Stephen Colletti Reveals He Is Dating NASCAR Reporter Alex Weaver: ‘Magic Hours’

August 17, Wednesday, on a sweet golden hour photo, Alex Weaver and Laguna Beach star Stephen Colletti confirmed their romance, coming clean!

26-year-old NASCAR reporter Al Colletti wrote on Instagram, while cuddled up and sailing, “These hours of magic are a bit more magical this year, @al. 😎”

“The most fortunate girl,” Weaver responded in the comments, including a white heart emoji.

Alex Weaver and Stephen Colletti Courtesy of Stephen Colletti/Instagram

The lovebirds looked perfectly suited for the occasion, with Colletti wearing a grey sweater and Ray-Ban sunglasses, while Carolina wore a loose, striped white and blue sweater with minimal makeup and her hair flowing in the wind.

Last month, Kristin Cavallari and her ex-boyfriend from Laguna Beach, Stephen, launched a podcast called “Back to the Beach” where they revisit their time at Laguna Beach and go back to the episode where they first met. While Stephen has been busy talking about his past relationship with Kristin, he may also be enjoying his new romance as a Tree Hill alum.

Cavallari, aged 35, along with Colletti, Lauren Conrad, Jason Wahler, and Lo Bosworth, documented the experiences of numerous high school students at Laguna Beach High School in California. This reality show aired between September 2004 and November 2006.

Since the launch of their July podcast, the former couple has been vocal about how they felt the MTV series misrepresented their high school love triangle. The duo, Conrad and Cavallari, who dated on and off during their time on the show, revealed their uncomfortable involvement with the alleged love triangle on The Hills: New Beginnings.

“If we were toxic together, like, if we see how people really are, we wouldn’t still be, like, ‘I would be.’ And I always made me happy. And when we were good, they actually show us some later scenes in the season, I know. And we actually had some really great moments, but yeah, we went through our stuff because, like, Cavallari said during the episode on July 26th, we were toxic for each other, like, just fighting or, like, I really remember being upset about how they always made us.”

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During the July 19 episode, Colletti asserted, “This particular episode is — I mean, the entire show is similar to this — it’s a blend of entirely distinct eras where they had to return and assemble certain elements, specific events that occurred months prior and then months later.” The duo also elucidated how numerous scenes were shot in a non-sequential manner to enhance the intrigue of the narrative.

Despite graduating, the two have remained close friends for years. In August 2020, Cavallari posted a photo of the twosome’s dinner outing, which claimed the most likes on Instagram. This photo, in which the native of Colorado was featured, even made headlines.

Nearly seven years after their marriage in April 2020, former NFL player and founder of Beauty Uncommon, Jay Cutler, and his ex-wife, Kristin Cavallari, revealed that they shared a kiss during their reunion, even though Cavallari didn’t want to keep in touch with her former flames. They have three sons, Saylor (6), Jaxon (7), and Camden (9), and their marriage ended in a split.

In 2008, Colletti separated but had a romantic relationship with Hayden Panettiere for two years. The couple were in a relationship from 2011 to 2013 before ending it, and he then started dating Chelsea Kane.

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