The best early Prime Day deals for 2023

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Ultimate

Prime members can purchase the latest Fire TV Cube for $110, along with several discounted Fire streaming devices. Most major streaming apps provide access to this device, despite Amazon’s Fire TV OS being less polished compared to platforms like Roku, Google, and Apple. The most powerful streaming dongle made by Amazon offers features such as Dolby Atmos audio, HDR10+, Dolby Vision, support for WiFi 6, and a superior processor compared to the standard Fire TV Stick 4K. Its regular price for Prime members has been reduced to $25 before Prime Day, which is more than a 50% discount and matches its lowest price ever, the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max.

Lite version of Fire TV Stick

The Lite Stick TV from Amazon is currently priced at only $15. It was on sale for $12 during Prime Day, making it slightly cheaper. However, even at its regular price, this dongle is a great affordable streaming option from Amazon. It is arguably the best choice for those who want to upgrade their old basic TV on a tight budget. With its support for 1080p video and 5 WiFi connectivity, it offers excellent streaming capabilities.

Amazon Fire HD 8 Tablet

If you want a tablet that is competent for casual streaming and reading, the Fire HD 8 is a good option. It is light and has a battery life of around 10 hours. It has enough power for basic tasks and you can expand its storage with a microSD card up to 32GB. However, the noticeable drawback is the lack of Google apps support. It lags behind iPadOS in terms of app support, and the display is lower-resolution (800×1280) and smaller (8-inch) compared to the Fire HD 10. If you’re on a tight budget and looking for a new tablet, the Fire HD 8 is worth considering, especially considering its current price of $55, which is the lowest to date.

Amazon Fire Max 11

The latest release from Amazon, the Fire Tablet 11 Max, is currently on sale for $150 as part of Amazon’s Prime Day. This tablet is the most powerful one we have seen from Amazon, and it comes with the best discount. It has a battery life of up to 14 hours, built-in storage of 128 GB, 4 GB of RAM, an octa-core processor, and an 11-inch touchscreen with a resolution of 1200 x 2000 pixels. The tablet also functions like a 2-in-1 laptop, as it can be used with a detachable stylus and keyboard.

If you hate the feeling of in-ear headphones, they will be a good value. They also work well with Alexa. Naturally, they come with features such as customizable EQ and auto-pausing, as well as multipoint connectivity. We often don’t see these features in cheap earbuds, and their sound quality is decent for the price. However, they don’t completely seal off the ear canal and lack active noise cancellation. We recommend the Echo Buds for those who prefer an open design in wireless budget earbuds. You can get them for the lowest price we’ve seen, which is $15 off, on Amazon. The latest Echo Buds just arrived in May, and they’re already 30% off for Prime members.

Amazon eGift Voucher + $5 promotional credit

Prior to July 10th, Amazon will provide Prime members with a $5 promotional credit upon purchasing an eGift card worth $50 or higher. The promotional credit must be utilized by August 25, 2023, although it will not be applicable to products sold by third-party vendors and electronic books.

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Blink Small

Additionally, there are various other Blink wireless cameras available at a discounted price. Although these Blink cameras are physically connected, they possess almost identical functionalities to the regular wireless models, such as 1080p video recording, motion notifications, and the ability to engage in two-way communication. Furthermore, individual cameras are currently being sold for $18. For Prime members, there is an opportunity to purchase a bundle of two Blink Mini security cameras for only $34.

Ring Battery Doorbell Pro

The latest features supported by the Ring Doorbell include adjustable motion areas and Quick Replies, a two-way communication system, color night vision, and video recording at a resolution of 156p. If the device requires additional power, the quick-release rechargeable battery that powers it can be effortlessly detached. Recently, the new Ring Battery Doorbell Plus was released, and Prime members can now purchase it at a reduced price of $130, which is the lowest it has ever been.

3-month subscription to Amazon Kindle Unlimited

It may still be worthwhile if you are an avid reader, but the Kindle library does not include every e-book. Kindle Unlimited offers a selection of digital magazines, audiobooks, and e-books that are easily accessible on-demand. After a free 30-day trial, the subscription will automatically renew for $12 per month. However, if you are a Prime member who has never subscribed to Kindle Unlimited, you can get a three-month free trial of the e-book service without any additional cost.

