The ‘New World Order’

The proponents of the New World Order conspiracy theory argue that a secretive and powerful cabal of elite figures, who wield great economic and political power, is conspiring to implement a global totalitarian government.

The concept of the ‘New World Order’ is linked to numerous significant global occurrences and emergencies. It is believed that this extensive and continuous plot is occurring clandestinely to manipulate the media, journalism, societal organizations, and democratic systems.

Associated Stories and Terminology


This claim posits that a global elite is attempting to exert control over civilians by manufacturing crises such as the COVID-19 pandemic. The conspiracy theorists argue that the “New World Order” is trying to implement a single world government.

Take a look at this altered rendition of the provided paragraph: Discover here, a chronological record of the expression in recent American history. Throughout the United States, amidst a surge in opposition to globalism, the origins of the contemporary notion of the “New World Order” conspiracy can be traced back to the mid-1900s. The presence of a privileged, covert establishment can be traced back to the 1800s, similarly suggested by theories opposing Freemasonry, the Illuminati, and other groups. Nevertheless, the conspiracy theory had been in existence well before the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The cluster of privileged individuals who are believed to be responsible for the execution of the ‘New World Order’ intersect with theories regarding the Illuminati, although not identical, theories regarding the ‘New World Order’.

The prominence and legacy of the contemporary pop culture and conspiratorial circles largely refers to the various shadowy goals of the hand on the other. The group itself was dissolved in 1787, leading conspiracy theorists to believe that the organization named Illuminati dates back to the 18th century. The Illuminists, a secular organization from Bavaria, aimed to free the world from political and religious authority. However, the conspiracy theory has exaggerated the power of the group.

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Association with radicalism

‘JWO’ for abbreviation, or ‘Jew World Order’, is often used to refer to the ‘New World Order’. These narratives often mix together various movements and groups. It is important to note that the claim that global conflicts and crises are orchestrated by elite Jewish banking families, such as the Rothschilds, is often integrated with anti-Semitic tropes. The theory has notably gained traction among right-wing extremist and militia movements.

Paramilitary activities

In the context of their anti-state narratives, they claim that the US federal government is collaborating with this shadowy elite in slowly restricting the individual freedoms and rights of American citizens, using increased restrictions around gun ownership as an example. They specifically refer to militias in relation to the New World Order.

Intersection with anti-Semitism

Other major events claimed to be manufactured by Jewish people include the Holocaust, which is a crisis that many conspiracy theories of the “New World Order” promote and deny on various outlets. Additionally, sites like Renegade Tribune are riddled with claims that further propagate antisemitism and conspiracy theories related to the “New World Order.” These narratives specifically target Jewish people, claiming that they have infiltrated every aspect of life, from governments and banking institutions to mosques and churches in order to control America. Dedicated sites like Real Jew News and World Jew Order are specifically focused on distributing antisemitic narratives, perpetuating the notion that Jewish people control major media and financial institutions around the world, incorporating long-established tropes and conspiracies about the “New World Order.”

  • Health emergencies, such as the COVID-19 outbreak.
  • Acts of terrorism, such as the Christchurch assault.
  • The drug trafficking and “war on drugs”, described as Jewish attempts to regulate the availability and demand of narcotics.
  • Worldwide occurrences, such as climate change.
  • The Jewish community is accused of perpetrating “White genocide” to facilitate extensive migration, with migration being described as a strategy employed by Jews to “invade” Christian countries. This is often linked with the concept of multiculturalism.
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    The text known as “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion” has been thoroughly discredited as a forgery and fabrication, referred to as an “antisemitic conspiracy theory” among the New World Order theorists, who claim that it contains minutes from late 19th-century meetings between Jewish leaders outlining their alleged plans for world domination. This narrative overwhelmingly targets high-profile Jewish individuals such as the Rothschild family and George Soros, using terms like “Jews” or “elite Jewish” to reinforce the conspiracy theories of controlling global agendas.

    Execution of the New Global Governance

    The following sentences are the inverted version of the paragraph: The conspiracy typically indicates a combination of the subsequent: even though there is no conclusive collection of assertions, proponents of the conspiracy. Is executing the ‘New World Order’? Therefore, how do conspiracy theorists believe this secretive group.

  • The United Nations (UN) – the UN is viewed as a platform through which this mysterious group operates.
  • Some proponents of the cabal theory claim that citizens are already enslaved to technology surveillance and the implanting of microchips – a method used to brainwash society. Mainstream media outlets may also refer to these narratives as part of the “Jewish control” propaganda, which can be seen as antisemitic within the context of the New World Order.
  • Conspiracy theorists assert that heightened regulations regarding firearm possession and the possible seizure of privately-held firearms are integral components of a broader scheme to suppress civilian populations, among other violations of personal liberties. Evidence supporting this scheme is observed in the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent implementation of societal constraints, along with other public emergencies, all of which are likewise alleged to be orchestrated by an enigmatic group known as the ‘New World Order’.
  • The Rothschild family, a prosperous banking family with Jewish roots, is often singled out by conspiracy theorists. These theorists argue that the Rothschilds have control over various institutions such as the City of London, the US Federal Reserve, and a significant portion of the mainstream media.
  • Bill Gates and George Soros have also faced allegations of being involved in this clandestine organization.
  • Conspiracy theorists have alleged that the Council of Foreign Relations and Trilateral Commission serve as platforms for enacting the ‘New World Order’. This clique is a faction of the global elite striving to establish a unified global governance, and the covert nature of their gatherings has fueled allegations. There is never any disclosure of meeting minutes or other subsequent actions, and the Bilderberg Group, consisting of politicians from North America and Europe who convene annually, is also a subject of conspiracy theories.
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    Additional Resources

    A Culture of Conspiracy – written by Michael Barkun, examines the past and path of significant conspiracy theories in the United States.

    Emilie de Keulenaar makes a digital data-based analysis of the conspiracy called ‘New World Order’ to address the dynamics of online misinformation from a dialogue-driven perspective, focusing on human rights and security monitoring.

    A Worldwide Government is Waiting in the Wings – by Hua HsuPresents a timeline of the ‘New World Order’ plot.

    The Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD) refers to the conspiracy theory of the ‘New World Order’ and the spreading of hateful stories against philanthropist George Soros in their report on Anti-Soros Conspiracies.

    The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has created a resource that summarizes the ideology and history of the Christian Identity Movement, which aims to promote a new world order.

    The Telegraph’s piece, “Conspiracy Theories Throughout History,” offers a comprehensive look at different conspiracy theories from the past and present, including the concept of the ‘New World Order’.

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