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At the Little League World Series last year, the guardians of 13-year-old Easton Oliverson are voicing their opinions on a straightforward solution they claim could have prevented their son from an accident that put his life in danger.

During the trip to Williamsport, Pennsylvania, for the Little League World Series in August 2022, Easton, who was then 12 years old, fell from his bunk bed in the league dormitory. Easton’s team from Utah was the first team to represent the state in the tournament.

“Good Morning America,” the incident was a result of “egregious negligence,” Nancy and Jace Oliverson, the parents, are finally sharing their thoughts after initiating legal action against the organization.

“Everything we have experienced, and it could have been completely avoided,” Nancy Oliverson expressed.

Jace Oliverson said that the coach of his injured son woke him up that night, causing the boy to feel sick and have a headache.

Jace Oliverson, who mentioned that his religious beliefs alerted him to something being amiss, uttered, “Easton, maintain proper posture, Easton, open your eyes,” as if these straightforward instructions were all that a lost boy needed to regain his sweet abilities. In response, I immediately sat down beside him and also sat him down.

Oliverson reported that in the fall, he encountered a cranial bleeding and a broken skull, prompting medical professionals to promptly transfer Easton to the medical facility.

Jace Oliverson, who accompanied his son to the 2022 tournament, recounted, “The physician gently touches my shoulder and utters, ‘Father, you must bid your son farewell with a kiss. He is in an extremely grave state.'” “I was uncertain if that would be our final encounter or not, but approximately 20 minutes later, they informed me that Easton had absolutely no chance of survival.”

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The Oliversons stated that the physicians conducted an urgent operation to alleviate the pressure in Easton’s brain and preserve his life.

Litigation has uncovered a record of at least twelve incidents of falls since 2005. In September 2022, the Oliversons initiated a legal action against Little League Baseball Inc. The lawsuit alleges.

Ken Fulginiti, the attorney for the Oliversons, argued on “Good Morning America” that it was impractical for the league dormitory to possess beds lacking rails.

Fulginiti stated that concussions, orthopedic injuries, and serious injuries may not have occurred, and kids are falling out of the top bunks of the bunk beds.

The Little League Easton’s statement said that we will continue to evaluate and review safety protocols to prevent accidents from happening again. As part of this effort, we have individually placed bed frames on each floor and removed all bunks from the dorms. However, due to ongoing litigation, the Little League cannot comment further on this matter, as told to ABC News.

The league also mentioned, “We will keep offering Easton Oliverson our prayers and support as he recovers and gets better.”

The Oliversons say that today, Easton is still alive and they credit the power of prayer for his recovery. They also say that Easton has a long road to recovery, spending countless hours in rehab and undergoing three brain surgeries in the hospital for many weeks, followed by nine months.

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