Audible Premium Plus membership for 3 months

By default, the subscription will automatically renew, so be aware of that. It’s a more comfortable way to see if this extended trial is useful, but if you quickly go through podcasts and audiobooks, the most value will be in the Premium Plus subscription. The main difference is that it also includes a monthly credit that you can use to buy any book and it is permanently stored in your Audible account. Plus Audible provides on-demand access to a variety of other audio content, such as podcasts and audiobooks, at a lower cost. It’s similar to the upper tier of Audible, Plus Premium, but it saves you about $30 a month, costing $14.95 after the 30-day free trial. New Prime members can get three months of the Premium Plus Audible service for free. It offers a similar feature to Unlimited Kindle.

Amazon Echo Dot

The newest Echo Dots can also act as WiFi boosters, adding coverage to your existing Eero system for up to 1,000 square feet. Thanks to its compact design and surprisingly good sound quality, the Echo Dot is the best smart speaker you can get for less than $50. We recommend considering the Echo Dot as it integrates handy Alexa functionality and its small size. Additionally, Amazon has knocked down the price of the latest Echo Dot to roughly half its typical street price, which is $23, and is throwing in a Sengled color smart bulb at no extra cost.

Amazon Echo Dot

In terms of sound quality, if you are not tied to Google or Apple, the Google Nest Audio and Apple HomePod generally outperform the Amazon Echo Dot. As a guide to buying a smart speaker, our top pick is the Google Nest Audio, which represents a clear step-up from the Echo Dot in terms of sound quality for less than $100. While the Echo Dot is still a good option at $35, the Echo base is even more affordable at just $5, now down to $55. Amazon also has several other Echo speakers discounted.

Currently on sale for $18, the Echo Dot offers most of the same capabilities as the Alexa, but its sound quality is not as good as the Echo Pop’s unidirectional speaker. However, if you are looking for something more affordable, the Echo Dot is a great option. It is currently priced at a low $30. While the Echo Dot with Clock adds a LED display to show basic information like music, weather, and time, its hardware is similar to the standard Echo Dot. If you already own several other Alexa speakers and want to save some cash, the Echo Dot could still be a decent value at its current price of $155. While it may not sound as good as the larger Echo Studio, it is still the best sounding Echo of the 100 Era Sonos-like speakers. Additionally, we have tracked the lowest price and this deal matches it.

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Amazon Echo Show 5

The latest Echo Show 5 now has a new model with a slightly larger speaker and a faster processor, making it a useful smart alarm clock with a gentle sunrise alarm feature. We’ve previously recommended it to those who prefer Google Assistant over Alexa, as it won’t take up much space on the display and has a snooze-to-tap function. Additionally, this new model offers better performance for Alexa with an extra microphone.

Amazon Echo Show 8

The Echo Show 8, our preferred Amazon intelligent display overall and if you don’t require something as small, is currently available for $60. The device’s typical market value is approximately $45 lower, marking a new record low. The 8-inch touchscreen on this device is much more suitable for video calls or photo viewing when compared to the 5.5-inch panel on the Echo Show 5. Additionally, you receive an immensely superior camera, more potent speakers, and a quicker processor. Furthermore, the Show 8 also features a physical camera cover and a microphone mute button, similar to the Show 5.

The prices of 15 Show Echo and 10 Show Echo have reached new lows, standing at $182 and $163 respectively. Although they are more spacious than their siblings, they are generally less appealing and have received bad reviews. However, none of those devices are considered outright terrible.

Ring Video Doorbell + Echo Show 5 Bundle

Motion notifications provide precise and generally accurate information, and installing it is easy. However, the Doorbell Video itself is a relatively basic option with a 1080p resolution. If you choose to purchase the bundle, you will only spend $55 as an early Prime Day deal, which means you’ll save $10. The bundle includes the Ring Doorbell Video and an Echo Show 5, which is a great deal available during Amazon’s early Prime Day sale.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite for Children

The Kids Edition of Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite is a 6.8-inch e-reader with the same hardware features as the standard Paperwhite. It is marketed towards children and has an extensive e-book library, a 10-week battery life, a waterproof and lightweight design, and a 300 ppi display. This version of the Amazon Kids Paperwhite is priced at $65, which is $105 lower than the 16GB version. If you choose not to buy it, you can ignore the Amazon Kids+ service for a year and get a two-year warranty, a case, and a cover. In 2021, we gave a review score of 97 to the Signature Edition Paperwhite Kindle.

Motorola Razr Plus

Rather than paying $1,000, opting for this option will enable you to acquire an unsecured Razr+ for $850. Despite the inconvenience, complying with Amazon’s requirements is essential. To avail of the reduced rate, you will have the opportunity to purchase the phone on Prime Day after requesting an invitation and becoming a Prime subscriber beforehand. In a circuitous manner, the collapsible Moto Razr+ has already been subjected to a 15 percent markdown for Prime Day, despite its recent introduction.

