The Return of Ryan Gosling

When Gosling was younger, it was often the case that many people would not expect to see independent movies. “You’re making the movie for yourselves, so,” he says. Someone had once given him advice: it’s just a job, it’s how it feels to you. “Does it matter if anyone else knows?” Says Gosling. “If I think it’s cool, it’s cool, but I realize that it feels like my job to other people, and I’ve done a lot of thinking about that, but that’s not really the point. The point is what other people do.”

Despite wearing a white hat, Ryan Gosling took on the role of a cartoon character in the movie “La La Land,” sporting jaunty outfits that kids and extras would wear. He spent his time on set, killing time and going nowhere with other people, surrounded by families and commuters with their luggage. As I watched this group of people on the platform at Union Station, I realized that he and I both wanted to do something we had never done before. We walked through the station and onto the Pacific Surfliner, a train winding along the coast of Los Angeles. Ryan Gosling, who shares a part in this journey with me, said, “I wanted to do something I had never done before, like auditions for child actors.” He grew up in Cornwall, Ontario, near Toronto.

“ ’Why are you still pondering over that?’ ”, I’m thinking, ‘and then 40 minutes later, he’ll approach me and say, ‘You know when I mentioned that? I’m just clarifying that what I intended to convey was, blah blah.’ Gosling, she states, will express as being “an overthinker.” Margot Robbie, who produced and stars in Barbie opposite Gosling, refers to him. He keeps his phone aside: “Four hours and 15 minutes.” He keeps his phone aside: “Four hours and 15 minutes.” It lasted a hundred hours on a train.” “I don’t want to begin glorifying myself. Gosling mentions, setting down the Starbucks cup with the name “Freddie” on it and taking out his phone. Actually: “Let me confirm it’s five hours from Cornwall,”

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Snacks are offered to him by the car taker when he comes to keep our ticket, and on the train, people just sort of bend toward him from unnatural angles, protruding their phones from other rows. But you know, he says Blunt, he likes to be more of a sleuth-y sleuth, macho than kind. He’s a very gentle and shy person, simply reserved somewhere in between. Despite not having played a violent man in any movies, he reminds you of the unconventional idol of matinee, Nick Cassavetes, who wasn’t exactly known for being a leading man. You can see what sort of person he is by the little creases around his merry eyes, and at 42, he’s wearing a workwear jacket and boots.

“What the fuck does that even mean? His job has been at the beach. Gosling says, “Ken got him” to the filmmakers and there wasn’t a lot of Ken before Gosling. Barbie, played by Robbie, plays the adoring doll that orbits Ken – an ironic opening homage to Kubrick’s 2001 and also introduces sophisticated gender politics and new generations of children who both honor and attempt to play with the ambitious blockbuster summer Barbie-In.”

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