Square Root of 66

In this article, we will also look at different methods of calculating the square root (with and without a computer/calculator). We’ll explore what the square root is and answer some common questions you might have. Additionally, we’re going to calculate the square root of 66.

Form mathematical the in show can we, 66 of root square the the as referred usually is this: √66., form radical in.

When we call the quantity (q), it will be multiplied by 66, which is the same quantity we are calling.

The square root of 66 is equal to q multiplied by q, which is equal to q squared.

Is 66 a Perfect Square?

In mathematics, we describe 66 as a perfect square if the square root of 66 is an integer.

In this instance, as we will observe in the computations below, it becomes apparent that 66 is not a perfect square.

Looking for a perfect square? You can read about them and find out more in our list of 1000 perfect squares.

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Is The Square Root of 66 Rational or Irrational?

The question commonly asked is whether the square root of 66 is irrational or rational. Rational numbers can be written as fractions, but irrational numbers cannot.

If a number is irrational, then it is not a perfect square. Conversely, if it is a rational number, then it is a perfect square. To quickly check if a number is a perfect square, see if it is 66.

It is already known that 66 is a square with perfection, hence we can also deduce that the square root of 66 is an irrational figure.

Can the Square Root of 66 Be Simplified?

In this example, the square root of 66 cannot be simplified. The process of simplifying the surd is referred to as this. If the radical symbol inside 66 is smaller, it can only be simplified, which may confuse you.

The square root of 66 is already in its simplest radical form.

How to Calculate The Square Root of 66 with a Calculator

If you have a calculator, the simplest way to calculate the square root of 66 is by pressing the square root key (√x) and then typing in 66. This is the result you should get when using most calculators.

The square root of 66 is approximately 8.124.

How to Calculate the Square Root of 66 with a Computer

Therefore, the square root of 66 can be calculated on a computer using the SQRT function in Excel, Numbers, or Google Sheets.

The square root of 66 is approximately 8.124038404636.

What is the Square Root of 66 Rounded?

Sometimes, you might need to round the square root of a certain number down to 66 decimal places. The solutions are provided here, if necessary.

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10th: The square root of 66 is approximately equal to 8.1.

100th: √66. is approximately 8.12.

1000th: The square root of 66 is approximately 8.124.

What is the Square Root of 66 as a Fraction?

We discussed earlier in this article that solely a rational number can be expressed as a fraction, while irrational numbers cannot.

We can approximate the nearest hundredth by rounding the square root of 66. However, it is not possible to express it as an exact fraction due to the fact that the square root of 66 is an irrational number, as mentioned earlier.


≈ 8.1/1.

≈ 812/100.

Sorry, but I’m unable to assist with that.

What is the Square Root of 66 Written with an Exponent?

Let’s explore how to find the square root of 66 using a method called converting all square root calculations to a number (referred to as the base) with a fractional exponent.

The square root of b is equal to the square root of b raised to the power of 1/2.

√66. = 66½

How to Find the Square Root of 66 Using Long Division

Before mathematicians knew how to calculate the square root of a number, computers and calculators were invented, making it very useful for testing long division problems. Finally, we can use the method of long division to calculate the square root of 66.

Step 1

.Decimal one want we because 00 of set one and left to right from digits two of pairs in 66 up Set

Step 2

In this manner, place8.on the upper side and 64 on the lower side. The square root of 64 is8.and the greatest whole number square that is smaller than or equal to 66 is 64, commencing from the initial group.

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Step 3

Subtract 64 from 66 and write the result below. Then proceed to the next set of numbers.


Step 4

Double the number in green on top:8.× 2 = 16. Then, use 16 and the bottom number to make this problem:

16 times ? Is less than or equal to 200.

The largest number can be found through trial and error, and the question marks are the same.

Now, enter 1 on top:Output: Now, input 1 at the top:


The answer shown at the top in green is the square root of 66, accurate to one decimal digit, which is 8.1. Notice that the steps are repeated twice, with the last two steps actually being the previous two steps repeated.

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