The Best Kids Glasses Online, Plus Input From Eye Care Experts

When searching for the best children’s eyeglasses online, it involves comparing the designs and costs, along with the refund policies.

Illustration: Forbes Vetted / Photos: Retailers

Here is the rewritten sentence: When making a decision, it is important to consider some additional factors – functionality and fit in terms of both individual and specific needs. Before making your final purchase, it is helpful to simplify your search by gathering useful information and researching popular eyewear brands. We have highlighted the most useful information and gathered eight popular brands to help you find the right pair of kids’ glasses online. Furthermore, it is worth determining whether they accept FSA or HSA insurance policies and their general turnaround times for returns.

  • Overall, Zenni Optical is the top choice for purchasing kids’ glasses online.
  • Widest Variety Of Children’s Eyewear Available Online: GlassesUSA.
  • Top Affordable Children’s Eyeglasses Online: DiscountGlasses.Com.
  • Top Luxury Children’s Eyewear Online: Warby Parker.
  • Eyebuydirect offers the best online selection of classic styles for kids glasses.
  • Top Personalizable Children’s Eyeglasses Online: Pair Eyewear.
  • Top-notch Designer Children’s Eyewear Online: Target Optical.
  • Top Try-Before-You-Buy Children’s Spectacles Online: Jonas Paul Eyewear.
  • Forbes.ComZenni Coupon Codes | 10% Discount In July 2023 | Forbes.

    Why Rely on Forbes Vetted

    We, as parents, know how important it is for you to take utmost care of your child’s eyesight. We are a team and there are many of us who understand the significance of this. Sala Gordon Rose, the senior editor for gear kids and baby, has published several stories and conducted research on shopping for eyewear, specifically glasses with blue lenses that block light. The team at Vetted Forbes has personal experience with this subject as many of us wear contacts and glasses ourselves. Karen Tietjen, the author of this story, also has personal experience with this matter.

    That’s why we have enlisted several eye care experts to help write this story, including reviewer Valerie Dr. Kattouf, a medical professor of optometry and pediatric OD, CMO Doug Zarkin of Vision Pearle, vice president Nicole Lord of Eyelab My, specializing in supply chain and merchandising, and Galo Andrade, an optician and specialist in myopia control at Optic GC.

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    We started creating this list by referencing our story on the best prescription glasses online, pulling some retailers that have tested and tried kids’ lenses. We compared the quality and value of each selection, as well as the eligibility insurance policy and turnaround time for returns.

    We have also added Parker Warby to our list. In this updated story from July 2023, we review new options and update prices. To ensure accuracy, we regularly update this article to stay up-to-date on the best online glasses for kids. We have also made sure to add a variety of price points and styles to suit the needs of families across the board. Additionally, we have genuinely enjoyed our time spent on each site, learning about any special features or offers.

    How To Purchase Children’s Eyeglasses Online

    Shopping for glasses can be stressful, especially when it comes to your child. We know that this is a time-consuming and often multi-step process, with plenty of variables to consider. Hopefully, with the help of easier things and an appointment with the doctor, we can make this experience more manageable.

    Keep the Accurate Prescription Ready

    Deciphering your child’s medication order.

    After your kid’s RX comes, there will be a number of possible codes that mean all different things. Here’s a quick cheat sheet for that.

  • Each eye will be assigned a numerical value. This numerical value represents your spherical refractive error, indicating whether you have nearsightedness or farsightedness. SPH:
  • CYL: This indicates the presence of astigmatism and the necessary measures to correct it.
  • Axis: Another figure for astigmatism, this is the equivalent in degrees.
  • If that is the case, have they received a diagnosis for an ocular condition or have you ever observed your child’s eyes shifting out of alignment, Prism?
  • If your child needs additional magnification in their prescription glasses, adding glasses for reading or progressives, bifocals are common options that will add value.
  • It is important to have a very precise measurement for the most accurate lens measurement, but there may be a fee if you share your PD with the optometrist or ophthalmologist when they write your prescription. Vision says that without this number, the lenses in the glasses won’t be perfect because the PD marks exactly where the center of the eye is. Andrade, the optician at GC Optics, explains that having the right prescription information on hand is especially key when it comes to the PD measurement.

    Seek Out Lens Characteristics

    My friend at Eyelab, Lord, notes that it is a great option for kids to upgrade to light-blocking blue lenses if they spend a lot of time in front of screens. She mentions that these lenses have built-in UV protection and are scratch-resistant, just like polycarbonate lenses.

