St. Louis prosecutor Kim Gardner scorched online after execution-style shooting of homeless man

In St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner’s jurisdiction, a suspect who fatally shot a homeless man in broad daylight was captured on video, which later went viral online.

Several social media users observed that Gardner’s campaign was financed by George Soros, attributing the widespread crime and violence to the prosecutor, which they deemed as a distressing situation.

“Kim Gardner, the St. Louis Prosecutor funded by George Soros, frequently allows individuals such as this to be released without any charges,” Ryan Cunningham tweeted, as he shared the video of the shooting with his 73,000 followers. “In close proximity to my residence, a homeless individual in downtown St. Louis was shot, and a man can be seen loading a firearm. The content is highly unsettling.”

Deshawn Thomas, aged 23, was accused of committing first-degree murder and armed criminal action in relation to the shooting of a homeless individual known as David Saldana, as reported by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Thomas purportedly fired at Saldana shortly after 10 a.M. And was apprehended several hours later on Monday.

During daylight hours, a perpetrator in St. Louis composedly loaded a weapon and carried out the killing of a homeless individual in a manner reminiscent of an execution.

A bystander captured a video and posted it online, showing Saldana sitting on the curb that separates the sidewalk and the street.

They saw two men fighting near a gas station earlier. The police were told by witnesses that at the time of the shooting, they saw the man shooting the gun at point-blank range. However, Saldana, the would-be gunman, was sitting down and not physically engaging with him. Thomas, the identified suspect, was calmly seen loading his gun.

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Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey stated on Thursday, in a statement to Fox News Digital, that “This occurrence further illustrates the urgent requirement to tackle the issue of violent crime in St. Louis.”

Ouster Gardner, a Republican, has filed court documents seeking documents on three grounds: failure to prosecute existing cases, failure to file charges in cases brought by the police, failure to inform about the status of cases, and failure to confer with victims and their families.

A prosecutor backed by Soros, who was encouraged by the Missouri Attorney General to resign, has a history of controversies and alleged wrongdoings.

Criticizing Gardner after Monday, Missouri Republicans, who desire the state to assume control of prosecuting violent offenses in St. Louis, condemned the speeding driver who caused a collision resulting in a teenage volleyball player from Tennessee losing her lower limbs and facing felony charges.

Daniel Riley Gardner, a 21-year-old, is facing calls to resign from critics who blame him for failing to keep bars behind and causing the crash that injured 17-year-old Janae Edmondson on February 18th.

“However, we anticipate that she will be the final one,” expressed Joe Steiger, business manager of the St. Louis Police Officers Association, while testifying at a Senate hearing for a proposed law that would grant the governor the authority to designate a special prosecutor to handle violent offenses in counties with a homicide rate surpassing a specific limit. “Janae Edmondson is not the initial individual harmed by Ms. Gardner’s shortcomings as the circuit attorney, yet this entire scenario could have and should have been prevented if the office had been more efficient.”

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“In Kim Gardner’s St. Louis, a homeless man was shot in the head by a man while witnesses stood by without taking any action. This incident was also mentioned on RedState, a platform with nearly 310,000 followers, in connection with the shooting that resembled an execution.”


Seeing a homeless man executed in St. Louis, Kim Gardner, another user with 11,000 followers, tweeted “Christopher the Warrior” by Chris Moreno and asked, “Prosecutor?”

Residents of St Louis, who are scared, claim that there is evidence indicating that local authorities, including progressive Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner who is supported by Soros, lack control over the rising crime rates. This information was reported by various users, citing a Daily Mail article.

This report was contributed by The Associated Press.

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