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In Pine Hills, two additional individuals were shot and fatally wounded, including an Orlando reporter and a child of age 9, prior to the apprehension of a suspect on Wednesday.

Key information:.

  • Three individuals have lost their lives and two others have sustained injuries in a series of shootings that occurred on Wednesday.
  • A 9-year-old girl and a television news reporter were both killed.
  • A suspect aged 19 was apprehended.
  • No reason has been identified.
  • A WESH journalist states that she had a “strong intuition” to depart prior to the outbreak of gunfire.
  • As per Sheriff John Mina of Orange County, deputies received reports of two incidents of gunfire at approximately 4:05 p.M.

    The suspect’s behavior prior to his purported act of opening fire was disclosed in a sworn statement. Nathacha Augustin, a 38-year-old female, was fatally shot at that location around 11 a.M. On Hialeah Street, where law enforcement officers had been probing another murder earlier in the day. One of the shootings occurred.

    Dylan Lyons has been recognized as the deceased journalist. The other individual is in a critical state, and one of them passed away. Deputies discovered two employees from Spectrum News 13 who were shot at that location.

    What we are aware of regarding Dylan Lyons:

    Mina said, “If they knew the suspect, it is unclear whether or not they were aware of the media news.” We are still trying to figure out why they were targeted specifically. It’s unclear why the vehicle that was spotted in the same spot as the homicide this morning was almost identical to the vehicle that the suspect went to a nearby home on Harrington Street after the shooting, as the news crew deputies say. The girl who was shot and later died was 9 years old and identified as Major T’yonna, she loved gymnastics and was outgoing. Another fundraiser page has been set up on GoFundMe for the girl.

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    Her mother was also injured by gunfire, and she is currently in a critical state.

    According to reports, the parent of a 9-year-old girl from Orlando who was shot and fatally wounded was awoken by the sound of her daughter’s screams.

    19-year-old recognized as perpetrator

    Keith Moses, 19, is believed to have been the gunman involved in all of the shootings. A judge has denied him bond.

    The suspect, Moses, was arrested when deputies believe the same weapon was used in all the killings. During the explanation of the timeline on Thursday, Mina clarified that there were no more rounds inside the Glock handgun, which was still hot at the time of the shooting on Harrington Street.

    Latest press conference below:.

    Mina stated that several people in close proximity identified Moses as the individual who discharged the firearm, and video evidence showed his presence at the scene.

    Moses, while being arrested, claimed that he was involved in a physical altercation with the hospital staff who took him to the hospital, resulting in injuries to both parties.

    The deputies noticed that his eyes were dilated, suggesting that the suspect may have been under the influence. When asked, Mina said that the suspect may be experiencing a mental health episode. Before physically resisting, he pretended to be asleep, according to Moses, during the interrogation by the deputies. The suspect was then taken to the sheriff’s office.

    “That does not justify the murder of individuals in our community,” Mina stated.

    The motive behind any of the murders remains uncertain. As per the sheriff, the shootings were not connected to any gangs, despite Moses being a recognized gang affiliate.

    The sole accusation against Moses, as reiterated by Mina, is first-degree murder in the case of Augustin’s death. Anticipated charges will be filed for the killings of Lyons and Major.

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    “We’re not searching for anyone else. He’s our man,” Mina stated.

    Mina praised another news team for remaining at the location during the shooting and providing assistance until deputies arrived.

    Criminal record of the suspect

    Mina stated that Moses has an extensive criminal background, which includes aggravated assault, battery, and grand larceny.

    The charges of drug possession and drug misdemeanor, which were discovered during a deeper investigation into his previous criminal record, were subsequently dismissed in November 2021 by 2 WESH.

    It appears that the more serious crimes occurred in his early years, and the documents are not available to the general public online.

    “The details of any juvenile disposition cannot be discussed due to Florida law,” stated State Attorney Monique Worrell.

    Thomas stated, “The judge will not allow that petition to be brought forward because he cannot see why that stuff should not be recorded. If the judge allows it, then we are talking about the type of individual that goes against him. Thomas David Dr., A professor studying justice at FGCU, mentioned that it does not mean the juvenile record will never be used against him in court.”

    Moses is officially accused in the killing of Augustin, and authorities anticipate further charges at any given time.

    It’s unclear why he fired at any of the individuals.

    “I would like to recognize how dreadful this day has been for our community and media colleagues,” Mina expressed.

    WESH 2 journalists respond to Orlando shooting that claimed the lives of a reporter and a 9-year-old

    Senait Gebregiorgis, a reporter for WESH, decided to leave for safety reasons and had a gut feeling saying, “We left moments before the shooting,” along with the photographer.

    Luana Munoz became sentimental as she reminisced about being with Lyons’ family members at the hospital.

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    Charter Communications, the parent company of Spectrum News, issued the subsequent declaration:.

    This is a terrible tragedy for the Orlando community. We remain hopeful that our injured colleague, who makes a full recovery, will be able to join us again. Our thoughts are with our employee’s family, friends, and co-workers during this very challenging time. We are deeply saddened by the loss of our colleague and the senseless loss of other lives today.

    ‘Shocked and devastated’: Authorities respond after reporter and 9-year-old slain in Orlando shooting.

    The tragic event ignites fresh demands for firearm regulation.

    Florida Representative Maxwell Alejandro Frost highlighted the shooting as a component of the “relentless pattern of firearm-related aggression in this nation.”

    Frost expressed, “That’s unjust.” Without any justification, a 9-year-old was shot down while trying to inform us about something that is fair. It is not fair that it happened in our community. It is not fair that it happened in our country. This cannot become the new normal, as it is unacceptable. We need to pass sweeping gun laws to protect people and save lives. Measures like universal background checks should be passed. Our leaders need to step up, be courageous, and be bold.

    After the unfortunate incident, Mayor Jerry L. Demings of Orange County held a meeting with the African American Council of Christian Clergy and other community leaders on Thursday morning to address the issue of firearm-related crimes.

    Mayor Demings discusses the shooting rampage that resulted in the deaths of 3 individuals.

    Demings stated that the county intends to reintroduce its citizens’ safety committee to reassess suggestions and potentially implement changes.

    Demings stated, “As a community, it is imperative for us to enhance our advocacy efforts in Tallahassee to promote common-sense gun laws.”

    He suggested investing early in the lives of youth as a key to addressing gun violence, in order to prevent it from happening and to be proactive.

    “We are committed to utilizing our funding, your tax dollars, in an appropriate way to address these issues going forward,” Demings said.

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