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The town of Merced, California, is

Officials from Merced County announced on Wednesday evening that they found the family from Central Valley, including a kidnapped 8-month-old child, dead after several days.

Merced County Sheriff Vernon Warnke expressed, “Tonight, our gravest concerns have been validated.” “At this moment, there are no words to portray the rage I am experiencing and the irrationality of the occurrence.”

According to the Merced County Sheriff’s Office, Amandeep Singh, the uncle who is 39 years old, Jasdeep Singh, the father who is 36 years old, and Jasleen Kaur, the mother who is 27 years old, were abducted from a business in the southern area of Merced County, along with their child Aroohi Dheri.

Warnke stated that the bodies were discovered in an extremely secluded and isolated agricultural region. He mentioned that the bodies were found in close proximity to one another. The call to the office was received at 5:30 p.M. From a nearby farmer located near Indiana and Hutchins roads, close to the city of Dos Palos.

Earlier on Wednesday, while strolling outside a business with their family, the sheriff’s office made public a surveillance footage of an individual they suspect to be Jesus Manuel Salgado, aged 48, who they consider a person of interest.

The individual, who seems to be carrying a weapon, enters the establishment and approaches their place of work. Salgado identifies the person as the man, and Jasdeep Singh presents the recorded footage.

Eventually, Amandeep Singh and Jasdeep Singh are seen opening the door of the suspect’s truck before being placed into it, with their hands appearing to be zip-tied behind their backs.

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View that monitoring footage underneath.

Placed in the truck, Jasleen Kaur and Aroohi are also returned about six minutes later, being walked out of the business unrestrained.

Salgado, who had attempted to kill himself before law enforcement arrived, led them on a tracking mission. Detectives from the Merced County Sheriff’s Office received an early Tuesday morning tip that one of the kidnapped family members had used an ATM card in the city of Atwater.

Warnke said that Salgado referred to him as the suspect, meaning that I and this guy are in a special place in hell.

Warnke is refraining from disclosing further information because investigators have communicated with Salgado, who was admitted to the hospital following his suicide attempt, as his office desires to vigorously pursue the suspect’s complete conviction.

According to the sheriff’s office, Salgado was released from parole and set free from prison in 2015, three years after being found guilty of robbery in 2005.

The Merced Police Department eventually received a report about missing family members. Amandeep Singh, a member of the family, contacted the owner of the vehicle and assisted in tracking it down. The investigation into the kidnapping began when the California Highway Patrol responded to a fire on Oakdale and Buhach roads in the Winton area.

Warnke in a Monday evening video update said there were signs suggesting the “individuals involved” tried destroying any evidence of a kidnapping.

Investigators suspect that the abduction was driven by financial motives, and they speculate that there might be an additional perpetrator at large.

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