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    Take into account expenses

    (Pun intended) It is worth taking a closer look at the benefits of out-of-network purchases, as many companies offer plans that reimburse vision expenses. While some retailers don’t directly accept FSA, HSA, or insurance, it is important to note any warranties or return policies of the retailer. Another thing to keep in mind is the cost, of course, but it’s important to look beyond the initial price tag.

    Consider the warranty or choose the most budget-friendly eyeglasses if they have a tendency to misplace them or are too young to properly maintain them. Additionally, take into account how well they have managed their previous pairs if this is not your child’s initial set of glasses.

    Please Review the Policies Regarding Returns and Warranties

    If your child is prone to accidents or behaving like a typical kid (which can result in scratched or broken frames or lenses), some retailers will replace them. However, it is important to look into the warranty information and policies of the retailer, as some may only allow exchanges within a certain timeframe or for the first order only. Additionally, customized orders for glasses often have limited return policies, so it is crucial to consider whether the style frame or prescription feels uncomfortable or if it becomes a waste of money. This is especially important when purchasing glasses online, so make sure to take note of the brand’s warranty and return policies.

    Engage Your Child

    According to Zarkin, the Chief Marketing Officer of Pearle Vision, “In order to alleviate the emotional adjustment that numerous children experience, it is important to encourage your child to discover a pair that they are comfortable with.” “From an emotional standpoint, it is essential to make sure that your child actively participates in the process,” he suggests. Lastly, it is vital to select a pair of frames that your child will genuinely use.

    How To Assess the Proper Fit of Children’s Eyeglasses Online

    Andrade says that one of the most important aspects of choosing glasses for your child is the fit, as detectives need to check all aspects and points out key areas for our watch.

  • Temple: The upper limbs should fit closely alongside the sides of the cranium, as any constriction “will lead to uneasiness and migraines,” he affirms.
  • Bridge: The structure, which lies across the upper part of the nose, should also be securely positioned without causing discomfort or slipping.
  • According to him, “If the frame is continuously sliding, it is excessively loose.” “In order to secure the frame, certain children may require glasses with nose pads, depending on the contour of their nose.”
  • He states, “the arm is not the correct match” if they’re extending further. The arms of the spectacles should shape just behind the ear. Length of the arm.
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    As you proceed, inquire about queries to make use of the on-site live chat capabilities and adhere to a vendor that offers a return policy or warranty that you find satisfactory. Buying eyeglasses for children online may not be as simple as purchasing their other school supplies like a lunch box or water bottle, but it can spare you an additional visit to the optometrist and often save you a significant amount of money. This is the most valuable guidance.

    How Can I Determine If My Child Requires Eyeglasses?

    Unfortunately, the truth is that you might not know, according to Dr. Valerie Kattouf, a medical reviewer and optometry professor, that there are some telltale signs you can look out for if your child complains about frequent headaches, eye strain, and fatigue when their doctor speaks to them or when they close digital devices or books and rub their eyes, blink, squint, or look out for signs of eye fatigue. It is important for parents to understand that their child may need vision correction, even if they do not show any symptoms.

    Kattouf adds that children often struggle with poor fine motor skills and reading issues in school, which adds to the importance of regular doctor visits for eye issues, as hiding these things can be great for kids.

    What is the Best Way to Select Eyeglass Frames for Children?

    Adds she, “it is critical for parents to work with a trained optician to know what is the proper fit for their child’s frames if they seem too wide for their face or slip down their nose or don’t sit straight next to the temple, you might not have the right fit”. Output: She emphasizes the importance of parents collaborating with a qualified optician to determine the appropriate fit for their child’s frames. If the frames appear excessively wide for their face, slip down their nose, or fail to sit properly next to the temple, it is crucial to seek professional guidance.

    The band elastic that loops around the back of their head is necessary to keep their heavier prescriptions in place, and their eyes should be centered in the frame.

    Is it Acceptable to Purchase Children’s Eyeglasses Online?

    Online eyeglasses are definitely secure for your child, as they are frequently identical to the ones you would discover in a store or at your doctor’s clinic. Kattouf emphasizes, though, that caregivers should consistently “investigate the caliber of the ophthalmic lens substance and ensure that polycarbonate lenses (unbreakable) are recommended for your child,” as children have a tendency to fracture their own.

    What Is the Most Affordable Online Retailer for Purchasing Children’s Eyeglasses?

    Our selection of frames at DiscountGlasses.Com offers a variety of budget-friendly options, starting at just $24. Zenni Opticals also has a great selection of affordable styles, with our overall best pick starting at just $10 per pair. For those looking for inexpensive options, our list of top picks includes frames that range in price from $50 to over $100 for online glasses for kids.

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