Talk of the County: Democrats kneeling was as much a photo-op as Trump holding the Bible

Is it a photo opportunity or not? At 47 seconds and 8 minutes, they knelt down, while Democrats Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi surrounded them. Today, Democrats lambasted Trump and Washington in his church surrogate for a photo opportunity.

Who are you fooling?

I don’t understand why people don’t understand what laws are being broken and what laws are about, and I still don’t understand why we need police officers to uphold the laws that were enacted. So, are you kidding people who are stepping on their lawn if the police will be the first ones to call, but it’s funny that people want to get rid of police officers who call the cops on those who break the laws: Input.

Do not rely on the general public.

I don’t trust the general public. I feel safer without them than with them. I have a strong affection for the police and my love for the police department. Why are people entitled to everything without working for it? People feel entitled to everything because they believe everything should be free. How can we bring about change in society as a whole? Everyone seems to be shouting about getting rid of police departments and reforming the police department.

Poor Chicago.

Chicago. It’s a distressing and unfortunate situation. It affects everyone negatively, making me feel down. It’s disheartening. I can’t comprehend it. Nothing has improved. Instead of returning to normal on Monday, the city was engulfed in protests and experienced significant damage. They are discussing the shootings in Chicago, and I had just watched the news about it.

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Due to financial reasons.

I wish you good fortune with stocks and your 401K. I did vote for Trump, yes, but it’s not his fault for any of the problems. The economy is down because of the pandemic. Yes, I had a discussion about Trump with them and they said, “Oh, you voted for him because of him.”

Sad sign.

Mayor Cunningham, what is your opinion? I believed those actions are in violation of the city regulations. It is a disheartening indication. Every single one of our business establishments is beginning to install security barriers within their premises. Particularly at this moment. In the city of Waukegan, the circumstances have truly undergone a significant transformation.

Victory for Trump.

The Democrats are dumb if there are enough dumb Democrats to try this. I’m sure Nancy has bodyguards with guns. We don’t need vigilantes and law enforcement. What a mistake. The Democrats now want to defund the police.

Era of the cowboys.

I cannot understand society today. You want psychologists and nurses to act as police for drug addicts and people you’ve encountered. We are never going to make progress. Do you want to go back to the time of cowboys? Do you really want to enforce order and law? Are people crazy?

Out of their minds.

In this scenario, if I were a police officer, I would quit because rockers or Lunacrats could potentially get shot. The reason why people should not be given their guns is precisely because of this. How can Chicago be one of the places that wants to defund the police? I must be kidding to have gotten down in Chicago with the Lunacrats.

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