The Fittest Woman on Earth has slowed down since getting pregnant. It will make her a better athlete, she says.

  • Tia-Clair Toomey-Orr, the CrossFit champion, is just a few weeks away from welcoming her first baby.
  • The six-time Fittest Woman on Earth shared with Insider how she has maintained an active and healthy lifestyle during her pregnancy.
  • Toomey-Orr has been emphasizing on movement and mentioned that her sumo squats are deeper than ever before.
  • Tia-Clair Toomey-Orr, the six-time Fittest Woman on Earth, expresses that exercising while expecting has enhanced her flexibility and skill, and she aspires to maintain this state even after becoming a mother.

    The Australian athlete, accompanied by her spouse and trainer, Shane Orr, is just a few weeks away from experiencing the joy of motherhood for the first time. Consequently, she has decided not to participate in this year’s competitions, despite her remarkable achievement of winning the CrossFit Games for six consecutive years.

    “During an exclusive interview, a person with insider knowledge informed Toomey-Orr, ‘Once it is prepared for release, provide us with subtle indications about the small child awaiting us at the final moments, and we truly are.'”

    In the grand scheme of things, her overall performance will actually be enhanced by taking a more measured approach and concentrating on proper form instead of striving for top velocity or heavy loads, and she has ensured to heed her body’s signals. Toomey-Orr, who is expected to give birth in May, has made significant adjustments to her training regimen — scaling back the intensity, duration, and resistance — and has remained physically active during her pregnancy.

    Orr-Toomey found it hard to know what her body and baby needed to stay healthy and happy, even though she learned a lot as she went past week 36 and feels more confident now.

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    Her main focus is experiencing joy and tranquility, and not overwhelming herself with commitments, which is a departure from her competitive days.

    I have always been busy, constantly trying to push myself and capitalize on my athletic abilities in every single minute of every single day. Since I found out I was pregnant, I have tried to take a minute to relax and not worry about the small things. I have even attempted to complete a 180-degree turn.

    Tia-Clair Toomey at the CrossFit Games in 2019.

    Maintaining proper hydration and consuming nutritious meals have become a paramount focus for the elite athlete ever since she became pregnant.

    Her pregnancy desire? Scrambled eggs.

    She exclaimed, “I had a strong desire for scrambled eggs, exactly half of the first whole. It was so satisfying to eat, I felt completely full in my stomach.”

    Overall, she has stuck to her usual eating plan with an abundance of veggies and nourishing meals, she mentioned.

    Tia-Clair Toomey-Orr performing a bridge.

    Toomey-Orr lacks a training timetable.

    Toomey-Orr was surprised to find out that she still had the desire to participate in physical exercise while pregnant, as she hadn’t expected it.

    Throughout her pregnancy, she claims that engaging in physical activity has provided her with mental, physical, and emotional benefits. However, she has considerably reduced her training and relieved herself from any excessive expectations.

    Orr-Toomey has no training schedule, so she just wants to walk to the gym sometimes and see how she feels on any given day.

    Previously, experts have informed that moderate exercise during pregnancy is beneficial but not completely safe for both the baby and the mother.

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    Tia-Clair Toomey-Orr’s workouts have been a lot lighter than before she was pregnant.

    According to her, when Toomey-Orr exercises, she now engages in significantly shorter sessions compared to before, with reduced intensity and using lighter weights.

    As her bump has grown, she has had to completely cease activities like running and performing snatches, which involve lifting a barbell in a linear motion from the floor to overhead while keeping it near the body.

    In a “suspended stance,” pivoting at the hips with the load in her hands already, she is unable to stoop down to retrieve a barbell, for instance, while she has altered some others.

    If she experiences any discomfort during a motion, she ceases performing it.

    Orr-Toomey has recommended that increasing her load and altering her center of mass can aid her in maneuvering, even though pull-ups can still present a challenge to her.

    Toomey-Orr has placed emphasis on movement and recuperation.

    Despite having less training, Orr-Toomey, the ambassador for Pliability’s new pregnancy app, is dedicated to designing specifically tailored routines for each trimester. Her aim is to help women improve their mobility, reduce discomfort and pain, and safely exercise throughout their pregnancy. She ensures that each week consists of three routines, focusing on the individual needs of women during each trimester, in order to promote a healthy and pain-free pregnancy journey.

    “Toomey-Orr has been focusing on exercises for her pelvic floor and core, stabilization, and posture as it pertains to proper movement mechanics and maintaining a foundational level of strength, without engaging in heavy weightlifting.”

    Orr-Toomey feels that maintaining good mobility and posture has helped her avoid lower back pain and joint swelling throughout the post-partum process and after giving birth, and she thinks it’s a success for her.

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    Tia-Clair Toomey-Orr’s ability to get into a deep squat has improved, she said.

    According to Toomey-Orr, her mobility has further enhanced in comparison to her pre-pregnancy condition, as “everything is becoming more flexible and expanding.”

    She expressed that she feels comfortable and can now get into a deep sumo squat, despite not experiencing any discomfort and having a long day.

    “I just hope I maintain this mobility when my pregnancy’s over because it would make for a really good technique,” Toomey-Orr said.

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