The essential guide to Priority Pass™ lounges at Boston Logan International Airport

Important Information about Priority Pass™ Lounges at Boston Logan International Airport

Priority Pass™ lounges and eateries with reduced prices for cardholders at the Boston airport comprise ….

  • Stephanie’s – Terminal B.
  • The Lounge – Terminal C.
  • Jerry Remy’s Sports Bar and Grill — Terminal C.
  • The Lounge – Terminal E.
  • Air France Lounge — E Terminal.
  • Stephanie’s: B Terminal

    According to the website, you can use your Priority Pass™ membership to get a discounted meal at Stephanie’s, a restaurant offering sophisticated comfort food in an inviting and relaxed atmosphere. However, Terminal B does not have any lounges.

    If you bring a guest, you can receive a discount of $56 off your bill. If Stephanie is at the same-day boarding pass and you have a membership card, you can get $28 off your bill for a single lounge visit. The restaurant is open from 4:30 a.M. Until closing, which is 30 minutes before your scheduled departure flight. Priority Pass™ members are welcome to use their discounts at the restaurant.

    Stephanie’s can be found once you clear the security checkpoint on the departures floor, directly opposite Gate B24.

    The Lounge: C Terminal

    If you are in Terminal C, you can visit the Priority Pass™ lounge, which is located across from Gate C19 on the concourse level. The lounge is simply known as the Priority Pass™ lounge.

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    The Lounge provides ample seating and a variety of amenities including ….

  • Refreshments…
  • Alcoholic beverages..
  • Wi-Fi…
  • TV…
  • Flight information…
  • Local faxing.
  • You are also allowed access to the digital Pass™ Priority membership card, which allows you to use the lounge. There is no additional cost for this. Guests are also welcome to bring two children who are younger than two years old.

    You may be denied access, especially between 1 p.M. And 8 p.M. On a daily basis. The Lounge is open every day from 6 a.M. Until 11 p.M.

    Jerry Remy’s Sports Bar and Grill: Terminal C

    Before crossing through security at Terminal C, you can use your Priority Pass™ membership to get a discounted meal at Remy’s Jerry Sports Bar and Grill on the level of departures from Alaska Airlines’ counter check-in.

    Every day, starting from 2 p.M. Until 8 p.M., Priority Pass™ members have the opportunity to utilize their cards for entry. The eatery provides traditional dishes from New England and is called after Jerry Remy, a renowned figure in Boston who serves as a commentator for Boston Red Sox broadcasts and was previously a professional baseball player in Major League Baseball.

    If you bring a guest, you can get your final bill of $56. By using your membership card, you can visit the lounge which represents one restaurant and get $28 off your drinks and/or meal. Additionally, you can also get a same-day boarding pass and travel with your membership card.

    The Lounge: Terminal E

    At no extra charge, the Club permits you to accompany children aged 2 and under, which you can avail through the Priority Pass™ app, which also recognizes the electronic membership card.

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    The lounge provides several facilities such as ….

  • Wi-Fi…
  • Shower.
  • Refreshments…
  • Alcoholic beverages..
  • TV…
  • Flight information…
  • Fax..
  • The lounge is open daily from 1 a.M. To 5:30 a.M. To locate the lounge, look for the sign and take the elevator down to level one. After going through security in Terminal E, you will find The Club.

    Air France Lounge: E Terminal

    Entry to the lounge is permitted upon presentation of your membership card or digital membership card. It is not necessary to be traveling with Air France, as long as you possess a Priority Pass™ or Priority Pass™ Select membership, even though this lounge is referred to as the Air France Lounge.

    The lounge can be found in Terminal E. Once you clear security, make a right and use the specified lounge elevator or stairs to descend to the lounge area.

    Inside, you will discover a variety of amenities and ample seating. Children under the age of 2 can enter for free. The lounge allows a maximum stay of three hours.

  • Wi-Fi…
  • Flight information…
  • Alcoholic drinks.
  • Refreshments…
  • TV…
  • Fax..
  • The Air France lounge operates from 11:30 a.M. To 11:30 p.M. Daily.

    How to obtain access to Priority Pass™ lounges

    In order to access one of these tranquil locations in Boston while waiting for your flight, you will need either a direct membership plan with Priority Pass™, which can range in cost from $99 to $429 per year, or a premium credit card that provides cardholders with Priority Pass™ Select membership.

    The amount you pay when visiting lounges in the network is determined by the plan you choose if you become a member.

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  • Standard: $99 yearly charge; $32 per visit for you and every companion.
  • The Standard plus membership comes with a yearly fee of $299 and includes 10 free visits for yourself (after which each visit costs $32). Additionally, each accompanying guest will also be charged $32 per visit.
  • Prestige: $429 yearly membership fee; complimentary visits for yourself, $32 per visit for each accompanying guest.
  • To find out how to enroll in the Select Pass™ Priority program and access the lounges, you can typically activate your online membership or contact your credit card issuer. Those who hold travel credit cards that offer Select Pass™ Priority membership typically still need to enroll in the program.


    Before heading to your destination, you could consider treating yourself to an hour of relaxation in a quiet and peaceful environment. Make sure to do some research on the various Priority Pass™ lounges available to find the closest one to your departure gate at Boston’s Logan International Airport.

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