Takeoff funeral: Drake gives eulogy and Justin Bieber performs as Cardi B mourns in audience

Near downtown Atlanta, where it was rainy, loved ones and fans gathered on Friday to remember Takeoff, a member of Migos, the 28-year-old rapper who was slain.

Takeoff, also known as Kirsnick Khari Ball, was fatally shot earlier this month outside a bowling alley in Houston.

Amidst the formidable array of prominent figures, the Migos trio of hip-hop took the stage at his funeral to pay tribute to Offset’s cousin and Quavo’s uncle, who rose to fame with him.

TMZ stated that Drake gave a heartfelt tribute, drawing a parallel between himself, Migos, and the Rat Pack. To honor Takeoff, renowned artists such as Justin Bieber and Chloe Bailey delivered remarkable musical performances.

As she occupied a seat among the spectators, Cardi B, the spouse of Offset, who hid her eyes with a large set of shades, rallied the grieving individuals in the State Farm Arena.

He always had a slight squint, but it seemed like his eyes were fully open. It didn’t matter what was happening around him, he was always present and that’s what I loved about him. Every time he removed his sunglasses, there was something about him that made him recognize Takeoff as ‘eternally steady. A short video on social media showing Drake’s tribute.

I always made sure that I could do it right, so you followed me behind and then moved to the next step. As I waited for my sister, you had the same eyes as me, and I recalled that he had been by my side, which was mentioned in the eulogy video of Quavo that circulated on social media.

Quavo, who was only three years older than Takeoff, remembered, ‘You never competed against me. We were always on the same side because you disliked playing against me since I always played with excessive intensity or aggression. And I could hear Momma saying, “Don’t be too rough, son,” because I didn’t like to lose.’

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He remembered touchingly that Takeoff’s first dream was not to venture into the music industry but to become tag-team partners in the WWE.

Offset found himself reduced to tears as he gave a memorializing speech for his cousin, who he credited with having forever changed the music of culture.

Offset repeatedly showcased the footage of his TikTok speech, overcoming his emotions to go on and encourage and applaud the audience.

Sometimes you don’t understand. Sometimes you just don’t want to question it – I don’t want to question it either. God, I don’t want to question you, I’m just saying: ‘strength,’ he asked God to give to his family and he asked God to give it to him.

Additionally, Takeoff’s mother and siblings, Kevin ‘Coach K’ Lee and Pierre ‘P’ Thomas, the hip-hop moguls whose record label propelled Migos, also delivered speeches.

The Atlanta Hawks’ home arena, State Farm Arena, was hosting a memorial service to celebrate the life of the rapper. Outside the arena, there was a massive sign lit up with the rapper’s image and music.

The funeral program displayed a sequence of activities that encompassed diverse musical presentations, prayers, collages, and verses.

Chloe Bailey sang a Beyonce song, while Atlanta’s Mayor, Andre Dickens, presented the rapper with a civilian accolade.

Justin Bieber took the stage and sang his own acoustic version of the song “Ghost” in 2021, with only a single piano as accompaniment, as reported by CNN.

‘I desire for you to understand that if I cannot be in proximity to you, I will accept the apparition of you. I long for you even more than existence itself, and if you are unable to be by my side, the recollection of you brings me euphoria.’ The lyrics say: ‘Because the affection that you departed with is all that I receive.

The Gospel singer Yolanda Adams reportedly performed The Lord’s Battle, a song that draws its title from the first book of Samuel in the Old Testament.

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Teyana Taylor, who partnered with Migos on her track Drippin, and CeeLo Green, who appeared on Offset’s individual song North Star, swarmed into the State Farm Arena, alongside a multitude of esteemed guests.

When officers verified that there were 40 to 50 individuals present, they came across a man who had sustained a gunshot injury to his head or neck.

A female and another male were also injured in the gunfire. No arrests have been conducted.

According to the police, security personnel present in the vicinity heard the gunfire but were unable to identify the perpetrator.

Dispatchers allegedly heard five gunshots discharged, as reported by TMZ, with witnesses informing officers that they heard numerous gunfire and cries.

In the midst of the altercation, the hip-hop artist was ‘gunned down in the cranium’ and allegedly observed lifeless in a pool of crimson fluid in the visuals captured at the location.

Video from the incident depicts Takeoff lying on the ground, while Quavo quickly goes to his aid.

As Quavo cried out for assistance, the team swiftly brought him down to the floor and attempted to relocate the wounded rapper, resulting in the formation of a crowd around him.

‘Get inside’ shouting women several shows incident the of video, saying heard be can man another while bro you for scared ‘I’m.

Following the shooting, Houston Police Chief Troy Finner stated that Takeoff was ‘highly regarded,’ and there was ‘no cause to believe he was implicated in any unlawful activity at that moment.’

Migos was established by Takeoff in 2008 alongside his uncle Quavo and cousin Offset – who is married to Cardi B.

All three were primarily raised by Takeoff’s mother in a suburban area of Atlanta.

Jenifer, the mother of Takeoff, stood in line with her infant son. It was heartbreaking for her to hear that he died at such a young age, which is why fans opened doors more than an hour before the scheduled time.

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She mentioned that, for a period of time, the team would feel too disheartened to produce fresh music, and she expressed concerns about Migos’ music reflecting the innovation and heritage of the African American community.

She expressed, ‘It’s the way it causes the entire space to be filled with optimism. It’s the way it unites people. It’s simply something that you can play in any location, and everyone will naturally gather and dance.’

Eric Hood, an Atlanta firefighter, expressed his shock upon learning about the unexpected passing of Takeoff, one of the three members of Migos, who was widely regarded as the most relaxed.

He expressed that Migos’ music served as a form of “getaway” for numerous individuals, and he remained optimistic that the occasion would create enduring recollections for his family and the rest of the band.

‘He expressed, “I pray for them. I wish that they persist in being inspiring, optimistic, influential individuals in the community and persevere,” I aspire.’

Tickets for the memorial service were available to Georgia residents at the Farm State Arena, but it was announced that capacity had been reached before Friday’s event, so fans should not come downtown without tickets.

The police have stated that the gunshot was accidental and had no specific target. Takeoff’s death, which was mourned by the Quality Control record label on Instagram, was attributed to the senseless violence caused by a stray bullet.

According to its website, his relatives have requested that individuals contribute to The Rocket Foundation, which was founded in Takeoff’s memory and strives to combat firearm violence, in lieu of floral arrangements or presents.

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