Selective outrage: Priyanka Chopra and the “Quantico” controversy

It is unusual to apologize for something that did not actually happen, such as this made-up story of what occurred after the recent episode of Romeo of Blood on ABC’s television show Quantico, which aired on June 1st in the US.

The plot of the episode sparked protests among the Indian diaspora in the US and marginal groups in India, leading to apologies being issued by actress Priyanka Chopra, who plays the lead in the series, and ABC, the network airing the show.

The situation is yet another instance of selective indignation, a phenomenon not restricted to India in any way.

The portrayal of terrorists as Muslim villains in other movies has not attracted the same ire from people protesting against Quantico. However, “Romeo of Blood, The” drew criticism for its depiction of “Indian nationalists” who attempted to trigger a nuclear explosion in New York, attributing the blame to Pakistan.

The majority of international terrorist attacks are carried out by radical Islamist organizations, but Quantico is not specifically referring to any particular historic events in this fictional work.

This “hurt sentiments” logic implies that comparable demonstrations ought to be confronted in every other action film, including those produced by religious groups, which depict radicals as villains.

The upcoming show is based on a well-known novel, which apparently spends more time protesting the elements of reading works of fiction rather than watching them. Let’s see if it causes similar protests, but I won’t reveal the name of the show as it would expose a major element of its plot. The upcoming TV show will feature a story element that is very similar to an attack masterminded by a Hindu religious leader. It is not a new idea in works of fiction to frame Muslims as terrorists arranged by Hindu radicals.

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Alex Parrish plays the role of an FBI agent, and Priyanka Chopra is one of the biggest stars in Bollywood, but it is an American show. The show has gained particular attention because of the popular episode of Quantico. It is popular amidst a sea of dormant emotions.

The controversy throughout suggests that some protesters were verbally assaulted in a way that fuzzy remains the line between real life and reel life, as One episode’s plot was unrealistic if fictional spy dramas are duty-bound to reflect real events.

“ABC Studios reminded the lead actress that she did not create the show, nor does she write or direct it. Some outraged Indian netizens insisted that Chopra should not have considered the story “acceptable”, prompting protestors to remind her.”

It is likely that it is criticized less, in fact, the story of real life resembles it less. However, when we consider dragons, aliens, and superheroes that often feature in cinema and television, the point of “acceptability” seems ridiculous.

In our times, dragons may be unreal, but trolls certainly exist. The reason why science fiction novels flourished in communist Poland is because of censorship below the radar.

One would expect Priyanka Chopra, the Indian ambassador for India, to scrutinize every scenario offered to her and only act in those that do not show her country in a bad light. However, the Hindu Army group, also known as the Sena Hindu, issued a statement protesting against her, stating that she would not be a positive ambassador for India, even on the silver screen, if she was expected to appease the outraged trolls.

[If] she [Chopra] cannot speak good about India and Hindus, she shouldn’t speak negative. Being a professional actor, she always had a chance to refuse to act in the scene or get the offensive dialogues referring to Hindus and India as terrorists modified.

The popularity of actors’ outfits, which is a balloon to elevate their organization to the heights of prime-time media, is often heard by Hindu Sena more frequently than the average Indian hears about Priyanka Chopra.

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I apologize for not understanding why Chopra and ABC decided to apologize, despite the fact that the protestors’ claims were baseless. The company should be concerned about the opinions of the Indian fans of Quantico, as there are a lot of them. As a result, some demonstrators held banners with sinister declarations, leading the actress Priyanka Chopra to be criticized for sending “Pakistan” messages.

The protesting organizations probably perceive a Hindu nationalist as an Indian nationalist who plans a conspiracy against Muslims; the producers of the episode intended the latter, recognizing that the term “nationalist” in English is complex, as it can either refer to a patriot or someone advocating a radical ideology that prioritizes their nation over all other principles. Using the phrase “Indian nationalists” in the show may not have been a prudent decision.

The Hindu extremists were offended, not all Indian patriots, because a rudraksh – a prayer bead rosary used by followers of the Hindu deity Shiva – briefly appears on-screen when the terrorist plot is uncovered and thwarted in the episode.

Regardless, the scriptwriters opted for the terms “Hindu radicals” or “Hindu nationalists” to provoke the same groups. Nevertheless, it should be noted that this work of fiction diverges from that particular standpoint.

Warning: all games played with revered nations and faiths are perilous.

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