Since I Met U Chinese Drama Review

If you’re looking for an uncomplicated and simple mellow drama, U Met I Since is worth watching, even though the story does not rush on the review of my drama. It only has 16 episodes.

Title: After Encountering You (遇见你之后) Episodes: 16 Release Date: October 28, 2022 Genres: Cooking, Romance Country: China Original Network: iQiyi Available On: Viki.

Summary and Overview of the Story

Within the realm of business, Cheng Mu, the manager of a dessert shop, adheres to the narrative. With the goal of making his shop excel, he harbors a singular aspiration.

Cheng Mu expends a great deal of energy to actualize that aspiration and is overjoyed when his establishment starts to garner acclaim.

However, the popularity of food has caught the attention of bloggers who think more about food than they do about themselves, thus reviewing it.

One of them is Jiang Si Han, a affluent food influencer with a devoted fan base.

Eventually, Si Han’s heart was won over by Mu’s Cheng’s delicious dessert, despite initially being skeptical. Han Si had come to find out for himself what all the fuss was about.

Each instance he visited, Si Han couldn’t resist the sensation that emerged, discovering himself coming back to Cheng Mu’s store increasingly.

Day by day, Mu Cheng’s love for Han Si grows stronger as he discovers the unexpected and captivating aspects of his life.

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Explanation of the Ending of “Since I Met You”

As part of Project Healing, he also opened a new shop to provide work for the mentally ill. Mu Cheng agrees to marry him and Han Si proposes to her. Since I Met You had a happy ending.

Yi Hang and Han Xiang Lan, as a couple, also eventually united. Conversely, Jing Yang officially marries Cheng Yu, who happens to be pregnant.

The concluding scene depicts Rui Rui’s return to search for Si Han and Cheng Mu amidst his parents’ renewed conflict.

Review of “Since I Met You”

If you’re seeking a gentle, straightforward, and straightforward Chinese drama, you’ve come to the correct location.

The main cast has a lot of chemistry and the story is not rushed. Even though it is only 16 episodes, do not forget that it is very explosive and the couple seconds are unforgettable.

He willingly sacrificed for his brother’s happiness, and I also admire how his sister’s boyfriend takes care of him and loves him. This drama is about love, and I appreciate the message it conveys.

Into the story put she or he what more anxiety and depression of topic the research should writer the story, a for.

I disagree with the author on many aspects. They made the male lead look like he couldn’t do anything without his sister.

We are searching for love in order to survive each day and live this life, knowing that many of us had difficult childhoods. He feels that he doesn’t deserve love anymore.

This play successfully evoked various emotions within me with several aspects that irritated me, ultimately culminating in its conclusion.

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It is evident in the portrayal, however, the main male character in this drama is not very explicit about his depression.

The lead male was triggered when he heard the word “zui lei,” which meant a burden for all times. The lead male did not inform the lead female.

I was really expecting the female lead to cheer him up and find the sweetest things I’ve ever seen, but it didn’t happen. All he needs is a dose of fluff and sugar.

It’s not flawless, but some of its flaws really enhance the enjoyment of this show.

A bit whimsical, yet still a constructive move, it aims to incorporate certain aspects that are not typically emphasized in C-Dramas.

Cast of the Series “Since I Met You”

Primary Role

Zhou Jun Wei portraying the character Cheng Mu.

Jin Zi Xuan plays the role of Jiang Si Han.

Auxiliary Role

Xu Ke Er portraying the character Cheng Yu.

Brian Chang goes by the name Li Jing Yang.

Lennon Sun portrays the character Zhou Rui, also known as “Rui Rui”.

Zhou Jun Yu portraying the character Han Mu Zhou.

Zhou Ming Xuan portrays the character Han Xiang Lan.

DeDe goes by the name Jian Yi Hang.

Chen Xiao Long portraying the character Bai Bin.

Quan Yi Lun portrays the character of Sun Xian Ning.

Sai as Wan Jie.

Leng Hai Ming portrays the character of Jiang Fu Jun.

Bai Yu portraying the character Yu Xin Juan.

My Conclusion

In general, this Chinese culinary series is a calming break from more tense or excessively long ones.

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It’s not uncommon to see a male protagonist with a fear of darkness (it’s a familiar trope), or a scenario where the female protagonist gets intoxicated and unintentionally kisses the male protagonist. However, I acknowledge that occasionally the drama can be excessively exaggerated and the pacing might be a bit sluggish.

I would rate this game 8 out of 10. It’s refreshing to see a drama that is cute and lighthearted for a change. Is it worth giving it a try? Since I watched it, I feel that it’s worth watching, as it captures the essence of a C-drama.

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