue scrolling (continue scrolling for a laugh) a turtleneck and a mischievous grin with his waist bag clutching Johnson of one notorious individual that we are discussing. Despite the absence of many photos featuring the iconic miss with Rock The Hair, this highly desired title remains.

Fans all over the world have been asking whether Johnson’s lack of hair is due to genetics or choice, and whether he can actually get his hair back. Trichologists from Health’s MCAN have analyzed pictures of the former WWE wrestler to establish their expert opinion, but they have contradictory claims about the actor’s hair.

In a tweet in 2017, Johnson, also known as ‘The Rock’, playfully explained his choice to be bald, addressing the ongoing speculation about his baldness. It is no wonder that Johnson, who is now considered the sexiest and most famous bald man alive, raises eyebrows with his distinctive signature look. Standing at an impressive 110KG and towering at 6’5, there is no questioning why Johnson is known as ‘The Rock’.

I love GIFs. I went bald because I’m not bald. My hair is a cross between a llama’s sack ball and an afro because I’m bald.

Rather, let’s concentrate on the underlying communication: he asserts that he shaved his head due to his dissatisfaction with his appearance. We are not interested in learning about Johnson’s acquisition of knowledge regarding a Lama’s testicles.

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Now, how does the aforementioned remark not contradict this alternative January 2021 Instagram publication?

At the conclusion of his post, we observe the subsequent words:

‘I might be lacking hair on my head, but I have some knowledge about it. Primarily because I desire to have it.’

In an amusing twist, we see Dwayne adorably untangling his daughter’s hair, as he is not just a businessman and wrestler, but also a hairdresser and actor. Interestingly, he appears absolutely terrified at the prospect of being a father to three little princesses.

What an extraordinary individual.

Is it even conceivable that a man like Rock The would lie about his baldness? But if Johnson truly chose to be bald, why does it matter to us why he would ever wish to be bald?

Dwayne Johnson at a Young Age

Let’s take a look at the earlier pictures of The Rock when he had just begun his career as a college football player for the Miami Hurricanes. We have to go back a couple of decades to unravel this little mystery further.

How did his hair look then? The Rock famously went on to pursue a career as a professional wrestler, and then he gave up football. What came next in 1995? Even though his hair density is complete in accordance with his age, we can already notice a slight recession in The Rock’s hair, back in the early 90s.

The Rock’s WWE Period

You are experiencing hair loss when circumstances do not improve. As a WWE wrestler, how does that contrast with his later years? Displaying indications of alopecia, he was barely 25 and already quite gifted. The Rock was never particularly well endowed, he can easily observe.

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At the age of 30, Dwayne Johnson was clearly experiencing hair loss, and it was happening rapidly on the front part of his head. Additionally, he was even experiencing thinning hair on the areas that indicate advanced recession, as demonstrated not only in the image mentioned above.

Why did The Rock not Rescue his Hair?

If Hamilton Lewis had undergone a hair transplantation procedure, like Elon Musk did, it could have effectively restored his hair. However, it seems that Hamilton Lewis did not opt for a hair transplant procedure to address his hair loss issue, which is why he ended up losing his hair.

So then why, Rock, why!?

Did he not have enough hair density for a FUE Hair Transplant? He could afford the best surgeons in the world, but Johnson had hair that was difficult to transplant because of its curly afro texture. Can you even remember what The Rock looked like with hair?

Nevertheless, we are not very lucky. Just like muscles, three men can join together and be as tall as you when they want to. It can be reasonably attractive. He made the choice to go bald: the only conclusion is that Johnson was honest in his claim.

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