The 4 Most Unique Speakeasies in Washington, DC

This hidden bar in Washington, D.C. Is incredibly secretive to the point where it lacks its own online presence, yet it is undoubtedly present for your confidence and pleasure.

You will enter a cozy and quaint hidden bar with an inviting atmosphere that invites you to take a seat. However, you will need to follow the not-so-hidden directions to find the speakeasy’s name–Door Left. If you choose the secret door on the right, you will enter a dry cleaner. You will find two doors, and if you head to the corner of 1345 S NW Street, you will locate this hidden bar.

Once you’re indoors, we suggest sampling one of their irresistibly tasty seasonal artisanal beverages.

#2 Poultry + Whisky

This electrifying bar and restaurant combination is the ideal location to enjoy your chicken (and your whiskey, as well).

Whether you are in the right place or not, you can rest assured.

Once you step into the “chiller,” you can anticipate being welcomed by unexpected things such as:

  • An impressive collection of vinyl records, you can get down and boogie to some retro hits on select nights – DJ nights.
  • Late-night bites – From nacho poquito wraps to crispy chicken wings, it’s never too late for a delectable snack at this speakeasy.
  • This bar also offers a colorful array of craft cocktails, so if whiskey isn’t your spirit of choice, you can choose from 99 different whiskeys that are poured seriously in two-ounce servings. If you’re a whiskey connoisseur and have found your go-to spot, you’ll be delighted by the variety of whiskeys available.
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    Number 3 Symbolic Representation

    Allegory offers simple yet elegant speakeasy-style snacks such as caramelized onion dip and deviled eggs with trout roe. The delightful cocktails at this literary-themed speakeasy draw inspiration from classic novels and are served in a warm and intimate setting.

    Once you look innocently for an unmarked door tucked next to a wall lined with bookshelves, you will find yourself inside the Library Progress at the Eaton Hotel, which is a paradise for book lovers.

    Allegory, the literary moniker of the speakeasy, gives rise to the narrative behind the tale, depicting the experience of Ruby Bridges, the initial African American student to integrate a school in 1960. It immerses you in a fantastical realm akin to Alice in Wonderland once you have crossed its threshold.

    If you’re looking for a true tribute to the Prohibition days, The Alex is a boutique-style hotel tucked inside Georgetown’s sumptuous Graham. This secret speakeasy requires a special code to get in.

    Once inside, you can appreciate the vintage wallpaper, dimly lit quarters, and black and white photographs that give this bar its elegance and charm reminiscent of the 1920s.

    This will definitely be your new favorite bar. In the evenings, you can also enjoy live jazz and share chef-selected bites of your choice. Make yourself comfortable at their intimate booth or table and try a few of their craft cocktails (and maybe even one).

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