We spent some time with the new foldable, and it came out before the last month’s review. Do the Samsung Galaxy foldables have any serious competition? The Galaxy Z Flip offers a much larger exterior screen than the 1.9-inch screen when folded, and the Razr+ offers a 3.6-inch screen when folded and a 6.9-inch screen when open. In addition to taking up less space in your pocket, the foldable design also acts as its own tripod and has different uses when unlocked.

Eero Pro Wi-Fi routers

In order to obtain WiFi 6 compatibility, you will need to spend a little extra money on an Eero 6 set. However, please note that these are not the most recent Eero systems. The Eero Pro is capable of covering slightly more square footage than the standard Eero and it is a tri-band system that can support speeds of up to 1Gbps. If possible, we recommend opting for the Eero Pro. You can purchase a single Eero router for as low as $45, or an Eero Pro router for $70. Ahead of the shopping event, a variety of Eero and Eero Pro WiFi router bundles have been discounted for Prime members.

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Apple AirPods Pro (Second generation)

The new features under the hood of Apple noticeably improve the sound quality, mode transparency, and cancellation of noise. Even though the company didn’t drastically overhaul the design with this latest model, these wireless earbuds still remain the best true wireless earbuds for Apple lovers. Apple’s second-generation Pro AirPods, which usually retail for $200, are currently on sale for a record low price of $50.

Samsung Pro Plus microSD memory card

It is also supported by a 10-year warranty. The Plus Pro is our top pick in our microSD cards guide, as it finished near the top in our speed and sequential tests. If you need more storage space, the 512GB model of this card is available at the best price of $43.52, within a couple of dollars. The latest version of Samsung’s Plus Pro microSD card, the 256GB model, is currently priced at a new low of $20 off its MSRP.

Samsung 980 Pro SSD

If you’re not interested in purchasing a fast PCIe 4.0 drive specifically for the PS5, adding a heatsink for a few extra bucks may be unnecessary but could provide the same fast storage. However, the Samsung Pro 980 isn’t the fastest SSD that meets Sony’s requirements for expanding the PS5’s storage – that would be the Pro 990. We’ve seen this SSD steadily drop in price over the past few months, with a recent average street price drop of roughly $35. The 1TB model of Samsung’s Pro 980 is now down to $70, while the 2TB version is available for the Pro 980.

As part of the wider sale on Samsung storage devices, we recommend the ruggedized version of our favorite portable SSD, the Shield T7, which is now priced at $75. Additionally, we suggest the tiny flash drive, Plus Fit, which is now priced at $22. Furthermore, the microSD card, Evo Plus, is also included in this sale. We have tracked the lowest prices and will match both deals for Prime subscribers.

Apple iPad (9th generation)

Jack also uses his iPad for gaming, streaming, and casual reading. It’s comfortable and fast enough for these activities, but the Air iPad lacks the display quality and thin bezels that the current iPadOS supports. In our budget-friendly iPad buying guide, we recommend this as our pick. Although we’ve recently seen it retail for $275, the device normally sells for $329. However, at checkout, you can apply a $29 discount, bringing the listed price down to $279. You’ll see the price as $250 for the 64GB model of Apple’s 9th generation iPad.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5th Generation

If you don’t need a brand new smartwatch right away, it might be worth waiting to see how the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 stacks up. The OS is relatively easy to navigate and it has comprehensive health tracking. The design is attractive and durable, but the battery life could be improved. In our smartwatch buying guide, we named it the “best pick for Android users” and it received a score of 85 last year. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 is now priced at $229 for the 44mm model and $199 for the 40mm model.

Google Pixel 7a

The Google Pixel 7a is presently discounted by $50, reducing its price to an unprecedented low of $449. Boasting a rapid Tensor G2 chipset, seamless 90Hz screen, IP67 water resistance, exceptional cameras, and compatibility with wireless charging, it stands as the top-notch option among midrange smartphones. For an additional $50, you have the option to elevate your experience to the Pixel 7, priced at $500.

Elgato Streaming Control Panel +

Elgato’s +Deck Stream, an accessory for gaming, also has four knobs and a touch bar to make it easier to control things like sound and lighting during a stream. We’ve seen real discounts on this gaming accessory, with a first-time price drop from $180 to now 10% off.

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