Scottie Dean Morris of Eaton, Indiana, still missing. Here’s what we know

Scottie Dean Morris, 14, left his family’s home in Eaton about 8:30 p.M. March 16, 2023, and has not been seen since.

The family and police are searching for Rachel Young, who was last seen on February 18th.

Here is the information we have regarding the search for the lost child.

The online photo, reportedly posted first by the police after the disappearance of Eaton, showed a youth wearing a shirt with scrawled words, indicating that the unhappy-looking young boy referring to it as a liar had apparently been in conflict with adults at his home earlier that day.

The photo that was later cropped no longer showed the wording on the shirt of Jay Turner, Chief Police of Eaton. This was because concerns for the boy’s safety had quickly been posted, given that he was seen wearing a T-shirt and shorts in the cold evening.

THE LATEST: Search for Scottie Morris comes to a halt as authorities exhaust all potential search locations.

Turner said that those who are familiar with him, including the staff at Delta Middle School, described Morris as a “very pleasant young man.” The chief also mentioned that his department has not had any prior interactions with Morris.

What is the location of Eaton, Indiana?

Eaton is approximately one hour and 15 minutes to the northeast of Indianapolis.

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Scott Morris photos

How would you describe the appearance of Scottie Dean Morris?

A Silver Alert was issued statewide for Scottie Morris at 7:30 p.M. On Friday, March 17, 2023.

Morris is a student at Middle Delta School in Indiana County, Delaware. He was last seen wearing a white T-shirt and black and red shorts, with black shoes. He has blue eyes, brown hair, and is described as being 4 feet 5 inches tall and weighing 150 pounds.

Morris is “believed to be in extreme danger and may require medical assistance,” according to a news release from Indiana State Police.

Whom should I reach out to for details regarding the disappearance?

If anyone has any information, please contact the Eaton Police Department at 765-396-3297 or dial 911.

When and in what locations were search teams deployed to find Scottie Dean Morris?

Over the course of both Friday and Saturday, teams of searchers thoroughly searched the vicinity surrounding Eaton, a small town with a population of approximately 1,500 people located 9 miles to the north of Muncie. These search teams consisted of both professionals from law enforcement agencies, emergency responders, and dedicated volunteers.

Turner expressed astonishment at the unity demonstrated by the community, highlighting both the searches and the endeavors made by others to assist those in search of the teenager.

Officials from the Delaware Community Schools were present alongside Eaton police on Monday and offered school buses to transport the searchers.

Scottie Morris’s disappearance is being investigated by the police using polygraph tests, infrared cameras, and search parties.

The police in Indiana temporarily halted their search efforts on Sunday, allowing helicopters to scan the area using infrared cameras to locate troopers.

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The Indiana Department of Natural Resources, along with Officers from the Pike Eaton-Wheeling area, also resumed their search on Monday in areas near Eaton along the Mississinewa River. This includes searching near other bridges along Pike Eaton-Wheeling and the east iron bridge near the unincorporated community of Granville.

The searches were not being randomly conducted, Turner said. The Delaware County Emergency Management Agency has helped set up “professional grid searches.”.

The youth who went missing simply ran out of logical places, according to the police. The chief of police, Eaton, stated that the search for him would be conducted by volunteers and emergency responders. He mentioned in a Facebook live video on Monday night, March 20th.

On the department’s Facebook page, police later clarified that although the volunteer search had ended, they are still searching for Scottie Morris.

Are Scottie Morris’ parents potential suspects in his vanishing?

When inquired about whether the boy’s parents were considered possible perpetrators in his disappearance, Turner responded, “We have administered polygraph examinations and we are investigating alternative scenarios.”

Turner mentioned, “Del-Com educational institutions are currently observing their spring break, and a few families are away on vacation. There is a possibility that the adolescent could be residing in a nearby residence.”

Chronological Order of Scottie Morris’ Disappearance

  • It appears that Morris, 16, left his family’s home on March 16th, as there has been no sighting of him since 8:30 p.M. It seems there was a conflict with the adults at home.
  • A news release from the Indiana State Police stated that a statewide Silver Alert was issued at 7:30 p.M. For a person who may require medical assistance and is believed to be in extreme danger.
  • On March 17-18, authorities, first responders, and dedicated individuals extensively scoured the area near Eaton in an attempt to find the young child who had disappeared.
  • On March 19th, the search efforts on the ground in Indiana were temporarily halted as the police state troopers used infrared cameras to scan the area from helicopters.
  • On March 20th, the Indiana Department of Natural Resources Officers were also conducting searches in the areas surrounding the Mississinewa River. These searches included the areas near the bridges along Pike Eaton-Wheeling and other nearby bridges, as well as the unincorporated community of Granville to the east, where the boy went missing.
  • On March 23rd, a candlelight gathering arranged by nearby religious establishments will be held at 7 p.M. At 301 E. Harris St. In Eaton.
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    Candlelight vigil in Eaton, Indiana: The community comes together to light candles and pray for the safe return of the missing teenager.

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