The Hunter Biden WhatsApp messages that make the Bidens the GOATs of corruption

The Bidens are at their best when it comes to accessing and exerting influence in selling. Indeed, the most accurate statement ever made by Hunter Biden may be regarding the scandalous corruption of the entire Biden family. The latest WhatsApp message from Hunter Biden, a Chinese businessman, could be the perfect epitaph for the Biden corruption scandal. It is unclear what exactly the Bidens are trying to achieve as Chairman.

James, Hunter’s uncle and a member of the Biden family, has faced frequent criticism for leveraging his connections to gain favors and benefits, ranging from nepotism to questionable business arrangements. As I previously explained years ago, the Biden family has a well-known history that sets them apart.

In a long favorite form of corruption, the Bidens have had their own class in Washington, while adding a key access to their family crest. It has been noted in one column that the Biden family has been peddling influence to a degree.

The media, with the aid of a plea deal for minor crimes and no prison sentence, played a significant role in suppressing information about the corruption scandal. In addition to allowing certain offenses to surpass the statute of limitations, the Justice Department seemed to be actively working towards undermining the scandal, as I mentioned before. The recent events of the past week have demonstrated the Bidens’ proficiency in this matter.


The Bidens have consistently denied the directness and clarity that it holds for the American people. The message to Gongwen (“Kevin”) Dong, an executive at CEFC China Energy, is undeniably clear and straightforward. Despite this, various political and media experts have attempted to justify the blatant influence peddling by disregarding the messages as the incoherent ramblings of a drug addict. Lately, they have made attempts to do so.

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Hunter said, “Kevin, I am tired of this.” “I can make $5 million from any American law firm. If you think it’s all about money. The best thing Chairman Biden wants from this partnership is exactly what he is doing. Let’s not quibble over peanuts, please.”

There are only a few truly significant issues in the great scheme of things. The Bidens were promised a lucrative opportunity in purchasing access to the Chinese market. The term “peanuts” is a suitable reference.

Hunter was equally explicit in these messages about the items he was offering. In another WhatsApp message, he purportedly mentioned:

I am sitting here with my father. I would like to understand why his commitment has not been fulfilled. I am sitting here with my father. I would like to resolve this tonight and inform the director before it gets out of hand. If I receive a text or call from anyone involved in this, whether it’s you, Zhang, or the chairman, I will not hold a grudge forever for not following my direction, and every person knows that he has the ability to make me certain about the next man sitting between him and me. I am sitting here waiting to call my father.

The Chinese allegedly dispatched the funds upon receipt of that threat, providing additional evidence of the Bidens’ proficiency in this matter.

When President Biden was asked whether he was involved in the message, he angrily yelled “No!” But the real power ends where the influence of sales is made, and elections are a means for acquiring that power. In this form of corruption, voters are far more forthcoming than customers, and the Bidens have nothing else to offer.

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Joe Biden’s involvement in a complex system of shielded payments is reported to include recent allegations of bribery. It appears that this system was designed to evade investigation and detection. The investigation reveals that his associates, including Hunter Biden, used bank accounts and numerous LLC corporations to funnel money. This raises questions about the extent of the Bidens’ involvement and their ethical standing.

“The Large Gentleman” prefers titles that companies utilize for referring to Joe Biden, but he does not use them to caution his associates. The emails also reveal references to Joe Biden receiving a 10 percent reduction in a Chinese deal. In addition, the use of code names for Joe Biden demonstrates his experience in this area.


The celebration in the city was a collective cottage industry where peddling influence was overwhelming, despite evidence of Hunter’s corruption in the back circulation. However, it was shocking for many to see Hunter wining and dining with the elite in Washington. This is why many people missed the point of Hunter Biden’s criminal plea after a state dinner.

Peanuts, indeed, are the GOATs who rest and exert influence. When it comes to the corruption of the Biden family, they are like the combined Reds of 1975 and Yankees of 1961. It is not something that belongs to the minor league.

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